ZORE X Gun Lock Review: What’s the buzz?

**UPDATE**: As of January, ZORE has stated they will not be shipping any gun locks until October 2017.  Due to high demand and production issues with compatibility of all the gun models they’ll be supporting.


You’ve probably seen the media hype surrounding this firearm lock. The team that designed this product was able to exceed their crowdfunding goal in TWO days. That’s right, folks. This item is wildly popular even before being released.

Even with the tease of the video below, there are still some questions about this revolutionary gun lock. Why is it so unique? Is it really reliable? And who should or should not buy it?

Although the gun lock isn’t out just yet, the research on its advertised prototype brings to light a lot of the answers. Find out more below.

What’s so revolutionary about the ZORE X?

There are many gun locks, containers, and safes in the market today. Fiddling around with a firearm lock key to try and gain access to your gun is unrealistic in an emergency situation.

Sure, we’ve progressed from keys to biometric fingerprint readers, RFID chips, etc. But the team at ZORE didn’t want to create another smart gun that would rely on these still-developing technologies. They wanted something different.

The team looked at their backgrounds. They came from families that were in constant fear living in Israel. They knew that having a weapon in the home was a necessity to defending and protecting family members. They identified the two most important qualities in a gun lock solution: security and lighting fast access.

Besides its sleek design, the idea behind the ZORE X is to provide quick access to your gun while keeping it secure. The unique design is essentially a round of ammo that slides into the chamber of your gun. It doesn’t put any pressure inside, so there’s no worry about damaging the barrel. You purchase the option with the caliber that fits your gun.

The round is connected to the rest of the lock which has a lock button, dial, movement sensor, and battery. You can program the dial to any combination of your choice. As simple or complex as you’d like it to be. This is extremely useful because most traditional mechanical dials come with a specific code that isn’t customizable.

The code can be entered in either direction as well, which cuts down on the thinking you need to do in an emergency situation. No need to remember “righty tighty, lefty lucy”. Just plug in your code either way and it’s unlocked.

ZORE did a great job with overcoming the normal gripe about battery-operated locks. Of course, the main reason to be wary of them is that the battery will eventually die. They made sure to put in a set of reminders so that you won’t end up stuck in a bad situation with a dead battery. The battery that the ZORE X uses is a CR2 battery that will last over a year. Watch below for more details.

One of my favorite parts about this gun is that once you’ve put your code in to unlock it, you pull the slide back, the lock flies out and a round is loaded into the chamber. It looks like it’s straight out of a movie.

I think I’ve watched the video below at least 10 times. And no I’m not ashamed.

How reliable is this gun lock?

Because it’s using an electromechanical dial (called RAPIDial) and not reading a fingerprint or using RFID technology, ZORE expresses that this is an extremely reliable product.

If you’re worried about it being electronic and the battery being dead when you need your gun the most, the video above explains how ZORE took this into consideration when designing the product. You are able to set the gun lock to open automatically before the battery dies.


Is it faster than biometric or mechanical dials?


ZORE expresses that this is the fastest way to gain access to your gun. They explain that it is faster than biometrics or mechanical dials and it’s able to be opened in under 2 seconds.

My assumption is that it depends on your code. If you program a very simple one, it will shorten the time it takes to open. If you program a complex code, it will take longer.

Certain gun owners have requested a side by side comparison of how long it takes to open various storage solutions. Hopefully, we will see ZORE create a video of this comparison. Only time will tell.

Do I need a smartphone?

No, it’s able to be used without the smartphone app. The app just adds extra bonuses, notifications and ways you can customize your gun lock to fit your needs.

Who SHOULD buy the ZORE X?

After really learning about the product, it seems that the people who would benefit the most from the ZORE X are those that aren’t concerned about their weapons being stolen. It is a product that locks a gun and keeps it secure.

This product is perfect for someone wanting to hide their guns from kids, but don’t want to invest in an expensive gun safe. Even if a child stumbles upon the weapon, they won’t be able to hurt themselves.

Of course, it’s important to teach a child about weapons, but all the training in the world won’t give you peace of mind if the gun is easily accessible.

The nice thing about this gun lock is that you can store your gun in a drawer with kids around and you wouldn’t have to worry.

So to break it down, this gun lock is perfect for people who:

  • want protection from kids getting access
  • want to store their gun without buying a gun safe
  • aren’t worried about theft


Who should NOT buy the ZORE X?

The ZORE X isn’t a gun safe. It won’t protect against fire or theft. If you’re looking for that type of protection, you may want to check out various gun safes. This product is designed to lock and secure a single firearm.

So who shouldn’t buy this? People who:

  • Have many firearms they want to secure, but a very low budget
  • Want fire or theft protection
  • Only own revolvers or shotguns (it only works with semi-automatic guns)


What guns does this work with?

product2-mobile-minThe ZORE X works with semi-automatic guns. First, it’s based on the caliber of your gun. Right now they offer the lock in these calibers:

  • 9×19
  • .40 S&W
  • .45 ACP
  • 5.56 NATO

The team has said they’re looking to expand their selection, but this is their initial list of sizes.

It was designed and tested on the AR15 and M4, so it works with both handguns and rifles.

What’s the cost and where can I buy it?

Since the product isn’t out just yet, they have pre-ordering available. Their Indiegogo campaign is going on and they’re offering extremely good discounts on the product. Pre-ordering with their early-bird specials can really cut the price down and get you some extra goodies.

Original retail price will be $169, but on Indiegogo you can get it for $95 here (44% off!).

If you’re looking for a good deal and may want more than one gun lock, ZORE has a perks page where you enter in the number of products you want, and it calculates the best pre-order deal for you. You can find the perk calculator here.

The Verdict

Until the product goes to market and people get their hands on the ZORE X, we won’t know for sure how well this technology works. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be excited about this new design.

The team at ZORE seems extremely open to critique and discussions. Already I’ve seen them responding positively to feedback from the gun community and listening to people’s ideas and suggestions. They truly want to make a useful, solid product that people will love. You can find them on Facebook here.

What we do know is, the anticipation of the ZORE X has gun owners on the edge of their seats. ZORE, I’m looking forward to February!


Credit for the crisp photos and engaging videos goes to ZORE.

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