Every holster company and their mother sells a Glock 19 holster.

If you scour the internet for a minute, you’ll find hundreds of options.


Because at the end of the day, the Glock 19 is one of the most popular pistols on the market. It’s the most popular option for home defense, and a popular everyday carry for many.

So in this article, we’ll sort through the hundreds and review the top 5 Glock IWB holsters for concealed carrying.

**For those of you with short attention spans or busy lives, the best of these 5 holsters is the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0. The Kydex-leather hybrid focuses on comfort, making it the best option when you’re sitting for long periods of time. To see its current price and any discounts, find it here on Amazon.

What is an “IWB” holster?

IWB stands for “In waistband” and means that the holster clips onto your belt and is held in between your hip and waistband. It will normally sit at the 4 or 5 o’clock position, towards your backside. This allows for an easy draw while also giving the added benefit of hiding it from view.

Because of its positioning against your hip, this style of holster won’t weigh down your pants and doesn’t require a retention strap to prevent someone else from grabbing your weapon or to stop it from falling out.

IWB holsters have clips that attach to your belt. This keeps the holster in place when you draw your weapon.

It may take some getting used to, but with practice, you can draw and fire a concealed weapon just as quickly as one placed in an external holster.

What to look for in a holster

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to in waistband holsters. As with anything, they will all appear fairly similar at first glance, but looks can be deceiving.

For something, you’re going to be wearing all day, every day and in different weather, you want it to be very comfortable.

Some IWB holsters are all leather. This will “break” and form to you your body. Others are composite materials that will breathe and help wick away sweat. Some holsters are a hybrid of both, which offers the benefits of both materials, all in one.

The waist plate on it should include a kidney support area to prevent your firearm from digging into you, and it should also be thin enough to be low imprint. So you can wear what you like without it being obvious that you’re concealed carrying a weapon.

Most of the “outer shells” on holsters are made from a product called Kydex. Which is very durable and can be easily molded to fit the imprint of whichever firearm you’re going to be carrying. Allowing it to more easily stay in place, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about your firearm falling out or being loose inside.

At the end of the day, every person is different.  Some swear by one brand of IWB holsters, while others prefer their competitors.  It’s a trial and error sort of deal. Kind of like choosing your first gun.  Hopefully you’ll be able to narrow down your choices with the reviews we’ve created below.

Galco KT224B Kingtuk Holster

Made from leather and Kydex
Made in the USA

In addition to having a clever name, the Kingtuk is a very highly rated and simple holster that will hold your firearm with minimal imprinting. Galco is known for being a quality brand and this is no different.

Made in the USA from Napa leather and Kydex, this holster can accommodate Glock models 17,19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 32 and 33.

Weighing at 12.8 ounces you will hardly notice that you’re wearing one, and after a bit of wear, the leather will “break” and start to form fit to your hip. Being made from leather, it should wear quite nicely and last a long time.

In addition, this holster features removable metal belt clips (fitting belts up to 1 3/4″) can be moved up or down in the corresponding holes in the leather using a flat head screwdriver.

This will allow you to determine your overall carry height and angle. It makes for a faster draw and for the holster to be more comfortable.

Something to note. The Kydex doesn’t cover the entire barrel of the gun. So the front sight on your Glock will be exposed. This may rub on your pants and cause wear and tear after long periods of time.

This holster is best for people who shoot with their right hand and unfortunately, will not work if you have a light or laser sight attached to your firearm.

There is no retention system on this holster. When you draw, you’ll simply pull up with nothing to ‘unhook’.

If this Galco Kingtuk seems like the best option for you and your Glock 19, check it out at Amazon.

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 Holster

**Our favorite Glock 19 holster
Made in the USA
Leather/Kydex hybrid
No break-in time required
Lifetime warranty
Right or left-handed options

Anytime I see a holster, or product in general, that offers a “no strings attached” lifetime warranty I am inclined to think it has potential to be a good product.

Alien Gear says to try it out for 30 days, and return it if you aren’t happy.

If anything breaks or wears down on your holster, at any point during your ownership, they will replace it for free.

In addition, this holster can also be used by those who are left or right handed.

Unlike a lot of holsters on the market, the Cloak Tuck is made using modern materials so there is no break in time and better breathability even when the product is right against your skin.

The clips that hold the holster to your belt are made of nylon, but you can upgrade if you’d like and purchase metal ones. The shape of the clips allows you to slightly tuck in your shirt over the holster.

We prefer this option to the KingTuk model for Glock 19s. The KingTuk doesn’t distribute the weight of the gun as well as Alien Gear does. This holster also covers the entire barrel of the gun, protecting it from outside damage.

To see the latest price and any discounts on the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck, head to Amazon here.

Concealment Express Holster

Right handed
Simple IWB holster with no frills
Made in the USA

This is a right handed, American made, low imprint, very lightweight Glock 19 holster that is molded specifically to fit the firearm in question.

Which means that the firearm is held very well, even passing the “upside down” test and it includes a ‘Posi-Click’ audible retention system, which is really just a fancy way of saying that it snaps in place.

What differentiates this from other products on this list is that it doesn’t have a hip plate, just the belt clip, and holster itself. Which means it is very low imprint and lightweight, this is an incredibly stripped down version of a holster.

The clip includes an adjustable carry angle feature, so you can set the cant of your gun anywhere between 0-15 degrees, much more so than with any other holster. Allowing for it to be more comfortable and for you to have a faster draw.

This is an excellent holster for those who aren’t looking for something too large, or for their first holster.

A few people have complained that one edge digs into your side slightly. It can be sanded down easily to fix the issue.

If you’re looking for a simple, thin holster to cant your Glock 19, see the Concealment Express holster at Amazon here.

CrossBreed SuperTuck Holster

Made in the USA
Right or left handed

You might be looking at the price-tag and asking, “Why?!”. The company has a reputation for making high-quality products, and this one is no exception.

Several users say they forget they’re even carrying with this holster.

Made from black cowhide leather and molded Kydex, this holster has excellent weapon retention.

It allows you to set your carry height, is sweat resistant and includes an upper hip partition that prevents the butt of your pistol from digging into your appendix. It is also advertised as being able to be worn with your shirt tucked in or out.

The clips are high quality and made from metal, the backplate itself will also “break” after extended wear and become even more comfortable.

Because of its size and the high quality of the leather, this is one of the most comfortable holsters you can buy, many people say that they completely forget they are wearing it.

The Kydex doesn’t cover the entire barrel of the gun. But the leather backing is slightly thicker than other holsters, which adds a bit extra comfort to carrying.

If the Crossbreed is for you, head to Amazon to see the latest price and any sales.

Blackhawk! Holster

Right and left handed
Most comfortable option

This product is a little bit different than the others. It comes in left and right-hand varieties, and size number 6 will fit the Glock 19.

But this particular holster doesn’t have a hip plate and isn’t made out of leather. Which means that it is very sweat resistant and quite comfortable while also being lightweight.

This, however, does come with some negatives. The firearm does ride quite high, which sort of defeats the propose of it being so low imprint.

Furthermore, the belt clip comes off and on rather easily, even though it is made out of high-quality metal. And the holster itself isn’t a specific imprint, but a loose fitting, all-encompassing size.

After you draw your handgun, you’ll have to take the holster out and put your gun in before returning it to your waist. Because this holster has a soft shell, unlike the others reviewed, it collapses when the gun isn’t inside.

Overall the reviews and quality of this holster are positive, and it would be a good choice for someone with a number of similarly sized firearms. Or something to give to a first-time gun purchaser.

If comfort’s what you’re after, check out the Blackhawk! IWB holster on Amazon here.

Double Stack magazine holster

Even though the Glock 19 can hold 15+1 rounds, you may want to conceal carry an extra mag. Being able to carry an extra magazine will give you a total of 31 rounds.

The Double Stack is a metal, in the waistband magazine holster. It’s ambidextrous, meaning you can wear it on the side of your nondominant hand for a quick and easy reload. And it can hold a number of different ammunition types, so it can be used even if you have and carry different firearms.

We like that it’s cheap, can be concealed along with your firearm and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. Though because of its solid metal construction, it’s doubtful that you will ever need to replace anything.

See this mag holster on Amazon here.


Out of all the Glock 19 holsters we’ve reviewed, our favorite for conceal carrying is the Alien Gear holster. If for the sole reason that they let you test drive it. The benefits of trying it out, both right and left-handed options, having no break in time, and a lifetime warranty place it at the top of the list.

To get yours today, go to Amazon for more information and purchasing options here.

Do you have a Glock 19? If you’ve been concealed carrying, let us know how well it’s working for you and what you’ve used! If you have any other questions, please drop us a note in the comments below.

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Michael Peterson says August 8, 2018

You left out the best, and most comfortable, holster ever made! Check out Garrett Industries. They’re leather lined Kydex so, you get the best of both worlds. You get the rigidity of Kydex AND, you get the non-abrasiveness of leather NOT scratching up your finish. They make IWB and OWB in a variety of styles. I’ve been using the IWB model, they named “Silent Thunder”, for about three years. I never leave home without it and, sometimes, I have to sneak a feel to make sure it’s still there. Read some of their reviews, there are literally thousands of them and, you won’t find more than a handful of “4 star” ratings with the rest, which are all “5 stars”. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. That’s “Garrett Industries”, in Woodville, Texas.

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Tactical hippo is very comfortable in the waistband Kydex holster. Also as a molded sweatband for comfort check it out great website great product I carry Glock 19 X appendix no problem it’s a beautiful thing thank you

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