While carrying firearms are becoming more and more popular among many civilians, there are still a few handguns that should rather be left at home or in the safe. If you are legally carrying your weapon, you should still ensure that the weapon is comfortable to carry and these 5 handguns do lack the comfort that you ought to have with your weapon.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with owning one of these handguns, they should be left for other activities outside of your everyday carry.

Top 5 handguns to avoid carrying with you in the public:

Many of you might be lovers of the handguns we are about to mention, but they can still be carried if you have become used to them. We have tested these to see how they will feel for a complete newcomer to concealed carry and found the top 5 worst handguns that many people are either afraid to carry or simply do not like carrying with them:

Honor Defense Honor Guard:


While this gun is a smaller version of the S&W Shield, many men consider it to be a small and easy to carry the handgun. The other problem is the wider design and this makes finding the perfect holster that much harder. The most telling problem for us is the price as the weapon is actually much more expensive than the Shield.

Remington R51:

While this weapon does have a nice design and it is quite small and compact, it was plagued by issues from the start. The manufacturer even recalled the weapon several times, leading to many gun owners not having their firearms for a lengthy period.

The gun itself is still a great weapon to have for sports and for your younger children to train on, it will be much better in the safe if you are thinking of a day out or going to work.

HiPoint Handgun:

While the carbine version is known for its exceptional durability and reliability, the HiPoints Handgun is the complete opposite. The design is a little bulky and concealing it will be an issue if you are a waistband gun carrier. They also have bad handling and the recoil is quite extensive. The gun also features a small clip capacity that might just not be enough to get you out of troubling situations.

North American Arms Mini Revolver:

While the gun itself is ergonomically designed with a smaller size, it is still not a reliable weapon to have on you. The handgun features sights that do not produce the accuracy of many other cheaper models and it is quite bulky as well. The biggest drawbacks are the reloading and the shooting. It features a single action, which means that you will need to cock the weapon with your thumb after each shot.

In addition, the reloading cylinder can be quite tricky to get out and since it does not have a large clip capacity, you might find the handgun a little weak in a gun battle. While the design is quite nice, it fails in most other departments.

A revolver:


While this is not a model specifically, it is still one of the most debated subjects when it comes to concealed carry. While the revolver models do have great damage capabilities, they do lack when it comes to the clip capacity. The revolver is also quite bulky and since your goal is to conceal the weapon as much as possible, you might have some troubles with this revolver.

Do you have any more handguns to add?

While these choices were all made based on personal experience and choices, there are still many other handguns that are quite uncomfortable to carry in a concealed manner. We would like you to share your thoughts and let us know if you have any other handguns that you feel are not ideal for concealed carry. Please let us know in the comment section which ones you do not like and the reason you do not like them.

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