One of the reasons that Stack-On is a well-known brand in the gun safe world is that it boasts affordable prices for great features.  Not all of us can afford to drop thousands of dollars on a safe.  Plus this safe is often on sale for a great price, so keep your eyes peeled.

Honestly, it’s tough to save up for a safe when you know there’s that gun you’ve had your eye on for months.  Sooner or later, we all have to bite the bullet and spend that hard-earned cash on some safety precautions.

Whether it’s protection from children or fire or theft, I’m glad you’ve arrived at this review and I think you’ll find it helpful to find out more about this gun safe.

So my main focus in this review is to break down the reasons why this 28 gun safe is called a ‘total defense’ safe, what flavors this gun safe comes in, how many guns it holds and some other logistics about the safe.

Alright, let’s dig in!

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Why is it called Total Defense?

The ‘total defense’ part about this safe means that it will protect your guns from Captain Planet’s elements. Fire, Earth, Wind, Water.  Ok, now I’m just getting ridiculous.

No, but really, this gun safe is waterproof, fireproof and has basic theft protection.

The uniqueness comes with its waterproofing.  With flooding being the number one natural disaster in the US, it’s important to make sure water can’t ruin your valuables. Not many gun safes are made to protect against water damage, so this safe stands out among its competitors.

It keeps water away from the guns in 2 feet of water for roughly 3 days.  There’s a sealant around the openings of the door that prevent water from getting in.

Even if you’re away for a weekend and a flood hits your home, you can return without worry that your guns will be damaged. I like to think of it as a ‘safe room’ for any firearms or valuables.  No elements can touch its contents.

Many people want to run electrical cables into their gun safes for dehumidifiers or lighting.  Stack-On designed this gun safe with that in mind.  They included a waterproof electrical cord that runs out of the back of the gun safe.  This allows you to plug in your dehumidifier or a lighting system inside the gun safe without any worry about water damage seeping in through a hole.

You may want to look into installing lights inside. If you’re keeping the safe in a dark basement or garage, installing a small light can make it much easier to see the contents inside the safe.  The outlet makes this much easier, so you won’t need to get a flashlight or use your cellphone to find what you’re looking for inside.

Keeping your safe on a second floor may not be an option, so this is where the total defense offers some unique protection.

This gun safe is perfect for the person living in an area that is prone to flooding and wants to store their weapons in their basement or garage.  I know personally, living in a valley it can be rough during the spring when all the snow is melting and rain is pouring down. It’s hard to trust that my apartment won’t flood.

It also offers excellent fire protection.  The average home fire is around 1200 degrees, and this total defense safe protects your valuables for 1.5 hours in 1400 degrees temperatures.  The length of protection time is pretty significant.  For the price range of this gun safe, you’re getting an excellent amount of fire protection.

And lastly, theft protection. Unfortunately, Stack-On doesn’t seem to have an official standard rating on how long it can take a thief to break in.  Without that information, we can only really speculate about how long it will take someone to break into the safe.

There is 4-way locking with five locking bolts and 3 dead bolts.  This gives you 8 points of bolts around the door frame.

To sum it up, there is definitely some basic theft protection.  But, if you’re looking for some hard-core theft protection, you may want to check out Browning Safes since they focus more on that type of protection.

What can fit in the Stack-On 28 Total Defense Gun Safe?

It definitely won’t fit 28 long guns.  Typically manufacturers overestimate by nearly double the guns that could actually fit in the safe.  Think about what you want to store in the safe.  Will it be just long guns? If so, you can likely fit around 18 long guns.  But if you are planning on storing other valuable items or ammo, it will fit less than that.

What’s pretty nice about this safe is that it comes with a convenient door shelving system.  Most of the time, this is an additional purchase for a gun safe customer.  Stack-On was extremely nice by custom designing one to fit right on the door.

There are 6 pistol holders and several other pockets that can fit documents, knives, and other personal items you may want to stash in the safe. A few reviewers have noted that the pistol holders aren’t the best quality.  So if you have extremely heavy pistols, it may be safer to store them on a shelf inside instead of a pocket.

The safe comes with 6 customizable shelves.  You’re able to adjust the position, location and remove them all together if you wish.  It allows you to choose the best setup for your items without being restrictive.

Where are Stack-On Total Defense Safes Made?

Stack-On, come on! The safes are manufactured in China.  Granted, there are still quality checks in place and if there is any damage to your gun safe upon arrival, you should be able to call and get a replacement.

What models does the Stack-On Total Defense come in?

Below I’ve outlined a few key differences between the two models of the Stack-On Total Defense safe.

Stack-On Model #TD-28-SB-C-S Total Defense

–Color: Pebble Gray or Black and Silver
–Locking:  Combination Lock (no custom combination)
–No batteries required

Find it here on Amazon!

Stack-On Model #TD14-28-SB-E-S Total Defense

–Color:Pebble Gray with matte finish and chrome accents
–Lock: Electronic Lock (customizable code)
–Back up key included
–Batteries replaceable from front of safe

Find it here on Amazon!

What is the warranty on the stack-on safe?

Stack-On offers two warranties to cover your safe.  First is something called a Limited Five Year Warranty.  This will cover any defects that happened during the making of your safe.  When you first get your safe to your home, make sure to fully inspect it for any defects.  Check small details, areas, and open the door a few times.  Since you’re making a big investment, you want to make sure you’re getting what you pay for!

The second warranty that comes with the safe is a Limited Lifetime Guarantee.  This will guarantee a replacement of your safe if it has been damaged by a break in, or if it sustained damage from fire.

Where can I buy it?

This safe is currently being sold online at Amazon and Walmart.  Usually, with Walmart or Amazon, you can get free shipping right to your curb. This saves you a lot of hassle when trying to arrange how to get your safe from a store to your home. I’ve included links to Amazon above, but if you want to check out an alternative, look at Walmart here!

If you’ve finished reading the review and you seem to like the Stack-On brand, but aren’t sure if the Total Defense is right for you, head on over to my review of other Stack-On gun safes here.

The Verdict

Overall, this is a great safe for someone who is looking for waterproof protection of their firearms.  If you care more about how this safe can protect your valuables than you do its interior quality, this is the perfect safe for you.  Go check it out on Amazon or Walmart now!

If this doesn’t seem like the safe for you, but you want to look at other Stack On products, check out my Stack On Overview here.

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Dennis Welch says April 30, 2017

Regarding the Stack-on TD14-22-SB-C-S fire and water resistant safe include metal support strips on all the interiors walls for installing extra shelving if needed?

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