5 Reasons Why Desert Eagle Is Not a Practical Weapon for Self-Defense

Guest Post by Lisa R. Taylor

We have seen many movies with actors using the Desert Eagle for self-defense. The world that we live in is full of unexpected situations. So, even if we feel safe, anything can happen one day. Thus, having a weapon for self-defense becomes a necessity. What weapon to use to protect ourselves and our family? Many voices would say that if Desert Eagle does such a great job in the movies, it should work the same in real life, as well. This is why many people choose this model to secure their homes. Is the Desert Eagle a practical weapon for self-defense? Keep reading this article, and you will discover the answer to this question.

1. Accuracy

In the case of self-defense, you will need a gun with high precision. Unless you are Arnold, you will need a weapon to protect you in different circumstances. The Desert Eagle weapon has an accuracy of 7-8 feet. For an average person, with minimum training on shooting, this is not high accuracy. Also, self-defense situations can be very different from what you’ve learned in training. So, you will need a weapon that is as accurate as possible. You should check the market carefully before investing your money in a self-defense gun. It is essential that accuracy is its main characteristic. If you are not sure what weapon to choose, you can read Subjecto for more ideas.

2. Weight

The Desert Eagle is not the most massive weapon for self-defense, but it is also not very light. When you choose a gun to protect yourself, you will need a handgun that you can manipulate without difficulty. You should keep in mind that the decision to use a pistol for self-defense is made in seconds. So, you will need a weapon that doesn’t weigh too much and helps you protect your life under any circumstance. The Desert Eagle weighs around two kilograms. Before buying this gun, it is better to test different types of weapons. If you do this exercise, you will discover that a weapon that weighs half of the Desert Eagle, even when it’s loaded, will be easier to handle even under very high stress. 

3. Recoil

Self-defense guns are used by different types of people. Not everyone has the experience of managing a weapon, especially in stressful conditions. So, when you hold the Desert Eagle in your arms, one of the first questions that pop into your mind is whether the recoil will be very aggressive. If you use a gun with an excellent range, but that has an unsatisfactory recoil, you cannot consider it reliable. Unfortunately, the Desert Eagle has this disadvantage. When you are a novice and face a dangerous situation, your attention might be distracted by the powerful recoil. Instead of focusing your attention on how to keep yourself safe and use the weapon correctly, your mind will be focused on how to diminish the effects of recoil and protect yourself from not being hit by the gun. 

4. Size

Unless you have had a Desert Eagle in your hands, you cannot imagine how big this gun actually is. Thus, this weapon can be quite uncomfortable for many persons. Considering that its weight and generous size, the Desert Eagle is not a gun that can be handled by everyone. Unless you have very large and strong hands, you won’t be able to use it efficiently. When you face self-defense situations, you will need a gun that you can handle easily. Not all the persons that have a Desert Eagle are professional shooters. Still, if you consider that you need a pistol to protect your house, this model might not be the right choice for you. Before making the purchasing decision, you should first test it several times and determine whether you feel comfortable during manipulation. If you feel the tiniest discomfort because of its size, you shouldn’t think twice before choosing a different one.

5. The ammo is hard to find and expensive

If you feel that you can accept the other drawbacks that the Desert Eagle, the price is challenging to overlook. One of the most significant factors that make people think twice before choosing the Desert Eagle is its high price. Also, once you buy this self-defense weapon, you will soon discover that the ammo is hard to find and not so cheap. The Desert Eagle is not a popular pistol anymore. So, sellers are trying to clear their stocks and not invest in re-doing them. Thus, you will have difficulties in finding the necessary accessories and ammo for your Desert Eagle. 


The Desert Eagle weapon became very popular when people saw Arnold using it for self-defense while driving a car. Even though it seems very efficient and scaring in the movies, the reality is very different. It has several drawbacks that are difficult to overlook. You should keep in mind that when you are in a self-defense situation, you are under considerable stress. Thus, you will need a weapon that you can handle without difficulty, doesn’t cost you too much, and is not very heavy.

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