Shooting your firearm in the dark is definitely not ideal, especially if you have children or other guests in your home, but many times, these situations are unavoidable and you will be required to defend yourself in the darkness of night.

Unlike many law enforcement officers and professional gun enthusiasts, the average gun owner does not necessarily put a lot of thought into shooting their firearm in the darkness of night and the only way to really get better at this is to train to do this the right way.

To help you shoot in the dark in those unforeseen situations, we have compiled a list of tips that should allow you to shoot in the dark with a little more confidence, but we do want to stress again that you should not shoot in the dark when you house is full of guests and you are not sure about everyone’s whereabouts.

With that being said, let’s look at a few tips that you should consider when you need to or plan on shooting your firearm in the dark.

Tips for shooting in the dark:

It is important to note that it is possible to shoot your firearm in the dark when there is a little low light, but once it becomes pitch black, this endeavor is not the easiest to undertake. These tips are only for when you are in desperate need of protecting yourself and not for sports.

Using a flashlight:

If you are inexperienced, shooting with a flashlight is not the easiest thing to do and you will need to keep the flashlight in hand while aiming.  For ideas on small flashlights, check out some of the best aa flashlights here. One of the mistakes many people tend to make when shooting in the dark is using the sights of the gun. This becomes very hard at night and to protect yourself, you should be focussing on the target and not spend too much time aiming and giving away your position.

You can add a rail light that accomplishes the same thing, but instead it’s attached to your pistol.

Add a laser:

We do understand that lasers can be quite expensive, but the laser also works for scaring off an intruder when they see the laser on their body. The laser might not be ideal when the area is pitch black and you will need to use a flashlight, but in low light areas, the laser can give you a good indication of where you are aiming and allow you to adjust the aim without spending too much time looking down the barrel.

Focus on the target and the laser:

Giving your intruder time to fire back is not good and when you will be focusing down the sights on the barrel, you will certainly be giving them enough time to return fire. We recommend that you follow the laser on the firearm if you have one attached and the target. Shots that have not hit the target should give you a good enough indication of how far you are off in smaller areas.

Go for additional training:

When we refer to training, we do not recommend that you go out to the shooting range at night and start firing. We recommend that you consider signing up to be taught by professionals in the art of shooting at night. Law enforcement officers are becoming better and better at this, as a recent study has shown that 60% of all gun fights that law enforcement officers find themselves in, occurs at night. And nothing beats the fact that experience will make you better

Be mindful of your surroundings:

The best way to approach firing your firearm in the dark if you do not have experience is to try and avoid it all together. With the best security systems at you home, you will be able to know when an intruder is trying to come in and you should be mindful of your surrounding when going about your business at night. You should also know where every guest and especially the children are before firing to help lower any potential collateral damage.

Final Thoughts:

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we do hope that you are able to learn the basics of firing your weapon at night. It is never the best option to fire blindly and we do recommend getting the adequate training as our number one tip on the list.

We would also like you to weigh in your opinion on this subject and let us know if we have missed any tips that you feel are valuable for firing your gun at night.


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