5 ways to keep the safety gun safe

A safety gun is meant for your own safety but it can be a danger to you and those around you as well. According to the Children’s Defense Fund, a home with a gun has four times more risk of accidental death compared to a home with no gun. This is proof that safety guns might not be that safe after all.  However, these can be minimized by ensuring that safety guns are safely and securely stored.

How to keep it safe but still be accessible should you immediately need it is where the balance needs to be.

How you store your gun will be determined by if you live alone in your home, if you have kids, or if you frequently have visitors over. If you live alone, then you can store safely in your drawer but with kids around you will need to find more secure ways.

This is to avoid unintentional injuries, gun theft and even death from gun mishandling. Kids can be very notorious and experimental. You might think that you have hidden your gun in a secret place but as long as that secret place is in the house, they will find out sooner or later. Besides safely securing your gun, it’s also important to educate kids about guns and its dangers. Just because they don’t ask doesn’t mean they are not curious to know.

Let’s look at 5 ways to keep your safety gun safe.

  1.    Gun Locks

Gun locks are meant to secure the weapons by either prevention ammunition from being loaded or blocking the trigger from firing. The two most popular mechanisms are trigger locks and cable locks. Trigger locks are fixed around the gun’s trigger lock to lock it safely in place. Cable locks, on the other hand, use a long steel cable to block its operation.

However, it is advisable to use the gun locks alongside other gun storage devices for maximum safety.


  • The locks can fail or be tampered with
  • They only protect the gun from being loaded and fired but not against theft
  1.    Gun Safes

These are devices that are designed to safely store your weapons. They are tamper-proof as well as very difficult to break into but at the same time accessible to you when you need them.

They are high quality and offer a high resistance to different forms of damage, theft and other elements. They come in different sizes, small moveable safes and large safes that can be bolted on the floor. The size depends on the number of weapons you wish to store and the size of the weapon.

A safe can either have a combination lock where you key in numbers in a certain order for it to unlock or an electronic lock which includes biometrics or keypad locks. Electronic locks open up faster than combination locks however as with all electronic devices, they are bound to fail too. Also, they require a regular battery change.

  1.    Gun cabinets

These are much cheaper and lighter than gun safes. In fact, you can construct one by yourself. They are ideal for storing a collection of guns. They are safe with kids because they have locks however it is not recommended to store guns in plain sight. Of course, the kids will know there are hidden gun compartments in the cabinets and that can raise their curiosity.


  • They can easily be broken into by thieves
  • In case of fire, they will not withstand the flames
  • Because of their lightweight, they can be moved around easily.
  1.    Unloading

Gun owners should always ensure that their guns are always unloaded until when they are ready for use. Especially when storing your gun at home within reach of children and other curious people. This will go a long way in preventing injuries and accidents. Also, store your bullets away from your gun.

  1.    Gun case

These are easy gun safety measures especially around the home with small kids. A gun case allows you to lock the gun and walk around with it without anyone noticing. They come in different sizes depending on the gun size and different materials such as aircraft aluminum, nylon, plastic, and wood. The newest trend in gun cases is the waterproof cases.

Gun cases are not only ideal for when in the house but also outdoors. They are easily portable and offer protection to your gun as well.


Whichever way you chose to store your gun whether unloading, gun locks, gun safes, gun cases or gun cabinets,  the most important thing is to keep your gun away from the hands of people who should not come in contact with. This, however, should also ensure that the gun is accessible when you need it otherwise it beats the idea of owning a safety gun.



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