Everyone has their favorite gun. Whether it’s for carrying, for hunting or having fun at the range, we know there’s one that’s near and dear to our hearts. I compiled this list from a recent thread on a popular gun forum known as Defensive Carry.

These guns below made the cut onto the list because actual gun owners commented with their favorite handgun for home defense. There were various reasons from zombie apocalypse protection to it simply being their most comfortable weapon to shoot.

If you’re in the market for your first gun, I advise you to go find a way to try out some guns first. Even though these are the most popular handguns, they might not work for you. It’s all personal preference, even if some are more preferred than others.

10. Walther PPQ

Walther_PPQPhoto Credit

Known for its reliability, the Walther PPQ is a favorite among handgun owners. People either love or hate the trigger, but those who love the light, crisp trigger won’t ever go back. It might take some getting used to, but this trigger allows the gun to be extremely fast and accurate.

Tip: Get a viridian laser/light to beef up the gun for an even better home defense protection.

9. Ruger SR9c

rugersr9cPhoto Credit

The Ruger SR9c comes with the state-compliant 10 round mag, but in addition, you get the 17 round mag. The high capacity clip and accurate shooting are why this gun made the list. Having a larger mag means less reloading which is exactly what you need in a situation where you’re protecting your home.

Tip: The safety is ambidextrous as well, so if you’re a lefty, this might be a good option to try out.

8. CZ P09

czp09Photo Credit

There’s one very large reason this handgun made the list. With the CZ P09 able to hold 20 rounds of ammo, this gun screams ‘protection’. I would have personally moved this gun higher on the list, but it has a few downfalls. The aftermarket support in the US isn’t all that large and the gun itself is quite big. Not a bad gun for home protection, but it might be more difficult to become your everyday carry.

Tip: This handgun is popular among more experienced shooters.

7. Glock 23

glock23Photo Credit

The little recoil on the Glock 23 makes it suitable for any women who are looking for a home defense weapon. It has a comfortable grip and isn’t overly large. This is another ambidextrous gun with an interchangeable mag release catch for those of you who are lefties.

Tip: Glocks are known for their easy disassembly.

6. Beretta 92FS

berettaPhoto Credit

This pistol is constantly being hated on. With complaints of the weight, the DA trigger system, and how big it is for the caliber, you might be wondering why it made #6 on the list. The thing that stands out about this gun is its reliability. It’s known to never have malfunctions, making it a gun you can trust while you sleep.

Tip: This might be a difficult carry weapon, so if you’re looking for something to double as your EDC, perhaps look elsewhere.

5. Glock 21

glock21Photo Credit

This gun is a large handgun. The later Gen 4 model is a bit smaller of a frame and comes with extra backstraps for a better grip. Another reliable gun and also used as a service pistol, the Glock 21 is quite popular for home defense.

Tip: This gun is popular among people with very large hands because of the size.

4. Springfield XDM

xdmPhoto Credit

Although there are complaints about the trigger on the Springfield XDM, many people choose to look into aftermarket parts to improve the triggers for this favorite gun. The reason this gun made the list is the precision and aim that many gun owners boast about. Being able to quickly point and shoot is vital when your home and safety is compromised.

Tip: Look into aftermarket improvement for the trigger.

3. Sig Sauer 229

p229Photo Credit

If the US Secret Service carries it, you know it’s good. This is a favorite due to its ergonomics. It just feels so good when holding it, gun owners have no trouble with rapid fire. This makes it a great option for a home defense gun.

Tip: Just FYI, there is no external safety.

2. Glock 17

glock17Photo Credit

This bad boy has been known to be abused time and time again, yet doesn’t skimp on performance. This Austrian pistol is now one of the top selling gun brands in the US not only for civilians but for the police force as well.

Tip: This is another pistol that’s difficult to conceal, it’s better suited for home defense.

1. Glock 19

glock19Photo Credit

So this is it. The Glock 19 is the number one perfect home defense pistol. It’s a favorite among gun owners due to its reliability, comfortable carry, thin and accurate. It’s highly recommended to people who are looking for a solid home defense weapon.

Tip: Not only is this perfect for home defense, but it is a great size for carrying as well.

Well, we can obviously tell what company holds the largest winnings for most popular home defense handgun. As much as I didn’t want to make half the list filled with Glocks, I wanted to bring you an honest list of most popular handguns.

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