Stack-On 24 Gun Safe Review: Electronic & Combination

For the majority of firearm enthusiasts, safety is the driving factor behind our hobby. The safety of our friends, neighbors, self and especially our family. We do everything we can to make sure the things we love remain protected and want only the best to get the job done.

This is why it is important not to leave your firearms unsecured. It could obviously lead to theft or an unfortunate accident.

But with so many security options out there how do we know which one is best? And which gets us the most value for money?

That’s what we are here for! In this article we will discuss the Stack-On FS-24-MB-E 24-Gun safe (which we will refer to as the Stack-On 24 gun safe). We’ll break down why we believe it is a great valued safe that allows you to store firearms as well as your otherwise expensive and sensitive materials.

For the purposes of readability I am going to breakdown this article into questions to ask when making an educated decision about this particular gun safe. These can also be applied to any future purchase.

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Is this safe waterproof/fireproof?

Let’s start with the bad news, this particular safe is not waterproof. The good news is most firearms won’t suffer from any permanent damage after being submerged, so long as you dry and clean them properly afterwards.

And if you choose to store other sensitive materials, it’s recommended you keep them on a higher shelf in case a flood does happen.

Fire is by far the greater of the two risks. The Stack-On’s metal walls are filled with a fire retardant material. The edges of the door are lined with a heat sensitive epoxy that will expand and seal the door when exposed to heat, offering comprehensive heat mitigation and protection to the contents. This particular safe has been third party tested to withstand heat up to 1400°F for 30 minutes.

It is important to note, however, that the Stack-On 24 gun safe is not recommended for media storage. The internals of the safe are designed to not exceed 350°F, which is more than sufficient to protect firearms and paper, which burns at 450°F.

But electronic media such as hard drives, CD’s, cassettes or photo negatives will be irreparably damaged at 180°F and as such, will not be protected.

Does the electronic version come with a backup key?

There are actually two versions of this particular safe, the one we are discussing for the purpose of this article is the electronic, which only comes in matte black with chrome accents.

The other, which we will touch upon later, is hunter green and comes with a three number combination lock.

The electronic version does come with a backup key. The pin entry faceplate itself comes off allowing you access to the keyhole or the ability to change the pin number. The battery on the electronic version is a regular 9-volt and will last one year, if you open the safe twice a day. So the key will only be needed in emergencies or if you forget your combination.

Can you mount it to the floor or wall?

Yes, although the product weighs over 400 pounds when empty. So as long as it is placed on level ground the risk of tipping or falling is nonexistent. Only a team of very large and very determined people are going to have the slimmest chance of being able to pick it up and move it.

There is a hole in the back of the safe for a lighting or electronic dehumidifier cord, but in terms of mounting there are spots on the back and bottom where you can drill through the fireproofing, so you can ensure the hole you make it only as big as the mounting anchor you wish to use.

Can you customize the shelves inside?

Absolutely, the interior space is 12.47 cubic feet, and it also includes a modular zippered organization system sewn into the door, allowing for even greater use of the space. The inside includes four shelves that can be moved to organize any number of items and even allow you to store firearms and valuables at the same time.

The product also comes with long gun barrel rests, though if you only have a small number of firearms to store and find that there is not enough shelf space to accommodate the other items you wish to protect, it is possible to order more shelves as well.

Is the safe made in the USA?

It’s hard to tell whether the safe is manufactured overseas or in the USA.  

Some Stack-On products are made in their 450,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Wauconda, IL. They are then shipped out of a distribution centre in northeast Illinois.

You may need to call Stack-On to confirm that the model you’re purchasing is from the US.

Can the door be removed?

Yes, by opening the door fully and removing the hinge caps you can carefully lift the door off. Though you will need a team of people as the door takes up about a third of the product’s total weight. When replacing it you have to make sure that you don’t bend the hinges or otherwise inhibit the safes ability to close.

The door cannot be replaced once damaged, you will have to purchase another safe.  So if you’re removing the door to make it easier to move, keep an eye on the hinges on both pieces to ensure you don’t damage it while moving!

Does Stack On have a 24 gun safe with a mechanical combination lock?

Yes they do. As previously mentioned the green model of this safe comes with a three number combination lock that has a drill resistant metal plate welded behind it to resist attempts at forced entry.

The mechanical model involves no electronic components and does not require batteries of any sort. Though it is important to note that the combination model only features 2 way locking (as opposed to 4 on the digital model) and 5 total locking points (as opposed to 8). Which does slightly compromise security.

The benefit to the mechanical lock model is no batteries and no electronics.  Some of you guys out there prefer to avoid electronics.  They can occasionally fail when you need them the most, so why risk it?

If you’re in that group, then the combination lock might be the right lock for you on this gun safe. Check it out here at Amazon.

Warranty Information

The warranty is exactly what you expect. To be eligible for a Stack-On 24 gun safe warranty you first must register your product with the company.

Should a defect become evident, an evaluation will take place so long as it is reported within 3 years of purchasing to determine whether or not the product has been subjected to “excessive use, accident, negligence, abuse or misuse, incorrect maintenance, alteration or repair by anyone other than Stack-On”.

Which is to say that if you use this product like a reasonable human being and discover that the company itself has made a manufacturing error. They will rectify it, which is generous for the price point.

Second party sellers also offer warranties subject to their own limitations, should you desire to “double up” or pay for something slightly more comprehensive.

Features and other information

Though we have discussed many things already, we have not touched upon the actual security specifications of the safe. This safe is a “California approved firearm safety device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder.”. This means it has been independently tested to withstand forced entry successfully.

This is due to its locking mechanism, all four sides of the door lock securely into the housing when closed. The safe uses 5, 1.5” live action secure locking points and 3 larger deadbolts. For a total of 8 points of security that can withstand even the most dedicated attempts at entry.

24-minAlthough the safe claims to hold 24 guns, this number is overestimated by the company.  You’ll likely be able to fit around 12-15 long guns inside the safe if you don’t plan on storing anything else inside.  

Cut that number by about half if you’re planning on using the shelving on one side to store other valuables like ammo, pistols or heirlooms.

Where can you buy this?

If you don’t live near the Stack-On manufacturing facility, the best place to purchase this safe would be online at Walmart or Amazon. Amazon is also an option, but because the shipping weight is over 300 pounds it means their shippers may not be able to deliver it to all locations.

If you purchase through Walmart, they will deliver it to your curb.  It’s delivered through a freight service.  This means, they will call to arrange a time that you’ll be home.  That way your safe won’t be on the curb while you’re away.

Find the latest pricing information at Amazon here or at Walmart here.


From what we have seen, the Stack-On 24 gun safe is the best choice for the price point. It offers more space, customization, protection and safety than the majority of other stand up safes at the same cost, and is more readily available.

We like that it is an upright safe, which allows you to store a number of firearms and valuables regardless of their length. In addition the manufacturer is based in the United States and genuinely seems to revel in making their customer base happy.

When it comes to the safety of your possessions, and especially your family, only the best will do. Which is why we recommend the Stack-On 24 gun safe.

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James says June 3, 2018

Which would you say is a better safe. This one of the 24 gun Winchester safe?

    Lauren says June 15, 2018

    It depends what exactly youre looking for, but I’d say this safe simply because there are more options.

Rob says January 22, 2019

Just learned something new. Great article, thank you for sharing Lauren!

– Rob McFadden

Ross Davis says January 23, 2020

Does the backup keys work on all stack on safes or are they like house keys there all different?

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