Top Glock 19 Holsters for Concealed Carry Review – 2019

Every holster company and their mother sells a Glock 19 holster.

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7 Awesome Small Of Back Holster Reviews: Pros & Cons

Interested in carrying your favorite small pistol but aren’t sure where or how you want to carry?

Well, today I’ll be digging into the world of small of back holsters. These holsters rest normally at 6 o’clock on your body. They’re positioned near your waist for easy access.Continue reading

Stack-On 10 Gun Safe Review: Combination and Electronic Locks

Looking for that first affordable gun safe can be tough.

Many websites have differing opinions.  Some say you need to spend thousands before getting a decent gun safe. Others are simply marketing every gun safe on the market and telling you they’re all great.  

But who is it great for?

This is the question only you can answer.  Whether or not a Stack-On gun safe is right for you.  Continue reading

Fort Knox Gun Safe Reviews: Top 2 Best Handgun Safes

Want to store your handguns safely? Check.

Seeing hundreds of results for gun safes? Check.

Finding one that’s a solid steel product, made in the USA, and isn’t electronic? This can be much harder.Continue reading

Hunting Safety Tips: How to Stay Safe Before, During and After Your Hunt

Generally speaking, hunting is a surprisingly safe sport, with some data even suggesting that it’s safer than golf, volleyball, snowboarding and tackle football. With that being said, the statistics are no accident, so to speak—hunting is relatively low-risk because most of its participants take the notion of safety very seriously. Wielding a firearm of any sort comes with enormous responsibility. If you intend to load a gun, aim it and pull the trigger, you must be well-versed on firearm safety, no exceptions.

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Gear Up for Your Next Hunting Trip

man with binoculars

If you’re looking to take off on a hunting trip, you’ll need to bring along plenty of gear to make it a successful one. You may have your camo gear and hunting rifle ready to go, but what happens if you land your first kill? If you plan on taking your kill home for dinner, you’ll need plenty of room in your off-road truck or Jeep and some equipment to get the job done. Some items may be more obvious than others, but, if you come unprepared, you might have to pack up early or leave your kill for the wolves to enjoy. 

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Best Gun Safe Lighting Reviews: Top 6 Lighting Systems

So you bought your safe, put all your guns inside, then realized you couldn’t see anything.

Don’t worry, it happens to most new gun safe owners.Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Desert Eagle Is Not a Practical Weapon for Self-Defense

Guest Post by Lisa R. Taylor

We have seen many movies with actors using the Desert Eagle for self-defense. The world that we live in is full of unexpected situations. So, even if we feel safe, anything can happen one day. Thus, having a weapon for self-defense becomes a necessity. What weapon to use to protect ourselves and our family? Many voices would say that if Desert Eagle does such a great job in the movies, it should work the same in real life, as well. This is why many people choose this model to secure their homes. Is the Desert Eagle a practical weapon for self-defense? Keep reading this article, and you will discover the answer to this question.

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2019 Best 5 Nightstand Gun Safes: Biometric, Electronic and Mechanical

Sure, your long guns are stored in a secure area. But what about your everyday carry or your home defense handgun?

This is where a nightstand gun safe comes in.Continue reading

8 Ways to Customize Your Conceal Carry Weapon

Most discussions about customizing a concealed carry weapon focus on the gun. What is just as important, but rarely makes it into the discussion, is the gear that holds the firearm. No two bodies are the same, and it makes sense to alter holsters to fit the carrier. 

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