I love my Walther P22. It has its fair share of controversy. Yes, it’s picky with ammo, but once you find the right ammo, it’s good to go.

I began my search for the perfect conceal carry holster for this gun. It’s small, compact and I wanted to easily conceal it.

There are 5 holsters I’ve reviewed. Not all are made specifically for the P22, but they all fit it. 3 holsters are placed around the waist while the other two are for your ankle or chest. I wanted to give some variety and really test out how well holsters and my P22 play together.

Alright, so let’s dive in!

**For those of you with short attention spans, my favorite IWB holster ended up being the FoxX Hybrid Holster. Find its current price and any discounts at Amazon here. My favorite holster overall is the DTOM Ankle Holster which you can find on Amazon here.

1) FoxX Holsters Walther P22 IWB Hybrid Holster Tuckable

Out of the box

Alright, so this is an IWB holster. It has a backing of leather and a Kydex material that holds the gun. It has 2 clips that clip onto your belt. From just pulling it out of the box, it felt extremely rigid but sturdy.

First time wearing

It’s backed by durable leather so I can understand that it takes some time to break in. But this meant it was hard to get on my pants and belt the first few times of using it.

Because of its rigidness, it doesn’t contour too much to the waist. I’m guessing this will just take some time to break in.

So I tried sitting down with it. I had it positioned at around the 4:30 position. That, for me at least, wasn’t too comfortable. Moving it back further helped.

Speaking of moving it, because it’s secured with double clips, it wasn’t easy to shift once it was on my pants. I had to remove the holster from my pants and reposition it. Especially because I didn’t want it to ruin my belt.

Find the FoxX Holster at Amazon here.

It concealed very well in my opinion.  LOVED how well it concealed.


So I noticed a few things when drawing my weapon. First, when the holster is flat and off the body, the gun slides easily in and out.

When the holster is contoured against my body, that also bends the Kydex that holds the gun. This means it keeps the gun more secure in the holster, a definite advantage. I didn’t feel like the gun was going to move at all. It made me feel extremely safe about wearing this holster.

Drawing My P22

But at the same time, it makes drawing the gun slightly more difficult. It actually lifted the holster along with my pants as I drew. A slight wedgie, but maybe I’ll get over it after time goes on? Or maybe my belt was just not tight enough. Time will tell.

The great part was, drawing my weapon didn’t require me to pull up very high. I was able to quickly pull up and move my hand forward into position.

Overall I’d recommend this holster for ease of draw. Comfort was OK but not the greatest. Again, this may be because it hasn’t been broken in yet.

See current price info for the FoxX Holster at Amazon here.

2) King Holster – IWB Concealed Gun Holster

Out of the box

Boy, this material was really light and soft. There is a single clip on this holster that clips to your belt.

Personally, I love how small it is and hoped it would conceal well and be a great holster for my small frame.

First time wearing

Ok, to put the holster on, it took just minor fidgeting to work it over my pants. It was comfortable and didn’t feel like it was even there.

It concealed well with my shirt covered. I can’t really cant the holster so it’s on an angle. Because the clip is sewn right to the holster, there’s no give there.

I definitely want to stress the comfort of this holster compared to some of the others. The fake suede is really soft.

So when I put my p22 in the holster, I noticed something. The inside of the holster is padded with foam. The sight at the end of the pistol really sticks out and could wear down the foam after time.

I wouldn’t say the material is high quality so I worry that over time, it will rip a hole in the foam. But overall comfort is quite high.

See today’s price of the King Holster at Amazon here.


The retention in this holster isn’t too apparent. You’re mostly relying on the tightness of your belt and pants against the holster to really hold the gun in place.

Drawing My P22

When I draw my weapon, the front of the holster is pretty high. This means I have to pull up on the gun much further than other holsters.

Because of the light retention of the holster, it doesn’t take much effort to remove the gun from this one. Minor effort to draw the gun is useful.

Overall, the pros of this holster were how small it is and how comfortable it is. The downside is the quality. I don’t think I’d recommend this holster due to the lack of retention and quality.

Find the King Holster at Amazon here.

3) DTOM AH4 Neoprene and Nylon Ankle Holster

Out of the box

Very soft material. Extremely comfortable. The material is almost a foamy, scuba stretchy material. The part on the back of the holster is supposed to be sheepskin material, but it’s obviously some synthetic fabric. It’s still very soft.

The gun slipped into the holster easily and the velcro strap securely holds it in place. No issues there. It seems a lot higher quality than the King holster above.

First time wearing

Putting it on was very easy. It fit nicely around my leg. It’s stretchy enough that you can get a tight fit, but not too tight. Just enough to make sure it doesn’t slide around.

It is extremely comfortable to wear. I could easily see myself forgetting I have it on after a while. Loved how well it concealed under my pant leg too!

Note: I definitely had this a bit high on my leg initially, but after time I wore it closer to my ankle.

See today’s price on this Ankle Holster at Amazon here.


Because there’s a velcro strap, the gun feels extremely secure inside the holster. I also like the fact that my pistol isn’t pointed at a body part. It’s pointed down and away from me.

It may be a silly concern, but for someone who is new at holsters, I feel better knowing my gun isn’t pointed towards me. If it discharges while on my ankle, I won’t get shot.

Drawing My P22

So drawing my gun takes a bit more effort with the ankle holster. For a few reasons.

First, I have to bend over or kneel down to access my gun. Of course, this will happen with any holster around your leg.

Second, the velcro adds a step before I’m able to draw my pistol. I have to use one hand to remove the velcro, and the other to draw.

I tried doing all of this one-handed, but the velcro needs to be completely separated, which means you need both hands. With one hand, you can remove the velcro, but you run the risk of it ‘falling’ back into place over your pistol. Which effectively secures it back in the holster and then you can’t draw your gun.

Not a huge deal, just something to consider while you practice drawing your gun.

Overall I liked this type of holster. I thought the quality was good and for an ankle holster, it does its job well.

Find this Ankle Holster at Amazon here.

4) ComfortTac IWB Belly Band holster

I chose to review this holster because it seemed pretty popular on Amazon and had a lot of feedback. It looked comfortable for someone with a smaller frame. So I gave it a go!

Out of the box

Ok out of the box, the material reminded me of the stretchy scuba fabric that the ankle holster was made of. The velcro area is soft and higher quality than most velcro material is.

The holster area has a slot for your pistol and a slot for an extra magazine. It’s a stretchy elastic material that will be holding your gun. It seems a bit cheaply made in my opinion.

First time wearing

It took a few times fiddling with it to figure out where it should sit on my waist. It’s extremely soft and comfortable. Something that I’d easily forget I was wearing.

Sitting down with it wasn’t an issue either. I liked the fact that it goes all the way around my belly area. It gives you a lot of mobility and you can shift around easily.

Putting the gun in simply required me to hold open the elastic as I slipped the gun inside. It was pretty simple and easy to do without issues.

See today’s price of the Belly Band Holster at Amazon here.

It concealed extremely well.  That was definitely a plus. I was able to tuck in my shirt over the gun and holster.


The p22 is held in place with a strap that goes around the butt of the gun. The interesting thing is, the strap isn’t velcro. It has a hook and clasp.

It doesn’t seem like the quality is there either, and it definitely takes a lot of effort to hook the strap around my gun. There’s more thinking involved than just a velcro strap. Larger guns would definitely have issues fitting inside without damaging the holster and hook.

Once inside, the gun is definitely secure, though. There are no worries about it slipping out.

Drawing My P22

Ok, now for the experience of drawing the gun.

Boy was this tough.

I’d have to rate this as my least favorite and most difficult drawing experience of any of these holsters. Why?

The hook.

Drawing your gun is unnatural when you need to pull downwards on the retention strap to unhook the gun. Then finally pulling your gun out. The motion of unhooking would need to be practiced over and over for it to become second nature.

In an emergency situation where you’d need to draw your gun, it should be completely natural and instinctual. The hook prevents this natural motion by requiring you to move the opposite way.

Also, if the hook is sitting below your pant line, this requires you to reach inside your pants to even access the hook. Keep in mind this takes time if your waistband is tight on you.

Now, if you’d prefer the comfort factor and could take ‘reteaching’ yourself how to draw, then this could be the holster for you. But keep in mind you’ll need to do a lot of practicing.

Overall, I would recommend this holster for someone looking for comfort. If you’re looking for a fast and easy draw, don’t bother.

Find this Belly Band Holster at Amazon here.

5) Linixu Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster

Although this title says it’s a shoulder holster, I’d argue it’s more of a chest holster. It straps around your chest and you holster your pistol on either the right or left side under your arm. There’s a strap that goes over your shoulder and straps to the front of the holster.

Out of the box

The holster seems pretty basic. Easy to understand what’s going on. It’s made from a mostly elastic material. Very stretchy but a quality stretch. If that makes any sense at all.

There are two velcro straps. One keeps your pistol holstered in place. The other goes over your shoulder and onto your chest.

First time wearing

The holster goes on pretty easily. Obviously, you need to remove your shirt to put it on, but it feels secure and tight around the torso.

Putting the gun in the holster was easy. It’s easy to notice the gun once it’s in place. Because your arm is over the gun, it slightly restricts movement of your arm because it’s so noticeable. Perhaps this is easy to get used to over time?

The shoulder strap didn’t seem too necessary. But maybe that’s because I had the chest strap on pretty tight. I think the weight of the P22 doesn’t weigh down the holster like larger heavier guns would.

See today’s price of this deep concealment holster at Amazon here.

One thing to note:

This is a cross-draw holster. So if you’re right handed, the gun will be on the left side of your body. And vice versa. This makes it easier to draw. Otherwise, you’re reaching your right hand into your right armpit which is similar to trying to lick your elbow. Near impossible, right?


The velcro strap kept the gun in place. It feels really secure and I wasn’t worried about it moving our sliding out of the holster. Great job on retention!

Drawing My P22

For being a cross draw, it’s super fast. I loved the quick draw with this holster.

Now accessing the holster to draw can be as fast or slow as you make it. The shirt you wear makes a world of a difference. My first time wearing, I wore a button down work shirt. This meant that when it was fully buttoned, I had to unbutton before I could access the gun.

If I were to wear it with a casual shirt, I’d want the neck to be easily stretchable so I could get to the gun. Really the only barrier to drawing is the shirt you wear. Otherwise, this holster makes it easy to draw your gun.

The holster stays in place when you draw your gun too. I was initially wondering if it’d shift around on my body, but it stayed put. The shoulder strap definitely helped with that.

Overall, I really liked this design and comfort.

Find this Shoulder/Chest Holster at Amazon here.

The Verdict

After weighing all the options, I ended up liking the DTOM ankle holster the most. Its comfort and security of being by my foot was ideal for me. If you think this will work for you, find this ankle holster at Amazon here.

Of the 3 IWB holsters I reviewed, my favorite was the FoxX holster. I loved how the Kydex kept its form and it concealed very nicely. The best part was the ease of drawing the gun. It didn’t take two hands and I didn’t have to pull up too high to remove it from the holster. Reholstering was easy. Overall this was my favorite IWB option. To give it a try and see its current price, head to Amazon here.

Ok, thanks for reading my whole review! Let me know your thoughts in the comments or any questions you may have. I’d be happy to answer and expand more on my review.


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Penny Wild says October 1, 2017

My p22 has a lazer site, do these holsters have room for this? I’ve been looking for a while to find a good holster.

    Lauren says October 1, 2017

    Hey Penny,

    If any of these holsters had room for a mounted laser sight, it would likely be either the ankle holster or the deep concealment shoulder holster. The others were either too form fitting (the kydex one) or didnt have enough room. Hopefully this information helps! Thanks for stopping by.

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