In the past few years or so, dozens of products have popped onto the market offering alternative ways to hide and store guns in your home besides a gun safe. The most famous trend in firearms storage today is undoubtedly the mirror wall gun safe.

The advantages of storing your firearms inside what, to others, appears to be everyday furniture are obvious. It’s a discreet means to keep your gun handy whenever needed. Furthermore, since the location of your firearms is a secret, it reduces the need for heavy metal doors or complex locks.

You could also consider setting up your home in a way that your self-defense tool is always well within reach. In addition, the unassuming camouflage will keep children, burglars or anyone else away from accessing your firearms.

Think about it – if someone with the intention to steal were to start looking through your stuff, would they think about looking behind an innocent mirror in your room or the hall? It’s highly likely that they will not.

Watch this video to see them in action:

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Here are three you should consider:

#1. Tactical Walls 60″ Concealed Storage Wall Mirror

A recessed in-wall safe storage option from Tactical Walls, the 1450M Bundle is disguised as a full-length wall mirror. It features a hidden cavity with two secret compartments ideal for storing items like ammunition, rifles or handguns. The smaller compartment is 14”W x 10”x 3.5”D, while the larger of the two is 14”W x 40”H x 3.5”D.

To access the in-wall safe, all you have to do is disengage the concealed lock and slide the cover for smooth opening and closing.

I went to the Great American Outdoors Show in Harrisburg, PA for an up close look at these safes.

One of my favorite features about these mirrors is the back wall.  It’s magnetic.  So it will hold your firearms and anything else metal in place.  Here’s an example of a pistol being held in place.  The magnets were pretty strong when trying to pull the pistol off the back wall.

Buyers have two locking options to choose from, which include Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) locking and magnetic locking.  They showed me both versions at their booth in Harrisburg.  Both have backup keys, so you get extras in case you misplace your main key.

The magnet was placed at the top left corner of the safe, which allowed it to be opened. Here’s this version of the safe completely opened.

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As you can see, this tall version allows for rifles and shotguns to be stored inside.  The 3 bands you see across the back are magnetic and hold the rifle in place.  It was a pretty high quality wood too.

Made from Poplar and Baltic Birch, the overall build is robust and sturdy so rest assured that it will last for years and ensure safe storage. Since the inserts of this in-wall safe are made from ABS plastic, they are easy to clean. Moreover, the mirror is shatter resistant and comes backed with plywood to provide you with two layers of security. A full hardwood frame encases the mirror for additional security and rigidity.

There are a few options for the wood color. This makes it customizable so it will match the furniture in your room.  It’s another way that this safe will be inconspicuous.  It’d stick out like a sore thumb if the wood was opposite of the rest of the furniture in your home.

As far as installation is concerned, it’s a straightforward process. However, we still recommend that you follow Tactical Walls step-by-step installation instructions to ensure the in-wall safe is installed properly and safely. If you are unable to install the in-wall safe on your own, consider getting the help of a professional.

After installation, the 1450 Bundle can also be customized according to your needs using optional hangers, additional shelves or optional LED lights, among various other things before you store it up with your firearms. Storage pouches and patches can also be applied courtesy of the in-wall safe’s standard Velcro loop backing.

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#2. Tactical Walls 30″ Concealed Storage Wall Mirror

The 1420M Bundle is another recessed in-wall safe storage option from Tactical Wall, which is disguised as a classically designed mirror. It features a secret compartment that can be used to store a variety of items such as ammunition, pistols or just about anything you want to hide from view. The storage cavity of this in-wall safe is 14”W x 20”H x 3.5”D.

This in-wall safe from Tactical Walls provides quick and convenient access to your firearms in the event of an emergency. To access it, use the supplied key to disengage the concealed lock and slide the cover to the side. While magnetic retention makes it easier to access and organize your hardware, optional LED lights your storage.

I didn’t see the lighting option in Harrisburg, but I was able to see this safe up close. It also has the magnetic backing like the safe above. 
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Just like the 1450M Bundle, this in-wall safe is made from Poplar and Baltic Birch. The overall build of the safe is robust, so you can be sure it will last you many years to come. The mirror is shatter resistant to keep those around safe. It is also backed with plywood and encased in a full hardwood frame, providing additional layers of security.

The magnetic locking of the 1420M Bundle is sturdy and will protect unauthorized access to your valuables. Additionally, you can also customize this in-wall safe as needed. You can use hangers, optional coat hooks or just about anything to make the safe suitable for your needs. In addition, the Velcro loop backing not only protects the finishes, but also allows you to attach other Velcro-backed products.

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#3. Tactical Walls 26″ Concealed Storage Wall Mirror

A great home defense option, the 1410 Bundle is comparatively smaller of the lot. It features a hidden cavity with a secret compartment that hides behind a wall mirror. Hence, nobody (besides you, of course) will know it’s there. It’s a good day when you can have easy access to your firearms and they remain hidden.

The compartment is 14”W x 10”H x 3.5”D, and can be used to store ammunition, handguns and other small valuables. Designed to be inconspicuous from view, this in-wall safe provides quick access to the items behind it. Simply use the supplied magnetic key and pass it over the concealed magnetic locking mechanism, slide the cover to the side – and you are good to go!

When closed, it’s almost impossible to tell that it’s anything beyond a normal wall mirror. The construction of the in-wall safe is tough and therefore you can expect it to last a long time if it is maintained regularly. A security panel backs the shatter resistant mirror to prevent unauthorized access, and the mirror is encased in full frame to provide additional security.

The magnetic locking of this in-wall safe is well tested, so rest assured that the cover cannot be accessed without the key. Once it’s installed, magnets, hooks or just about anything can be added to make your insert suitable for your needs. In addition, the Velcro loop backing lets you attach storage pouches, patches and other Velcro backed products.

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Final Word

It goes without saying that time is a crucial factor when it comes to responding to any lethal threat, especially those that can occur inside the home. In home-defense scenarios, being able to access your firearms as quickly as possible could be the difference between life and death.

While many people prefer a secure option to store their firearms, others like to opt for quick access. And that’s exactly where mirror wall gun safes come into play. As they provide you a combination of both anonymity and security.

They offer you a level of control and protection while still keeping your firearms easily accessible when needed. Whether you own handguns, shotguns or rifles, the Tactical in-wall safes we have reviewed above should be able to suit your needs.

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