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Top 3 Reasons To Own A Safe

The number one reason for buying a safe is to protect valuables from fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association, there was a total of 1,345,500 fires reported in the US in 2015. This resulted in $14.3 million in property damage. Keeping your valuables safe, even if the worst happens, is one way you can limit the damage.

There was a total of 1,345,500 fires reported in the US in 2015.

National Fire Protection Association

When looking for a safe that will protect your belongings from fire, there are some important things to think about. Is fire damage your only reason for buying? If so, great, then buy a fire resistant safe. A fire resistant safe will help protect your paper documents from heat and smoke.

It isn’t recommended you put anything of high value in them. Their main purpose is to protect documents only. This is because they use a fire retardant material which is quite thin and as such are easy to break into. You also need to check what will be protected. Special data or media needs extra protection and you should look into a data/media safe.

This brings me on to the next top reason for owning a safe – burglary! Did you know there are approximately two million home burglaries reported every year in the US? The majority of these are by opportunists who break in during the day when you are out at work.

Having a home safe is a great way to protect your precious property even if someone gains entry. If this is your reason for wanting to buy a safe then you need to look for a high-security safe. When choosing your safe you will need to check its rating to determine which one is right for you.

The third top reason for buying a home safe is one of security plus organization. There are many important documents we all want to keep safe and secure. Keeping documents like your family’s birth certificates, passports, and investment paperwork all together is great for keeping you organized. If this is your reason you are going to be looking for an entirely different safe from the one above. You might want to look at a fire safe though for added protection.

Where To Store A Safe

After choosing the type of safe you want you will next need to think about where you are going to put it. The size of your safe will definitely be a big part of your consideration. The other factor will be the design of your house. 

The master bedroom is the last place to hide your safe.

Chris McGooey

According to Chris McGoey, the Crime Doctor, the master bedroom is the last place to install it. This is often the first place a burglar will stop. You might want to think of somewhere else to keep your safe then.

Keeping them out of site is preferable. Installing safes into floors or walls is a popular choice but you can also keep them out of the way in a closet. That is as long as it isn’t in the master bedroom! For added security, you can then bolt them to the floor.

Where To Keep Safe Keys

There are some inventive ideas about where to keep your safe keys. I read about one man who kept his keys at the bottom of his aquarium under the gravel. But that sounds a little impractical to me.

I find that the best place to keep your safe key is on your key ring with all your other important keys. Keep them safe and know where they are. When you’re at home you could lock your keys in a key lock box, if you feel that’s necessary. And when you’re away from your home you will most likely have your keys in your pocket or your handbag.

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Gun Safes

Top 3 Reasons To Own a Gun Safe

The real clue is the name of the product – gun safe. Keeping you and your family safe is the most important reason for owning a gun safe. There are far too many statistics where injury or death of children has occurred as a result of gun ownership.

Making sure guns are securely locked away is the responsibility of every gun owner. In many states, it is now a legal requirement that firearms are locked up so that children cannot gain access. This isn’t dependent on whether you have children either.

Guns are valuable property so the next top reason for having a gun safe is to keep them safe from theft. Having your guns locked up will prevent burglars from being able to walk away with them.

There is another layer of safety in this as the guns won’t be available to use should you disturb a burglar in the act.

The last reason is that many gun safes are fireproof. You’ll nee do do your research to find which ones are fireproof. There is a large range of gun safes on the market and not all are fireproof.

A word of caution, though, just because your safe will protect your firearms from a fire doesn’t mean it will do the same for other items. A lot of people think because their gun safe is fireproof it will also protect their paper documents.

If you decide you want to store other valuables within your gun safe, then it would be best to do so by putting them into a smaller UL rated fire lock box. This will give all your valuables added security and you greater peace of mind.

Why Are There USB Ports In A Gun Safe?

Many gun safes now have the added feature of a USB port in them. This means you are able to keep your electronics charged inside.

Computer equipment and other electronics can be expensive and so keeping them safe make sense. But they are also pieces of equipment that are used often so having them charged while they are being stored away is an extra benefit that some gun safes give you.

We have so much of our personal information stored away electronically. We have countless digital images of our friends and family. We often have passwords, bank details, and credit card information all contained within our hard drive. Locking it behind closed doors when you are not at home, or at night, allows you to feel more secure.

Why Do Gun Safes Have Outlets?

Power outlets on gun safes have added another benefit to having a gun safe. It has brought them up to date and taken into account the necessity of keeping your electronics safe.

With the addition of both the USB port and power outlets, your gun safe becomes a useful media outlet and storage supply.

I know someone who uses the USB to connect their hard drive inside the safe that stores the CCTV data from their home security camera. This is then plugged in so that the gun safe now becomes an even bigger part of the overall home’s security system.

The main reason for outlets in gun safes is to plug in a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers will keep moisture down and protect the metal on your guns from rusting over time.

If you want to find out more about protecting your guns from rust and corrosion, check out our post on dehumidifiers here!

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