We all want to store our weapons properly, but sometimes getting a tall safe just isn’t an option for us. Some of us want quick access to our gun while we sleep. Others don’t have the room for a tall gun safe besides sticking it in an inconvenient place. Or maybe you don’t want your kids to find out you have a gun.

Whatever situation you’re in, an under bed gun safe can help you in multiple ways. This article will cover common questions that readers have about storing their guns under a bed. I’ll also review the top long gun safes and the top pistol safes that work well under a bed. By the end, I hope you’ll find the secure storage option that works best for your needs.

Long Gun Under Bed Safes

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V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe

The best quality of this gun safe is that it doesn’t require batteries. So for all you folks who don’t trust electronics mixing with firearm safes, this is your answer.  

It uses a mechanical combination locking mechanism and comes with two additional locks on each side of the safe. The key is included when you buy the safe.

You can choose to use the mechanical lock, tubular key locks or both. This adds a layer of theft protection that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

The safe comes with a default combination, but you can easily customize the combination of five buttons to your liking.  There’s a trade-off that comes with programming a custom combination. The longer the combination, the more secure, but it will also take longer to open the safe.  Weigh your options to see what you prefer.

This safe opens like a chest, with hinges on one side.  If you plan on storing this under the bed, you’ll want to make sure that your bed frame sits high enough. You’ll want to be able to open the safe to get your gun out.  

For reference, the dimensions on this safe are 42″ x 12″ x 3.5″ and it weighs 10.9 pounds.

Depending on the long gun you plan on storing inside, you might have room for an extra pistol or some magazines.  If you’re storing a small carbine or rifle, it’s nice to have that extra room to store other items you might not want your kids to get their hands on.

I highly advise that if you’re looking for theft protection, you bolt down this safe.  It comes with pre-drilled holes so you’re able to secure it to your floor or wall.

Some reviewers have used this safe for keeping long guns in their vehicles.  Just another option in case you’re wanting to travel with your long guns and want them secured inside your car.

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American Security Defense Vault

AMSEC (American Security) is a well-known company that produces high-quality gun safes.  You’ll see further along that there are some downsides to this safe, but I’ll hit the highlights first.

This safe can be mounted to the bottom of your bed.  I think this is my favorite thing about the safe.  It has holes along the edges of the top that allow you to secure it to the underside of your bed frame.  

Remember what I said about not bolting down safes and how it’s a bad idea? It’s no more secure because a robber could pick up the safe and take it with him.  Having the ability to bolt it to your bed saves you a lot of hassle trying to secure it to the floor. You basically have no excuse not to secure it.  

If you do want to fasten it to the floor, it comes with holes on both the top and bottom of the safe.

Unlike the V-Line Vault above, when you open this safe, it has a shelf that pulls out.  You can set your gun and ammo or an extra magazine on it.  This is much more maneuverable in my opinion than opening a hinged container.  Especially in the dark when trying to gain quick access.

This safe uses an electronic lock.  You can program your own digit combination up to 6 digits.  As you start pressing the keypad, a backlight illuminates it, making it easy to see what you’re pressing in the dark.

The downside to this safe is its electronic lock.  Batteries last a few months, so they need to be replaced often.  It also doesn’t alert you when the batteries are dying.   A few reviewers mentioned that they tried to open their safe one day, and it just didn’t open.  

Even though changing the batteries is simple (you just unscrew the keypad) it’s still a hassle if they die.  It can be inconvenient if you’re trying to get your gun out quickly or don’t have a spare battery on hand.

This is definitely a safe that requires you to weigh the pros and cons.  Are you willing to deal with a battery dying for the convenience of a slide-out shelf under bed gun safe?  

If so, check it out at Amazon here! If not, keep reading.  The next gun safe might peak your interest.


Shotlock Shotgun 200 Mechanical Safe

This is the cheapest model of the three long gun safes I’ll be reviewing.  It doesn’t have as much theft protection as the other two safes, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features.

This 14 gauge steel mechanical safe is perfect for someone who is on a budget but wants a way to secure their long gun under their bed.  

It’s completely mountable to the floor or to your bed.  So it mounts both horizontally and vertically. You wouldn’t want someone just picking up your shotgun and walking out of the house with it, even if it does have this safe encased around it.  

The mechanical simplex lock is another benefit.  You don’t need to worry about it running out of batteries and can customize your own four digit code.  

It comes with two backup keys in case you forget your combination.  Make sure to hide these separately so if you lose one, you’ll know where the other is.

When you buy this safe, it comes with a one-year, limited warranty.  It basically covers any manufacturing issues that you might experience within one year of purchase.

The limitation, in my opinion, is the limit of gun types it can hold.  This will only work if you plan on storing a single pump, semi-auto, double barrel or over/under shotgun.  If you’re looking to store a different type of long gun, I’d suggest one of the other two options above.  

It works with both left and right handed guns.  The questions on Amazon are pretty helpful if you’re wondering if your shotgun will fit.  Many people have posted their questions about their gun and received helpful replies.

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Under Bed Pistol Safes

Ok let’s move on to the best pistol safes that are perfect to store under your bed.  I chose these based on reviews and speaking with people at the various companies.  You’ll see why these 3 stick out from a lot of the generic ones on the market today.

60_Under Bed Gun Safe -1 (5)-min

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Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault

60_Under Bed Gun Safe -1 (5)-minThis gun safe might have a high price tag, but for many people, it satisfies everything they’re looking for in an under bed gun safe.

I’ve conversed with an employee at Titan Security and he really stressed how much the company cares about the product they make. They want it to be a quality product and their customers to be completely satisfied with it.

It fits a single pistol into the safe’s holster. The maximum size of your pistol can be 10 inches by 6.5 inches by 2.25 inches.  When you open the safe, you’ll see exactly how quickly you can get your gun out of it.  

The safe almost hands you the gun once you pop it open.  Titan boasts about how quickly you can access your gun with their safe.

Yet another simplex mechanical lock.  You can make your own combination and know that there are no batteries that could die on you.  You’ll always have quick access to your handgun.

Note that there are no backup keys with this safe.  Once you program your lock, you’ll need to write it down somewhere so you don’t forget.  It’s smart to practice it a few times as well, so you get the hang of the rhythm to open the safe.

You can mount this safe in 8 different directions, so it’s quite versatile. It doesn’t take up much room either, which is nice when trying to store it under your bed.

It comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer and a lifetime warranty on the workmanship and materials of the safe.

If you want to learn more about this safe, I wrote a full review of it here! Otherwise, check it out on Amazon here.


Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe

When you think of the classic idea of a safe, you think of something that’s solid.  Thick metal, heavy and sturdy.  That’s what this safe is all about.  

It is made from 10 gauge metal, which is quite rare for a gun safe.  Because of this, it’s unbelievably solid and weighs 22 pounds.  This safe is made to protect your guns from theft.  

Depending on the size of your handguns, you could fit two or three inside.  It’s perfect if you and your partner want to store your weapons under the bed.

It can be bolted down to the floor, and should be!

Yet another simplex lock gun safe, so no batteries required.  It has a mechanical lock that’s reliable when you need it.  Careful though, there’s no backup key included so write down your combination.  It will save you a trip to the locksmith.

A few reviewers mentioned that the buttons seemed off. Make sure to test opening your safe several times when you first get it.  Test the buttons, test opening and closing the safe.  The mechanism to open the door is a gas strut, so ensure it’s running smoothly.

Luckily Fort Knox has a lifetime warranty on this safe, so you should be able to get it exchanged if anything seems wrong with it. The majority of people have had complete success with it and won’t buy any other brand.

Check it out here on Amazon!

GunVault SpeedVault SV500

This gun safe was designed primarily to work with gravity.  Your pistol is stored inside a chamber and will drop down once you enter in your code.

If you have a tall bed, this safe could work well, even if you mount it horizontally under your bed.  Mounting it horizontally might take a bit of manual work to open it since gravity won’t be on your side, but it’s possible.

This safe comes in two flavors for locks.  Biometric and electronic.  Both require batteries, and unfortunately do not tell you when the batteries are low.  Luckily it comes with two backup keys in case the batteries do die and you need to open it quickly.

One great feature about the electronics of the safe is the anti-tampering feature.  If you have kids and worry about them trying to get in, it has some protections. The safe will actually shut down temporarily if someone enters the incorrect code 24 times. It will also tell you if someone has tried to get in and couldn’t.

If this gun safe seems like a good fit for you and you want to learn more, I wrote an in-depth review of it here.  Otherwise, if you’re ready to buy, check it out on Amazon here.

Why should I get an under bed gun safe?

There are several advantages to choosing a gun safe that fits under your bed. People live in different types of homes and have different situations in relation to children and people living in the home.

The primary reason that I prefer a gun safe that fits under my bed is that it saves space. Especially if you’re wanting to securely store rifles or any other long gun.

Without a horizontal safe that fits under your bed, you would need to purchase an upright safe. This means you’ll need to find a place in the house to store it, and this isn’t always an option for everyone.

Especially living in a small home or apartment, you might not have the space to keep a large gun safe. This option maximizes the space you already have.

Putting a safe under your bed also keeps the safe out of sight. A large upright safe can’t really be hidden from view. Visitors, children and family members would quickly know that you own several firearms.

Lastly, having a gun safe right under your bed gets you quick access to your safe. Several firearm owners want to keep their gun in arms reach. And when sleeping, having a firearm near you is critical to protect yourself from any late-night intruders.

It might make sense to store several of your guns in a tall safe in the basement. Then have a single pistol or rifle under your bed. I love this option for anyone who wants a secure firearm near them while they sleep.

What’s the advantage to this instead of a nightstand gun safe?

If you want to store long guns, a nightstand gun safe won’t be able to fit your guns.

If you’re wanting to store a pistol in arms reach, storing it in your nightstand might not be the best option. Even if you bolt the safe inside the drawer, consider the scenario of a thief finding it. A thief could simply remove the drawer that contains the pistol from the nightstand and open the safe later.

Bolting the safe to your bed, wall or floor would make it much more difficult for a robber to steal your weapon. Don’t give them an easy way to take your gun!

What’s the advantage of this instead of bolting a safe to the wall?

Getting a safe that goes under your bed means your weapon won’t be in plain sight. Seeing a safe on the wall is an easy reminder to a child or a visitor that you own a gun. It’s much safer to keep it hidden under a bed.

Personally, I don’t like the sight of a safe on the wall near our bed. We prefer to have our guns stored elsewhere so visitors aren’t constantly reminded of our weapons.

Another advantage is not doing damage to your wall. If you live in an apartment or plan on rearranging your room, it makes it much more cumbersome to remove the safe from the wall. Having it installed under your bed makes moving easier and landlords happier.

Which under bed gun safe works best for me?

Check out the detailed reviews below. I’ve reviewed several of the best gun safes that can be easily stored beneath the bed. There are several questions you’ll need to ask yourself before figuring out which works best for you.

Do you want it bolted to your bed?

I’d advise you to bolt your safe to your bed or the floor under your bed. This adds an easy layer of protection that keeps your guns from being stolen. Having a safe that’s not bolted down cannot protect your valuables from theft. Especially a small safe that’s storing a pistol or two.

Do you want to store a single gun or multiple?

The type of safe that works for you will depend on how many firearms you plan on storing inside.

Do you need to store long guns or pistols or both?

The size of the gun safe will vary based on what you plan on storing inside. You’ll also need to consider the space needed below your bed to fit the guns you want to store. If you plan on storing long guns, make sure to read the dimensions. It will give you an idea of the space you’ll need, especially vertical space between the bed and the floor.

Do you prefer battery operated or simplex locks?

Some people trust the new biometric technology and don’t mind swapping out batteries on their safes when the batteries die.

Others won’t touch electronic locks with a ten foot pole. They want the reliability of simplex or combination locks that don’t require batteries to run.

Figure out what your preference is before purchasing your gun safe.

What is your budget?

Gun safes aren’t always cheap. In this review, I’ll be giving you a few different choices based on budget, so consider what you’d be willing to spend for a quality gun safe.

What is your main reason for wanting this safe?

Security? Fast access? Hidden guns? The safe that works best for you will change based on what requirements you have. Make a list of your top priorities to find out which one has the features that work best for your needs.


As you can see, there are several options for storing your gun under your bed.  Whether you want something to fit your pistol or shotgun, or whether you want a simplex lock instead of electronic, there should be something in this review that peaks your interest.

Out of the three gun safes for long guns, I really prefer the Defense Vault.  I love the idea of a drawer sliding out from under my bed.  It’s nice to be able to store a few other items in there too. Plus having it be mountable to my bed is a must.  

Of the three pistol gun safes, I really gravitate towards the Fort Knox.  The steel casing is rare to find these days, and the quality seems out of this world.  Of course, the simplex lock is ideal as well. You won’t have to worry about it dying on you.

I hope this comprehensive review of the best under bed safes has helped you! Feel free to drop me a comment and ask any questions. I’d love to expand this post with any additional helpful information.

Thanks for stopping by!

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