Into the Wild: How to Stay Safe During Your Outdoor Adventures

You may think that being an experienced hiker, camper, hunter or with years of experience in another wilderness related activity, but the truth is that situations which require you to demonstrate proper survival skills when you are outdoors can happen to just about anybody – young or old, experienced or newbie.

This is why, you should always be properly equipped and ready to face a sudden change of weather, getting lost, an attack from a wild animal, an injury or another accident which can occur while you are enjoying time in the wild.

Though you don’t necessarily need to have all of the knowledge and abilities of Bear Grylls, it is crucial that you have some basic information and training about survival, shooting, first aid, and other useful survival skills if you spend time outdoors.

It is also essential that you are equipped with some basic survival tools and equipment, because one or more of these simple items you have tucked away in your backpack or hanging on your belt can literally save your life in a critical situation.

Whether you are new to outdoor adventure or even if you have tons of experience, you are already probably aware that having a suitable, reliable and strong knife can be a matter of life and death in certain dangerous or life-threatening circumstances.

Regarding the question about the best suitable knife for adventure – there is no one right answer. Some consider a strong combat knife the perfect tool for survival because it can be used for hunting, gutting, skinning and cooking, cutting wood and other materials for fire or other purposes, making shelter, slashing through deep vegetation, self-defense, and for treating various injuries.

Others find that a multi-tool is a perfect survival instrument, due to the fact that it is more compact and yet contains a wide variety of tools which can come in handy in different types of critical situations when you are in the wilderness. You should also consider getting a good quality foldable tactical knife which includes not only a main strong knife, but also essential survivalist instruments and tools such as: a flashlight, a Firestarter, a seatbelt cutter, different hooks, a glass breaker and others.

A good knife can serve you in any outdoor situations, as well as in everyday life, so it is a good idea to look around and invest in a knife which you can carry around with you at all times!

The other essential survival item which you should always have is water. We all need fresh and clean water to drink in order to survive. If you are out in the wild with no water source around – having a water bottle or other specialized water canteen will help you stay hydrated and alive until you find a way out of the dangerous situation you are faced with. It is always advisable to carry some water filtering pills, so that you can safely filter water from ponds, lakes or other water sources. You can also ensure that you have an appropriate good quality canteen which you can use to boil water from various sources in case you get into a situation in which you have no access to fresh drinking water. There are various reliable and sturdy water canteens and bottles which you can choose from, so make sure you add this survivalist element to your back pack net time you go out in the wild too!

The third basic survival item which can serve a multitude of purposes in different dangerous situations is paracord. It is very easy and light to carry in the form of a paracord bracelet, and can become indispensable for a wide variety of life saving activities and techniques. You can make your own paracord bracelet, or you can purchase one, but it can be a life-saving accessory, so make sure that you go ahead and get one right away. There are some excellent options available on the market, including a paracord bracelet with a fire starter and knife. This is a superb survival tool which can help you stay alive even in the most difficult situations while you are on your next adventure outdoors.

If one or more of these three basic survival tools doesn’t include a fire starter, be sure that you pop one of those in your pocket or backpack as well. Being able to start a fire can help you keep warm, cook food, stay protected from wild animals and will make you visible to others in case you are lost or stranded somewhere in the wild.

Overall, these basic tools are sufficient to help you with just about every main survival task and need. You can choose options which can fit into your backpack, or you can rather buy ones which you can hand on your belt or fit into your pockets. This all depends on the activities you enjoy doing outdoors, as well as your personal tastes and preferences.

Remember to take all the necessary precautions now, so that you do not regret bypassing this advice next time you are in the wild and you are in need of help for survival!

Written by P.Burton – Paul is the founder of Perfect Blades where he and his team review knives, tools and knife sharpeners.

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