As a gun owner, it’s important to have peace of mind knowing that your guns are stored properly and out of sight. The key to that is investing in a quality gun safe, one that can easily store your firearms without taking up too much space.

While you can stash them in your drawer or cabinet or any other place you think is ‘safe’, having the proper set-up for this can drastically improve the security of your family and loved ones.
If you are looking for a reliable gun safe, then look no further than the Stack On 22. This gun safe comes with a number of options to store your guns, but generally it can carry up to 15 long guns such as rifles and shotguns as well as good amount of ammo, keeping them secure and out of reach. Since its focus is on security, you will find the bolting system and the drill-resistant lock to be pretty solid too.

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Here’s an in-depth review of the gun safe:

Is it Fireproof or Waterproof?

The Stack-On 22 gun security safe is not fireproof or waterproof, but it’s a pretty good deal considering its mid-range price. It offers excellent security for your long guns as its door and locking points are quite sturdy, and the overall construction is tough as well.

However, if fireproof or waterproof are important requirements, it’s better for you to consider other high-end options. Perhaps look into the ‘total defense’ Stack On 28 gun safe here if you’re looking for more protection other than theft protection.

Does the Electronic Version Come with a Backup Key?

If you prefer the electronic version of the Stack on 22 gun safe, it comes with the matte black finish of the gun safe as well as the operational lights to indicate incorrect entry, low battery and opening of the safe door. It does contain a backup key if you forget your combination or if your battery has died. The entry for the key is behind the electronic keypad.

There will be instances when you will find it difficult to accurately remember the combination code of your safe, especially in high stress circumstances where you may need to use one of your firearms for the safety of your family.

It can be incredibly frustrating when you can’t remember the code of your safe and this is exactly why a mechanical lock with a backup key is included on this Stack-On safe. It allows easy access to your safe in those moments and is the quicker and easier option during emergencies.

Can You Mount it to the Floor and Wall?

Weighing in around 245lbs, this Stack-On safe is not as super heavy as other safes available on the market. Therefore, it may be a good idea to bolt it to the floor using the enclosed securing hardware attachments. The pre-drilled holes just under the carpeting are there exactly for this purpose. However, it cannot be mounted to the wall.

How Customizable are the Interior Shelves?

The interior of this gun safe features four adjustable shelves that can be customized according to your needs. Hence, you have a great amount of flexibility when it comes to storage space and don’t need to follow the recommended usage specified by Stack On.

The safe can be adapted to either store 11-15 long guns (up to 54’’ tall) with no room to store valuables, 6-8 large firearms and few worthy possessions or it can simply be used as a vault for your valuable items, excluding your guns of course. The divider in the center cannot be removed, but the shelves are movable.

Does it Come with a Door Organizer?

While a door organizer doesn’t come standard on the Stack-On 22 safe, it’s recommended you purchase it as an add-on. I’ve found a great one on Amazon here.

It is perfectly sized to fit any Stack-On gun safe and provides additional storage by mounting to the inside of the door. A door organizer will considerably increase the storage capacity of your Stack-On 22 safe, and should be considered if you want to store a few more items in the safe.

The mesh pocket at the top can be divided into smaller sections. The belt strap provides room for hanging storage, like walkie-talkies and knives. In addition, the deep pocket at the bottom allows you to store larger items.

Does Stack On Have a 22 Gun Safe with a Mechanical Lock?

Yes, this particular gun safe has a 3-number combination lock with a 2-way locking system to provide better security. Behind the lock is a drill resistant and hardened steel plate to prevent anyone using a power drill from getting in. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about keys or batteries – just remember the combination and you are good to go!

One thing to note — according to some consumers, the gun safe’s combination dial would do better with a smoother locking mechanism, but overall it never binds and rotates fine.

Stack On does offer a mechanical lock version of this 22 gun safe. You can find more information on Amazon here.

Warranty Information

If we look at the manufacturer’s warranty, low quality safes that lack fire and water protection, like the Stack-On 22 have a limited three-year warranty against damage caused by theft and manufacturing faults. Moreover, as with other gun safe companies, only the original owner can benefit from the warranty.

Features & Other Information

The Stack-On 22 gun safe is approved by the CA Department of Justice and therefore meets their standards for firearm safety as per Penal Code Section 12088. As with other Stack-On models of this size, this comes with adjustable shelving that can be adjusted according to your requirements and factory-installed carpeting.

You will also find a large steel handle placed directly in the center of the door, which easily retracts the live action locking bolts.

For those wondering about shipping and delivery, this gun safe from Stack-On is shipped via a freight trucking service. You will be called beforehand to schedule a delivery appointment, so make sure that someone is at home during the scheduled delivery time. Moreover, it is recommended that you have additional help available as the gun safe is only delivered to your curb or just inside the garage if you pay extra.

To keep your shotguns and rifle organized, make use of the special patented long gun barrel straps that do not deteriorate or compress over time. You also have patented standoffs ideal for easy protection and storage of your scoped rifles. These are quite useful as they provide one convenient position of storage instead of taking up two or three times the amount of the available space.

Another noteworthy feature on the Stack-On 22 gun safe is the ability to swing the door fully open without any restrictions from the hinges. This allows easier and better access to the contents of your safe as the door can be opened much wider. Also, keep in mind that this feature is not that common in other safes with concealed hinges.

It’s best to purchase a dehumidifier with this safe if you plan on storing it in a garage or basement. Moisture can build up over time and damage your firearms. Read more here on why a dehumidifier is another great way to protect your weapons.

The opening latch is fairly well-built, and keeps your firearms out of the reach of curious children. The safe is capable of preventing over 90% of the most common types of break-ins and that isn’t a bad amount of security considering its moderate price tag.

Where You Can Buy the Stack-On 22 Gun Safe?

When it comes to buying this safe from Stack-On, you have two options available. The safe can either be purchased online from Amazon and delivered to your doorstep or online at Walmart. If you don’t have the time to go out shopping, ordering online can make things much easier.

Sales come and go on this safe, so it’s best to compare prices at Walmart here and Amazon here.

Final Word

In these times, gun safes and cabinets have become a necessity for individuals who own firearms. After all, with the risk of break-ins and robberies on the rise and not to mention, curious children wandering around the house, you need to have proper arrangements in place for the safety of your family.

Thinking that a particular place is ‘safe’ for storing your firearms will probably not do the job.

This is exactly where the Stack-On 22 gun safe can help you.

Recommended and trusted by many firearm owners across the country, the safe is well-built and comes with a solid bolting system and drill-resistant lock to effectively prevent attempts of forceful entry. It can be mounted to the floor, and features adjustable shelves which can be customized according to your changing needs. The safe also includes a trouble lock which proves useful if you forget the combination for any reason.

Overall, this gun safe from Stack-On is secure, dependable and will last you many years to come, provided it’s well-maintained on a regular basis. So, if you are looking for a good gun safe, this is the one to consider.

Although its mid-range price may be a concern for those who are on a tight budget, let’s face it: the features the safe offers make it worth the price. And besides, you should spare no expense when it comes to the safety of your property and family!

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