First Alert 2092DF Review: A Solid Waterproof Home Safe?

We all reach a time in our lives where we want to securely store certain valuables at home. The knowledge that certain keepsakes or valuables are close to us can bring a sense of comfort and calm any worries for us.

Especially with the recent events with our economy, many people find themselves wanting to store important items like cash and jewelry in their own home. Keeping your valuables at the bank may not be cutting it for you anymore.

It can be tough finding all the features you want in a safe. Luckily I’ve found a lot of features packed into the safe I’ll be reviewing today. The First Alert 2092DF is both waterproof and fireproof, so you can rest knowing your valuables will be safe in the event of a fire or flood.

Read on below or check out the table of contents to find answers to any of your questions.

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Who makes First Alert safes?

These safes are made by a company called First Alert. They are a very well-known company that specializes in home security.

They are most popular for their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, but they also make several other home safety products like fire extinguishers, camera systems, and safes. If you have one of their products already, you are probably familiar with their quality and brand.

Are First Alert safes made in the USA?

From my research, I cannot find information on where this safe is made. Normally, if a safe is made in America, the company will advertise that because so many people prefer American made products. Because it’s not advertised, I’m assuming that the safe is made in China or overseas somewhere.
I will work on trying to locate exactly where the safe is made and hopefully update this article with that information.

Ok, let’s dive into the First Alert 2092DF and all that it has to offer!

First Alert 2092DF

This waterproof/fireproof safe has 1.3 cubic feet to store your valuables. The home safe is deep enough for a binder the long way, and wide enough as well, with extra room to spare. It’s quite roomy and even has some nice organizational features.

It comes with one adjustable shelf that you can adjust or remove if you want. If you plan on storing a large, tall item, you can easily remove the shelf for more vertical space. But if you plan on storing many small items, the adjustable shelf gives you a way to organize your things instead of piling them all on top of each other.

The door has a few convenient features as well. It comes with 5 hooks for keys and a small pocket on the top to fit something if you need to access it quickly.

It also has a slot to easily fit documents or records in. It’d be perfect for storing any papers you normally need quick access to. This would save you time from rummaging through your safe and any folders or binders to find what you need. Personally, I’d probably store my and my husband’s passports in there. We are big travelers and it’s the number one reason we go into our home safe.

When you open the door to the safe, it opens more than 90 degrees. It should open roughly 135 degrees. This allows you to put things in and pull them out easily without needing to work around the door. It will also allow more light into the safe, so it will be easier to see into it. If it’s still too dark for you, some people have installed a wireless light inside to turn on and illuminate its contents.

Speaking of contents, we know it’s easy to fit documents in, but what else will this safe protect? Let’s talk about the fireproof and waterproof capabilities and what that means about the things you can store inside.

How fireproof is this home safe?

This First Alert safe is UL classified for up to 1700 degrees for a full hour. The average home fire reaches 1200 degrees, so this does an excellent job of having fire protection. From the tests done, it showed that the inside of the safe reached temperatures of 350 degrees.

When you’re looking for fire protection, note the UL rating.  If the safe states that it was UL tested, this does not mean it actually passed the test and was certified.  Look for UL classified for actual ratings from the test that it passed.

Can I store media in the safe?

According to the independent lab that tested this for media and data storage during a fire, they approved a few different media items. They say you can store CDs and DVDs, USB drives and external hard drives in this home safe.

You should NOT store cassettes, floppy disks, data cartridges, film, and photos. These items can’t withstand the high temperatures and could get damaged.

My suggestion: If you are going to store photos or similar memorabilia in the safe, scan them so you have a digital copy and store it on a flash drive just so you have a backup in case they ended up getting damaged.

How waterproof is the First Alert 2092DF?

There is a waterproof seal around the door and a waterproof protective cover over the digital keypad. According to the manual, the safe is waterproof, but not for long periods of time under water. It doesn’t give a length of time or how submerged it is before the contents are compromised and get damaged.

Some reviewers did note that because of how airtight the safe is, there was moisture inside the safe and it could cause damage to your contents. It’s suggested to air out the safe every few weeks, but I also recommend buying a dehumidifier or some silicon beads to soak up any excess moisture.

Keeping it in a basement may make it more prone to gather moisture simply because there’s more humidity in basements. So depending on where you plan to keep the safe, remember to do your part and make sure the contents stay dry.

Can it be bolted down?

No, this safe model cannot be bolted down or mounted to a wall. Unless you drill your own holes into the safe, or figure out a way to attach it to a wall, you won’t be able to secure it down. If you do try to modify the safe, remember that this could compromise its ability to stay waterproof and fireproof.

Not only would modifying the safe compromise it’s protective features, you will void the manufacturer’s warranty.  So if bolting the safe to the ground is a deal -breaker for you, I’d advise you to look elsewhere.

How much does the safe weigh?

This safe weighs 93 lbs. It will most likely require more than one person to move it to the location you want it to be in your home. If you buy this safe online, the delivery driver will not move it into your home for you. You might be able to meet them and possibly pay them to help you move it, but it’s not an included service with the shipment.

The weight can act as a deterrent for an intruder since they wouldn’t be able to move it easily themselves. In my opinion, this makes up for the fact that you can’t bolt it to the floor.

Can you change the combination?

This home safe has an Electronic Locking System. It requires four AA batteries that are included when you buy the safe.
You can customize the passcode using 3-8 numbers. It’s easy to remember if you program a birthday or anniversary.

The keypad has a nice backlight that will illuminate for 5 seconds after opening the protective cover over the keys. After entering the passcode, the safe gives you 5 seconds to turn the handle and open it. If it’s not opened in 5 seconds, you’ll need to enter the code again.

Is there a backup key?

Yes, the safe comes with two override keys in case your batteries die or you forget your passcode.

Luckily, First Alert made the keyhole very unnoticeable, so the average person would not know there is a way to open the safe besides entering a passcode. The slot for the key is behind a protective cover that requires two screws to be removed.

You won’t want to use the keys as a primary way to get into your safe, simply because of the time investment it takes to access the key slot. Entering in a code is much, much faster.

What warranty is offered?

First Alert offers a Lifetime After-Fire Replacement Warranty. This means, if your safe is damaged in a fire, they will completely replace it with a comparable safe for free.

They also offer a 5-year limited warranty on workmanship. They guarantee that there won’t be any defects because of manufacturing. They require that you keep your receipt, though, so make sure you don’t throw it out.

If you decide to modify the safe by drilling holes in it, this will void the 5-year warranty.

Are there any problems with the safe?

Many people were surprised that there was moisture inside the safe. This is very normal with safes, but many people don’t know that. Make sure to keep something inside the safe to absorb the moisture and check it periodically to air it out. I highly recommend a dehumidifier in this case.

Another issue that people had was the initial setup. The instructions were confusing and difficult to figure out. Both programming the safe and opening it for the first time proved difficult for some of the buyers. Once they worked through the confusion, they were fine and had no issues after that.

Who should buy this safe?

This safe is perfect for the person who wants to protect a few valuable items. Keys, documents, and memorabilia. Even cash and jewelry. For the price, this safe has a lot of nice features and a lot of great reviews.

I’d recommend this safe for anyone who wanted to store their safe in the basement. Since basements are more prone to flooding, the waterproofing aspect is an extra layer of protection.

Likewise, I recommend this home safe to someone who lives in an area that gets flooding or hurricanes.

Who should NOT buy this safe?

Someone who wants to bolt their safe to the ground. I wouldn’t recommend getting this safe if you want to bolt it down since you’d be voiding the warranty and this safe doesn’t come with holes.
I also wouldn’t recommend this to a person who wants to store certain types of digital media that aren’t covered under the fire protection. If you want to store negatives, film, and cassettes, this isn’t the safe for you.

I wouldn’t suggest this to a person who is planning on expanding their collection of things they want to store in the safe. Whether it be storing precious metals, guns or cash.

If you plan on increasing the amount of items you want to store, buy a large safe to store it all together. It may make sense to invest in a bigger safe to fit all your expanding needs.

Which is better? First Alert or Sentry Safes?

Both First Alert and Sentry safes have roughly the same levels of quality. Sentry is a company that focuses solely on creating safes, whereas First Alert focuses on many other aspects of home security.

As far as which brand is better, it really depends on what you’re looking for. It depends on the features you want and your price point.

In regards to the First Alert 2092DF, there is no Sentry alternative. The closest, most similar Sentry safe is the SentrySafe SFW123GDC, but it is not waterproof.

Last minute details

Here are the last few details that I may not have covered in the article above.

Outer dimensions of this home safe: 19.6 x 17.5 x 18 inches
Inner dimensions: 13.63 in. high x 13.25 in. wide x 12.50 in. deep
4 live locking door bolts
Pry-resistant concealed hinges
Color: Slate
Weight: 93 lbs.
Batteries required: 4 AA batteries (included)
Fire protection: UL Classified at 1 hour up to 1700 degrees

Where to buy First Alert 2092DF safe

After shopping around, I found that you can get free 2-day Prime shipping on Amazon when buying this safe. Even if you don’t have Prime, Amazon still offers free shipping. So head on over to Amazon and check out their low prices!


This First Alert safe is packed full of features and levels of protection that you won’t see in its competitors. Overall, I think this safe is perfect for someone looking for a waterproof/fireproof safe to store their most valuable items.

If you’re thinking of storing a safe in your basement, I highly recommend this safe as an option because of the water protection you will have. Check out the safe here on Amazon now!

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Elizabeth says September 5, 2016

How is it with papers and humidity on the inside. I have a safe for important docs and they are getting moldy inside. Which I thought was weird as I live in a low humidity place.

    Lauren says September 8, 2016

    It’s definitely possible that moisture can creep inside. Many safes have this issue which is why I suggest buying silicon beads or a dehumidifier to keep inside the safe.

Sharon Swanson says September 6, 2016

Thanks for the great review! I’m about to buy my first home safe and I like the idea of a discreet keyhole and backup keys in case the batteries die. It just gives you that extra piece of mind. I Good to read about the possibility of moisture gathering inside and the use of silicone beads. Moisture isn’t something I would have thought would be a problem. A good tip – thanks!

    Lauren says September 8, 2016

    Thanks for stopping by! Yep, many safes have the issue of moisture. Good luck on your hunt for the right safe for you!

Nick says September 7, 2016

Dope, I was looking into buying a home safe a few years back when I was living in the city center. This model looks really well designed and sturdy, and not too big which is one of the prerequisites for me too.

Thanks for the detailed write up!


    Lauren says September 8, 2016

    Thanks, Nick! Glad you found it helpful.

Bec @ Cook Love Eat says September 8, 2016

Great review – very useful. I now keep the dehumidifying sachets that come with new shoes etc – would be perfect for popping in your safe! Thanks

George says September 14, 2016

They seem to have covered almost everything with this safe, except the ability to bolt it to the ground. Are there any safes with similar features/size that can keep the inside cool enough to preserve photos? Thanks for the thorough review!

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