When we think of firearms, it can be easy to only think of men and ways for men to conceal their firearms. But with all of the dangers out there today, many women are also considering concealed firearms to ensure that they are protected.

While concealing weapons are easier for men, we generally do not focus on informing women how to conceal their weapons. But we have set out and put a lot of research into this topic and help women to learn a few basic tips.  You’ll learn how to conceal their firearms a little better while not compromising comfort or limiting yourself to certain wardrobes.

Committing to concealed carry:

While your wardrobe might not specifically be limited when carrying a concealed firearm, there are a few things that you will need to take in consideration about your wardrobe. Not all clothing types are ideal for carrying concealed firearms and there are certain clothing articles that will not allow this.

The mini skirt and tight t-shirts will, unfortunately, not be the ideal clothing and will not allow for concealed carry. We do recommend that you commit to this as you will definitely need to make some additions to your clothing and subtly change your styles to make it easier for you to keep the firearm concealed.

Gun choice:

Women do not have the wider hip structures like men and unfortunately, you will need to take this into consideration when purchasing a firearm. The smaller revolvers are ideal and they will be easier to conceal compared to some of the larger gun models. Since self-defense will be the main reason for you carrying a concealed firearm, the size of the firearm should not be all that important and bigger is not better for women.

Holster choice:

With so many types of holsters available on the market for every weapon, you might be fooled into thinking that cheaper will be fine, but premium leather holster do not have as much bulk and this will be great for the smaller women.

Ankle holsters and IWB holsters are better at hiding the weapon and when you are wearing the suitable clothing, you will be able to comfortably g o about your day without worrying that everyone will see the weapon.

Another ideal holster choice for women will be the tank top holster and with a dress, this holster type will keep the weapon concealed underneath you sides. These holsters are uncomfortable at first, but they can be used by a dedicated gun owner.

Consider carrying the firearm in your purse:

If you are not as careless with your purse as many women we have seen, a pocket holster will be ideal for your purse. It will allow you to carry the firearm without any hassle or the uncomfortable feeling of having the firearm against your body.

We must however, stress the fact that you should learn to keep your purse on you at all times. And also take better care when walking.  You wouldn’t want someone to steal your purse even more now that you’ll have a weapon inside.

Learn self-defense:

This might not be a concealed carry tip as much as it is a general life tip. Learning self-defense is a great way of not having to carry a firearm in the dangerous world. If you are not committed and planning to make the right sacrifices, you will be better off at learning some basic self-defense. Self-defense classes are also a really affordable way to protect yourself.  Especially without accidentally finding yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Final Thoughts:

It is definitely important for women to keep themselves protected in the world today. With many single women out there, this could be hard to do. We hope that these five tips have persuaded you to continue concealed carrying. And we also hope that you are now able to have much more success in this endeavor.

We must stress that commitment is the number one aspect and once you are fully committed to carrying a concealed firearm, you should have more success in doing so. Let us know some of your tips in the comments! And if you have any more ideas in terms of concealed carry don’t hesitate to share them with others.

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Jack Titchener says July 3, 2017

Thank you so much for this gun article! I just bought my wife a new James-Bond-looking pistol and even though she won’t be able to wear her mini-skirts anymore, I’m sure she will appreciate the tips! Also great reminder to take self-defense!

Kate Hansen says September 11, 2017

That’s a really good point that having the right holster can make a world of difference. I recently upgraded to a leather holster and it has been so much more comfortable and better fitting. I’ll make sure to try an ankle holster in the future. I’ve never tried one before.

Emily says November 20, 2017

As far as outfits that work for conceled carry, a flowy top or long enough jacket will totally hide a small gun on the small of your back, which incidentally pairs nicely with most miniskirts, and high rise jeans with a small of the back holser can be covered by bots shirts on a day to day basis, so long as its not super tight. thigh holsters are nice for a tight top with a lose skirt (must be a fairly poofy skirt that holds its own shape or its not so subtle.) I would however make sure to wear a good garter belt with a thigh holster so it doesn’t escape, that would be bad. Ankle holsters are also useful, as mentioned. I normally plan an outfit and then figure out where I might tuck my gun. there are lots of choices.

Concealed Carry Purse says June 30, 2018

Overall a good article with many good points — However, according to me: “Many women do not have the hand or arm strength to rack an automatic. You have to be practical and admit no matter how much practice on the range is going to overcome
from this problem. But Practice makes the man perfect

Proud Right Winger says July 24, 2018

Self-defense is must either you are a woman or a man. You shared the Great tips here, I appreciate your efforts and love reading it. Thanks a lot for sharing the great content.

concealed carry shirts for big guys says May 1, 2019

Carry shirt is 100% worth it. I heve several of them bought on sale from Cabelas. They replaced my shoulder carry rigs completely. But and it’s a big but, I don’t use them with under a polo or another T shirt. I conceal with a button type shirt and a sport coat. The carry shirt is perfect for a professional who wants to carry in a professional unobtrusive manner.
I’ve also found my carry shirt works better with my Sig 938. My 1911 is too heavy and then the shoulder rig is my better choice. But then I have to wear a suit or sport jacket and keep it on. With the carry shirt, I can take off my jacket without alerting anyone, my staff included, tham I’m armed. I’ve also found that my carry shirt works best when the sig is in a stickey holster pocket protector. The stickey holster prevents printing and helps hold the butt of thre sig in a more natural draw position.
I’d recommend the carry shirt to any professional who’s interested in concealed carry in a light unobtrusive manner that doesn’t detract from a professional appearance.

Johnny McCarron says July 22, 2019

I like how you mentioned that smaller revolvers will be easier to conceal compared to some of the larger gun models. I’m thinking of getting a concealed carry for my small 9mm. I’d imagine that having a good holster makes a pretty good difference too.

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