Finding a great priced safe with all the features you want is like trying to shoot a milk carton with a pistol from 50 yards away. It isn’t going to be easy, but it’s not impossible.

Winchester, one of the more popular manufacturers of guns and ammo, has dived headfirst into the world of gun safes. One of their most popular gun safes is their Ranger Deluxe 24 gun safe due to its budget-friendly price tag and even better qualities. If you’re ready to shop on Amazon, click here.

Is it a worthy buy?

I will be taking a look at how much space this safe has to offer, how it stacks up against threats of robbery and fire, then explore the other aspects of this safe that you may have overlooked. So let’s jump in and see if this safe is worth your hard-earned cash.

Why you should trust this review

**This post has been recently updated.**  I have talked with Winchester customer service on the phone twice regarding bits of information in this evaluation.  I’ve also been in contact with Taylor, Winchester’s marketing manager.  She has provided history and information on the Tractor Supply 24 gun model, it’s initial faults and how Winchester has made things right. She’s also given me information on Winchester’s 2016 safes.

Where are Winchester safes made?

map-163635_640Although Winchester has been selling safes for over 25 years, they had been outsourced to China for quite some time. Then in 2012, Winchester decided to open up a facility in Fort Worth, Texas. It was great news for those who wanted an American-made gun safe. There, they use the latest, cutting-edge robotics for manufacturing their safes.

They have slowly been moving their complete manufacturing process over to America. I called Winchester themselves to verify this information and as of 2016, the vast majority of Winchester Safes are now made in America.

To find out the exact location of where your safe is made, you’ll need to call them for a truly accurate response. The customer service rep that I talked to was kind enough to explain that all Winchester safes hold the same warranties and guarantees. So your safe is in good hands if something ends up happening, regardless of where it was made. Whether it was made in China or America, it’s good to know that your gun safe is covered all the same.

How much can a 24 gun safe really hold?

For a smaller gun collector or for someone who owns guns for home defense, this safe is perfect.

Although the Ranger Deluxe boasts the ability to hold 24 guns, you won’t want to cram 24 long guns in this safe. Companies tend to overestimate the number of long guns you can fit into safes, and this one proves to be no different.

24-minA good rule of thumb is to count any rifle with a scope as 2 guns. You would want to have ample spacing between guns so you aren’t knocking into other guns and scopes. So if you have several rifles you plan on storing, this cuts down on the number that can fit in this safe.

You also want to consider whether you’ll be storing other things in the safe.  The safe has two sides to store long guns, but will you fill both sides with long guns? Or reserve one side for ammo, documents and other valuables?  This instantly cuts your gun capacity in half.

One of our absolute favorite features about this safe is their free door organizer. Usually, this accessory is an add-on that costs around $100. It’s normally a pain to try and fit the correct size to the right safe too. Not here. You get this extra storage included when you buy the safe.

For additional accessories you may not have considered, check out my comprehensive accessories for gun safes post here.

It comes with four slots for your pistols and several extra pockets for other valuables. What? An extra four slots for my guns? Yes, please. The extra door pockets are awesome for passports, titles, birth certificates and other valuables. It’s definitely more than just a gun safe.

It may be darker in there than you’d think, so check out my lighting system review here.

Are the shelves configurable?

There are shelves inside the safe and they are movable. So you can really customize it to meet your needs. The shelves are pretty sturdy, too. You can fit 2 50 caliber cans of ammo per shelf, but keep in mind that over time, this weight will probably warp the shelves.

Make sure to disperse the weight when you are setting up your own configuration inside because of the potential warping over time. Some people got super creative and designed their own shelves and supports to hold extra ammo. So it’s basically up to you and what you want.

Muzzleloaders and other extra long guns will fit even with the top shelf being installed. The top shelf has an opening slot on one side, so they’ll fit nicely in there. Since the opening is only on one side it could get tight if you have mostly extra long guns.

What makes this gun safe fireproof?

Ranger-19-11-StockedThere are three layers of ½ inch fireboard in the door and two layers of ⅝ inch fireboard throughout the rest of the safe. Not only that, but there’s a heat expandable door seal to really protect your guns if there’s a fire. This means you get a solid hour of protection at 1400 degrees. This temperature rating is extremely good for the price of the safe. Most safes only protect in fires up to 1200 degrees, so if you’re in the market for some solid fire protection, Winchester knows what they’re doing.

With one hour of fire protection, you don’t need to live a few blocks from the firehouse in your town. The average response times for firehouses is around 4 minutes. You can actually calculate the amount of time it would normally take firefighters to get to your house based on the distance between you and the firehouse. This may help you make your decision about how fireproof your safe really needs to be.

Why is there a hole in the back of the safe?

If you look at the back of the safe, you’ll notice a small hole drilled through the metal. Don’t be alarmed, this is intentional! Winchester makes their safes this way to allow easy access in and out of the safe for wires.

You can’t really tell with photos online, but it’s pretty dark inside the safe. Once you get it set up in your home, you may want to run wires inside the safe to install some lighting or a dehumidifier.

Many people have customized their safes by buying rope lighting to illuminate their guns when they open the safe. Dehumidifiers are important if you live in a humid region. They’re also vital if you’re planning on storing your gun safe in a basement or garage where more moisture could be trapped. Luckily, this safe comes with a nice little pre-drilled hole to install whatever you may need or want in your safe.

Be forewarned, though, you will need to drill through the sheetrock inside to get the complete hole. The safe only comes with the hole drilled through the steel, so get your tools ready.

If the electronic lock’s batteries die, how do you get into the safe?

The battery is located on the outside of the safe door, so it’s easily accessible. It should take you less than 5 minutes to change the battery. Luckily, with this model, you can customize whether you want the electronic or mechanical lock. I believe you pay more for the electronic lock, but that needs to be verified by the seller.

Do the electronic Winchester gun safes come with override keys?

No, they do not come with override keys. If you do have problems with the electronic lock, you would need to contact their customer service for help. For what it’s worth, my experience with their customer service team was excellent when I called them. They were extremely helpful and friendly.

Can you bolt the safe down?

Yes, there are pre-drilled holes in the bottom of the safe. These are designated for drilling and bolting down the safe to the floor.  You can buy Winchester’s bolt down kit here.

How much do these safes weigh?

This gun safe weighs in at a whopping 520lbs. It’s a beast of a safe, so no one will be able to simply pick it up and walk away. This also means you’ll need a few buddies and a dolly to get this safe where you want it once it’s delivered.

Can the door be removed?

Why would you want to remove the door? It actually cuts down on the weight when you’re moving the safe. You are able to remove the door, which sheds about 100 pounds of weight. This significantly lightens the load and your moving buddies will thank you.

Speaking of moving, the depth of this safe is 23 inches, so it should clear most doorways. It will definitely clear your main entrance, but measure your bedroom or other doorways where you may be planning on keeping the safe.

What kind of warranty do Winchester safes have?

Winchester has an outstanding warranty, from our research. They offer the common limited lifetime warranty with a free replacement guarantee if there is a fire or burglary that damages the safe.

They have doubled their defect warranty from a single year to now 2 years. There were some complaints about their electronic locks being faulty. Because of that, they’ve made some great changes to provide not just a better product, but a better guarantee. Way to go, Winchester!

If two years isn’t enough for you, you can buy an extended lock warranty that increases the coverage to 9 years. It’s only an extra $75 too. Not bad at all.

Another unique aspect about Winchester safes’ warranty is that they are transferable. So say you’ve purchased a safe for yourself. 10 years from now, you’ve purchased more guns and want to upgrade. You can give your safe to a friend or pass it on to one of your children, and they can get the same warranty that you had. Pretty cool, huh?

The Tractor Supply Winchester 24 Gun Safe

If you see the great ticket price on Tractor Supply’s website, it may sound enticing to purchase their Winchester 24 gun safe. Read on before buying, though, because what you’ll learn may change your mind.

When Winchester wants to sell a gun safe through a store, that store has an idea of what they’d want to charge for a gun safe. They know their customers, what those customers are looking for, and how much they want to spend. So in order to make a gun safe more affordable for that store’s customers, Winchester may swap out different parts of their normal gun safes for cheaper parts. This reduces the cost to make the gun safe, which will then reduce the ticket price in the store.

Tractor Supply is one of the stores that has worked with Winchester to create a cheaper model of their 24 gun safe. The model offered by Tractor Supply has cheaper, lower-end locks and thinner steel encasing the safe. This is why it is sold at such a low price.

But cheaper prices aren’t always better. This model had its fair share of lock issues due to the cheaper lock that comes with the safe. In the past, it has had lock failure issues.

After realizing that several customers were having issues with Tractor Supply’s gun safe, Winchester has tried to correct this problem to the best of its ability. They worked with the maker of the locks (Kaba Mas) to make sure that anyone who registered their gun safe or who has called in and complained will get a full replacement of the lock. There is no cost to the consumer either since they want to make sure that the customer is completely satisfied with the product.

Because of this, Winchester decided to offer an extended warranty for all of their gun safe locks, which is an additional 9 years.

So in conclusion, understand that if you decide to buy Tractor Supply’s Winchester safe, it’s not going to be the same quality as the normal Winchester line of gun safes. It will be a cheaper model. It’s up to you to decide if the cheaper price is worth the lower end parts.

Those Last Minute Details

Ok, for those of you who are looking for a list of the nitty gritty details, here they are:

The color of the safe is Granite Gray. It’s exterior dimensions are 60 x 28 x 23 inches. This means you can fit it through most main entrances, but double check your hallways and inside doorways. Interior dimensions are 56 x 25 x 14.

The safe is made from steel that is 12 gauge with composite door construction.

It’s UL Listed as Group 2 for its locking mechanisms.

You get the awesome door panel organization included with the safe.

It’s fire rated at 1 hour with a 1400 degree rating due to its 3 layers of 1/2 inch fireboard in the door. And its two layers of ⅝ inch fireboard in the body. It’s got a Palusol heat expandable door seal as well.

The door has 4 sides of bolts that are solid steel and 1 1/4th inch. There are 10 locking bolts around the door.

Ranger 19 Gun Safe of 2016

Ranger 19 Burgundy Open-min

Winchester’s 2016 Ranger Gun Safe offers some neat improvements. Not only is it made in America, but they’ve made other improvements as well.

There is a new adjustable shelving system called Slide-Lock shelving. The quality of the shelving looks much improved from the past interior shelving. Each shelf can hold up to 70 lbs, so you can rest assured that it can hold any heavy ammo or pistols that you’d like to store inside.

The door still comes with an accessory panel where you can store pistols, documents or other valuables. This is such a nice feature because most safes require you to buy this separately. It’s normally a hassle to figure out what size will fit it best, then install it yourself. Winchester saves you a lot of time and frustration by including this with the safe.

You get a slightly smaller depth to the safe compared to the 24 gun safe. This safe claims to hold 22 long guns and the dimensions are 60x28x20 inches.

Winchester offers this safe in three different colors. Gunmetal, Burgundy, and Sandstone. They are anticipating releasing even more colors next year, so I’m looking forward to seeing what those will be like. A nice hunter green would fit well in our basement, but I’m definitely a fan of this year’s burgundy.

It still offers the same 1-hour fire protection at 1400 degrees. And the safe comes with a mechanical lock. You can upgrade to an S&G EMP resistant electronic lock for an additional cost. Yes, you read that right. Read below for more information on this.

If you’re ready to see the price and learn more about the Winchester’s Ranger 19 Gun Safe, check it out here at

EMP-Resistant Locks

One of the coolest improvements to the Ranger 19 gun safe is the improvement of their electronic lock. They’ve worked with Sargent & Greenleaf to use their new EMP-resistant electronic lock.sglock

For those of you that usually stick with mechanical locks because you’re worried about EMP damage to your electronics, you won’t need to worry about that with this lock.

These locks have gone through military-style testing and have proven that they can withstand any military EMP attack. The testing that they’ve passed is the Military MIL-STD-561F and this is the only electronic gun lock on the market that has this certification. From the MET Labs website:

Test methods cover electromagnetic emissions, which are an unintended, but unavoidable byproduct of every electronic device, as well as electromagnetic susceptibility, which is a measure of the equipment under test (EUT) ability to withstand electromagnetic disturbances. Test methods include specific types of conducted, radiated, transient, and continuous emissions and susceptibility tests.


Best Online Deals

I’ve scoured the internet to find a great price on the Winchester Ranger Deluxe 24 gun safe.

Amazon offers a great deal and free shipping if you purchase through them. This is a huge money saver because, in many cases, shipping is hundreds of dollars.

They offer curbside delivery, so you will still need someone to help you get the safe inside your home. If you inspect the safe upon arrival and it isn’t up to your standards, they have a number for you to call so that you can send it back if need be.

Amazon also offers both the electronic lock and the mechanical lock versions of the safe. Both are covered under the two-year warranty that can be upgraded to nine years.

Another option is purchasing through This website currently offers the latest 2016 model of the Ranger 19 in all colors and lock options.

GunSafes also offers mechanical or electronic locks as well as color options and has free shipping. The great benefit to this site is their options for upgrading shipping. So if you want them to move the safe into your home, you can upgrade to a bigger shipping package. Check it out if you don’t want to move over 500 pounds of gun safe.

The Verdict

The Winchester 24 gun safe packs a lot of great features into a great value safe. I really like the door organizer that comes with the safe, and the above average fire protection that this gun safe has to offer.  Their warranty is unique and has so many great benefits.  I love that they listened to their customers and doubled their defect warranty and brought their manufacturing back to America.

This safe is perfect for someone who isn’t planning to expand their gun collection past 10 long guns, yet wants some protection and safe-keeping to their existing collection. Head on over to Amazon or to check out what they have to offer on this popular gun safe!

Not the safe for you? Read my review on Stack-On’s 24 Gun Safe for a different yet cheaper option. >>

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carl says August 3, 2016

great article, i was wondering what the hole was for, i actually thought it was for fumes to escape, or incase of a accidental discharge while the cabinet was shut. Very good, thanks for the heads up. 😉

David says August 3, 2016

I have been thinking about getting a big gun safe like this for my basement. What keeps me from pulling the trigger (so to speak) is I have no idea how to get it down there or the logistics of delivery. If I order online will the delivery people install it in my basement for me?

    Lauren says August 3, 2016

    Hey, David!

    Yep, I know exactly what you mean. Delivery is definitely something to consider. Most delivery services (Amazon) will drop it off at your curb. After that, it’s up to you to move it to where you want in your home.

    Walmart and Home Depot often have ‘ship to store’ options, but again, you’ll need to find a way to get it to your house, then to your basement.

    The best delivery service I can find is through They offer different delivery packages when you buy your safe. The free package includes shipping to your curb, but then you can ‘add on’ services for different fees (like having them move it to your basement).

    Hope this helps! Don’t hesitate to ask me any further questions!

Elizabeth Hanson says August 3, 2016

I live in California where we have earthquakes. Is there a way to bolt this safe to the wall so if there is a quake it will not fall over? And is there a way to secure the guns to the interior so they don’t get knocked around? Thanks in advance for answering my questions!

    Lauren says August 3, 2016

    Hey Elizabeth, great question!

    Although you cannot bolt the safe to the wall (at least not out of the box), you can bolt it down to the floor through the base. Many people house these safes in their basement or garage so that they have some actual concrete they can drill into.

    Long guns can be secured by barrel holders inside the safe, but to answer your question, they might still fall out if there’s enough of a quake. It would be smart to get some velcro and install it over the holders just to give it some extra protection.

    Hope that helps!

Nick says August 4, 2016

I think it’s absolutely vital that everyone who has firearms (no matter how small or low power) invest in a quality gun safe. Thanks for your review of this winchester model, I’m going to do some more research into the various options.

Ingrid says August 4, 2016

I think a gun safe is responsible gun storage and a must on the list. The adjustable or removable shelves would make it a perfect solution for an avid collector of rifles or guns allowing for different sizes.

Cait says August 4, 2016

Lauren, great article. I think it important that you mentioned a dehumidifier for the safe. I don’t think many people would think of that. Also, the ability to remove the door and information you gave on taking measurements in your house is key. Thanks for the great information.

Marge says August 4, 2016

Hi Lauren! Really great article. I think you covered everything a person could possibly want to know about this safe. I really like the transferable warranty. We’ve already passed on one gun safe to one of our kids. I don’t know if that had a transferable warranty or not. I’ll be sure to pass this information on to my husband next time he needs to buy another safe. It’s inevitable. 🙂

Dawn says August 5, 2016

I hadn’t known Winchester were getting gun safes made in China. I always look at the country of manufacture before purchasing, so thanks for including these details.

Suze says August 5, 2016

Thanks for all your hard work in researching this gun safe. It is definitely on my list as I make my decision. I like that it has the hole in the back as lighting really is important in many areas of the basement where we would want to put it.

Silke says August 5, 2016

Have been searching high and low for a comprehensive review on the Winchester. Glad to have the dimensions as well as warranty options confirmed. Thanks – very helpful.

Dave says August 6, 2016

Nice work. I especially like the easy storage for documents and wiring for dehumidifier. Do some models come built in with them?

    Lauren says August 6, 2016

    I haven’t seen any gun safes that have a dehumidifier built in. Luckily they’re pretty cheap (usually around 30 dollars) so it’s not a huge expense.

    I have seen some safes made with the wiring built in which is really handy! One of Stack-On’s safes offer this because it’s also a waterproof safe.

Quinn says August 6, 2016

This sounds like a versatile safe. I’ve been thinking of getting a multi-purpose safe for a while and this one might be a good option. Do you have any recommendations for a safe that will hold more long guns?

    Lauren says August 6, 2016

    That’s great! If you’re looking for a larger safe, Browning offers some larger safes that store 36+ long guns. Their tactical safe is pretty neat too. Maybe give those a try!

Jackie says August 6, 2016

Hi Lauren, can you explain a bit more about the lock please, how can I make sure my kids can’t access the guns when I’m not around

    Lauren says August 7, 2016

    Hey Jackie! It’s an electronic lock that has a pin number that you can use to unlock the safe. Good questions! I will expand more on this article and explain that. Thank you for your feedback.

Lena says August 7, 2016

Very informative! I married into a family that is really into hunting and some of them may be in the market for a gun case in the near future. I’ll pass this on when the time comes!

George says August 7, 2016

Thanks for the thorough review. I have a good grasp on what to look for and what questions to ask, as I look for one. This looks like a very good option. Thanks!

Maria says August 9, 2016

Incredible Gun Safe! Higher fire temperature protection is a plus. I had no idea they could withstand such high temperatures and for a solid hour! Also, liked that you point out a rifle with a scope is considered as 2 gun spaces. Looks like a sweet gun safe!

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Robert Knapp says November 11, 2017

Why does my Winchester safe have four holes in the bottom. I got water in my shed and into my safe, apparently through those holes as I only had a couple of inches of water.

    Lauren says November 12, 2017

    Those are pre-drilled holes for bolting the safe down to the floor. That’s unfortunate that the flooding affected the safe!

Fred says December 11, 2017

A gun safe is a must have for anyone who owns a gun, no matter big or small. Very nice review and well written, thanks for your efforts!

Les says January 8, 2018

If the tractor supply safe has thinner steel, does that affect the fire rating? Do those safes have the extended warranty on the lock? I think those safes weigh a good bit less

    Lauren says February 7, 2018

    Depending on the model, the thickness of steel could definitely affect the fire rating.

    I didn’t look too much into the Tractor Supply safes, so you’d have to ask someone who works at the store or call their office.

Steve says March 27, 2018

I bought the TS-22 from Costco and within 5 years the spindle was stripped…..I called Winchester and experienced the WORST customer service ever attempting to get a replacement part. I WILL never buy anything Winchester AGAIN, especially their safes!

Rick says April 14, 2018

If you remove the door do not lose a hinge pin. They will not sell you one. They will tell you to go to a machine shop to have it custom made. Their keypad lock on the Sam’s club model I bought about 10 years ago has always been a nightmare. It has been replaced once, and about to be SHOT! But other than that it is a GREAT safe.

gunsafely says July 8, 2018

Everyone should use the best gun safe for more best security.

Edward Miller says February 2, 2019

Great article on the 24 gun safe. I am trying to find a picture of the inside of the door to see the lock configuration. Anything would help.

Martin Sztein says February 20, 2019

According to me, a gun safe is responsible for gun storage and a must on the list. I always look at the country of manufacture before purchasing, so thanks for including this useful information.

Dan says February 28, 2019

I have his TS-19-11 model safe. After about 18 months the keypad started failing. I contacted Winchester and was informed that the lock was a ONE OF. KIND type lock made ONLY in China
and that the “footprint” of the lock precluded replacing it with ANY OTHER TYPE OR DESIGN. They
sent me a new keypad but it can ONLY be replaced with the safe open. If you can’t get into the safe
you are screwed….good luck finding someone who can open the safe for a cost less than you paid for it.
When they run out of spare keypads/locks from China EVERYONE who owns this safe is hosed. I tried to post this info on the Tractor Supply web site and they ALWAYS block it. They don’t want potential victims to know the massive shortcoming this otherwise good safe has.

Kenneth W Hiscock says April 25, 2019

was able to get 15 long guns in it but it takes meticulous time to do it. Every gun has to be positioned just right for the safe door to close properly. I have bout another 8 pistols in it leaving no room for ammo storage. It comes with extra storage shelves but I have them sitting by the side of the safe as there is no room for them.

Kenneth W Hiscock says April 25, 2019

i have had the safe for 2 years now with no issues with the digital keypad lock. It does let you know when the battery is running low with a visual and audible notification. i have only replaced the 12v battery once since I have owned the safe.

Walter Dice says April 28, 2019

Well just added the 24 gun safe to the house love it great value safe

Tim says May 29, 2019

Anyway using gun is not safe for any reason. But they’r allowed to use so it’s better to know more about using them, nice article.

Hannah says August 13, 2020

Hey, Lauren,
Can you do me a favor?
I enter my code in the electronic lock and I get three “beeps” and safe will not open. I enter it again and get two “beeps” and safe is locked out.

And My warranty is also over. So can you suggest me what should I do next?

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