If you’re looking for a safe, you’ve probably thought of a few things you’re planning on storing inside.  When I first looked for a safe, I wanted to store important documents like a passport and my birth certificate.  

I went shopping for a fireproof safe and found a small one to fit documents for only $50.  The problem was, within a year I had completely filled it.  

Things that I hadn’t thought about wanting to protect from fire or theft, I now wanted to protect.  In the end, I shopped online and found a larger safe. It now stores not just my important documents, but my handgun, some of my grandmother’s jewelry, and a few family photos that I haven’t gotten around to digitizing just yet.

When shopping for a safe, you’ll want to consider not only what you’re planning on storing, but also what you may want to store in the future.  This can definitely change what you end up buying.  Features like size, durability, water or fire damage protection and theft protection could change depending on what you want to store.  

The items you plan on storing could change the type of safe you buy as well.  You may want a wall safe or an under bed safe to hide the fact that you even own a safe.  

You might have a gun collection that you plan on storing. Depending on the number and size of guns, it may require a larger safe.  

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding and you want to store your valuables in the basement, you may want to invest in a waterproof safe.

Check out the infographic below to make sure you’re thinking of everything before buying your safe!


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