I love Hunter holsters. They have a way of making you feel like you’re back in the Wild West facing nature at its finest.

The Hunter Company has been producing premium leather holster from 1952 and all of their holsters have been made in the USA.

These holsters are great for allowing you to quickly draw your weapon and with the smooth leather surface; there will also be less wear on the weapon during prolonged use.

Because they are so much different than the normal brands, you will need to know a few of the features to ensure that you are buying the right holster for you.

Since they are made from premium leather in the United States, it should come as no surprise that these holsters are a little more expensive than your average Kydex holster, but you can also be sure that they will outmatch most holsters in terms of durability as well.

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So, let’s look at some of the features that are most commonly found in the Hunter holsters and how they excel above the rest of the field:

Best features of the hunter holsters:

As we have already mentioned, the Hunter holsters are a little more expensive than your average Kydex or unbranded holster, but they do offer great durability and they will also ensure that you can use them comfortably for a very long time.

Bigger models: The Hunter Company has designed some of larger holsters that can be used to keep your firearm secure on your hip.

Premium leather: All of the holsters made by the Hunter Company have been constructed from premium imported leather. This allows you to draw the weapon much more efficiently. It also speaks to the quality of the holsters. You know you’ll keep this one around for a long time. Perhaps even pass it down generation to generation.

Comfort: The company has gone to great lengths to ensure that you can carry your weapon comfortably in the holster and all of their holsters have been designed to resist any abrasions and also remove moisture much faster.

Retention: Many of these already have thumb lock retention straps included for you to secure your weapon and to give you peace of mind when carrying the weapon. The thumb lock can be easily dislodged and you will still have fast access to your firearm.

Handcrafted: Hunter holsters have all been handcrafted by some of the top craftsmen right here in the US. This means that every holster from Hunter that you have will be unique and you will know that special attention was placed on your holster to ensure that it gives you comfort and durability.

Alright, let’s look at a couple of the best Hunter holsters for 2017.

Hunter Company Sure-fit Belt Holster

Handedness: Right

The Hunter Company Sure-fit belt holster is available in multiple sizes for you to choose from. And it accommodates most revolver models on the market.

The holster has been handcrafted by top craftsmen right here in the USA. They use premium leather to help ensure that you have the best quality you could possibly need. The softness of the leather will protect your gun from any abrasions or damage. Sometimes Kydex can wear the polish off your gun after time. Leather will not have the same effect and is a better material for holstering your revolver.

The retention strap on this holster can be adjusted, meaning that you will be able to find the perfect fit for your needs. At the end is a non-slip hook and fastener.

They also made it easy to remove the holster without removing your belt. They use their own design of a snap lock belt tab to easily fasten your holster to your belt.

The holster is great for hunting with your revolver or practicing your shot at the range.

We highly recommend this holster for anyone with revolvers and you could easily find the one that matches your need. It is reasonably priced and it has been predominantly designed for right handed users on either side of the body.

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Hunter Company VersaFit Holster

Handedness: Right

The holster is made from top-grain brown leather and the added nylon stitching only adds to the durability of the holster. The retention strap is also really comfortable on this holster and the rear sight guard will add to the safety and concealment of your weapon.

Furthermore, the holster also features an interior snap cover and this cover will protect the overall finish of the gun to ensure that your revolver is protected from the fastener inside. This will improve the longevity of the gun, as well as the longevity of the holster.

We highly recommend this holster for its versatility and its ability to keep your weapon protected from damage. The holster is also quite affordable and since it has been made from durable leather, it will be a great buy.

Find the VersaFit and all its sizes at Amazon here.

Ok let’s move on to some semi-automatic conceal carry options.

Handedness: Right and left-handed

I love this little guy. This pocket holster is a great alternative to IWB holsters or ankle holsters. Perfect for conceal carrying.

The holster does not have a retention strap. But the inner lining will ensure that there is enough drag only for you to withdraw the weapon.

The design will also work perfectly for concealing your Ruger in both the front and the rear pockets. And the gun can easily be drawn with the limited amount of drag and the lack of a thumb lock on it.

The leather hides the outlines of the gun, making it look more like a wallet or cell phone than your conceal carry weapon. The design also molds to the shape of your body, making it much more comfortable to wear.

This is one of the cheaper holsters from the Hunter Company. And we highly recommend the holster for people with smaller semi-automatic handguns. The holster is really durable and should give you multiple years of use, while easily concealing your weapon.

Find this pocket holster here on Amazon.

Hunter Company Pocket Holster S&W Bodyguard 380

Handedness: Right

The Hunter Company Pocket holster S&W Bodyguard 380 has been durably constructed from leather for the smaller pistols on the market. The holster is quite small and lightweight, thus making it easier to carry and to conceal your weapon.

Although it’s meant to fit the S&W 380, you can fit other small semi-automatic firearms inside. Make sure they’re roughly the same dimensions.

The design will also work perfectly for both the front and the rear pockets. And the gun can easily be drawn with the limited amount of drag and the lack of a thumb lock on it.

Because you’re carrying this in your pocket, it’s important not to carry anything else in the same pocket. Also, the flap of leather will protect the firearm from imprinting while conceal carrying. The extra flap also acts as an anchor when drawing your gun. So it keeps the holster in place in your pocket.

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Final Thoughts

To survive for more than 60 years by making gun holsters, you definitely must be doing something right. And that is why we believe the Hunter holsters to be some of the best available on the market.

We would like to thank you for reading this article. And also encourage you to let us know what you think of our list and if we missed any of your favorites.

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