Using Heavy Native Steerhide, the 1791 Gunleather Company is quickly rising in popularity when it comes to quality leather holsters.

We managed to get our hands on two of these holsters and gave them to actual gun owners to test them out to see if they are really as good as they claim to be.

First, a bit about the company itself.

Although they’ve only been around for a bit over 2 years, 1791 Gunleather has been growing rapidly with an exciting following of people.

We found out some pretty cool ways that they do things differently than their competitors. They incorporate four generations of professional leather artisans into the mastery of each holster. Yeah you read that right. Four generations.

I’m guessing most companies can’t boast the same!

So they really put a lot of effort into their products with both quality of materials and design. They have a Lifetime Warranty which really tells you how confident they are with their holster quality.

A lot of their holsters have multifit designs so you can wear many different handguns within the same holster.

Other great qualities are strong steel clips on each holster, American Leather and reinforced stitching. In the shipment box when they arrived, we received some great pamphlets of information and some leather keychains with the brand. It was a nice extra touch that gave the company a very professional feel.

But enough about the details, let’s get to the actual reviews!

With being so new to the industry, we weren’t sure how this product would be. This is what we eventually managed to find out during the testing process:

RVH2 – K-Frame Revolver Holster

Materials: Leather in Signature Brown (offered in 3 colors)
Weapon Compatibility: Up to 6-inch barrel revolvers
Options: Left and right-handed options available

The RVH2 – K-Frame Revolver Holster is the first one we managed to get our hands on. The holster is extremely durable and also lightweight. The Signature Brown has a dark richness to the color which really makes it a classy choice.

After wearing the holster for a few days, our gun owner had some great things to say. We’ll summarize it below.

The Good:

1) The holster is very comfortable to wear. Arched designed fits the shape of my hip very well.

2) Holster itself is light. When the gun is in the holster it has a bit of weight, but that is mostly the gun. The holster carries very well with the dual loop design on the extreme ends of the holster.

3) The holster fits very well over the belt loop directly on the hip. With the holster straddling the belt loop, it still allows great access to the pocket in the jeans. This is super important that I don’t lose pocket storage, so this holster is perfectly positioned on my hip.

4) With a untucked shirt or coat the holster is very easily concealed. The holster keeps the gun high on the hip so even with a 6 inch barrel it doesn’t hang down your leg much.

The Bad:

1) I’m not sure I can even call this a con. This is more just something to be aware of. Upon first use the gun came out of the holster very nicely but putting the gun in the holster was a bit hard. But with a little break-in it fit decently.

The holster is designed for outside the waistband carry. The reinforced stitching enables you to have maximum durability and for your heavy weapons that are also supported by the K-frame design.

These holsters are also available in multiple colors. This holster was affordably priced for the features and when compared to some of the leading brands. We would definitely recommend it anyone who loves carrying a revolver.

To see the J Frame Holster, find it on Amazon here.

4WH – 4 Ways Concealment & Belt Leather Holster

Materials: Leather (other colors available
Handgun Compatibility: Multiple different handguns
Options: Right and left-handed options available as well as 4 different ways of wearing the holster

The 4WH – 4 Ways Concealment & Belt Leather Holster can be worn in multiple different manners depending on your preference. The flexible shape of the holster means you can wear different guns with the same holster.

The gun owner who tried this out was using a Sig Sauer P320C. He wore the holster around for the day and gave his feedback on comfort, weight, support and tried out the various different ways to wear the holster. He definitely had his favorite, so read on to find out!


1) Because this gun doesn’t have a safety, covering the trigger is very important to me. Luckily even though this holster has a slim design, it covered the trigger just fine.

 2) When wearing IWB, it was easy to draw my gun with just one hand. No need to hold on to my pants or keep the holster in place. It stayed in place by itself. It was also extremely comfortable when sitting.

3) When wearing OWB, it was my favorite way to wear the gun with this holster. I didn’t have to make room for it in my belt and it snugly fit on my belt. The gun was meant to be worn OWB and this holster was perfect for the job.


1) I think there just needs to be a small break-in period because the holster was pulling the slide back. Once the holster is broken in, I think this would be fine.

2) When wearing SOB, this gun was just too big to be worn this way. It wasn’t able to be concealed. I don’t think this was an issue with the actual holster, just the gun itself.

Luckily, 1791 GunLeather has just added new holsters that fit each of the P320 models and come in a variety of styles with and without thumb breaks.

To see this 4-Way holster on Amazon, find the most current sale price here.

Final Thoughts:

The Gunleather 1791 holsters are designed with the utmost care and they offer some of the best quality holsters on the market today. We really enjoyed reviewing their holsters and seeing how they stacked up to others we’ve reviewed.

Finally, we would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like to encourage you to share a couple of your thoughts on these holsters if you have ever used them. Please also let us know your opinion on how they compare to some of the other leading brands on the market today.

**These products were given to us by 1791 GunLeather to review. Though, our opinions in the article are completely our own.**

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