Looking for that first affordable gun safe can be tough.

Many websites have differing opinions.  Some say you need to spend thousands before getting a decent gun safe. Others are simply marketing every gun safe on the market and telling you they’re all great.  

But who is it great for?

This is the question only you can answer.  Whether or not a Stack-On gun safe is right for you.  

Bottom line:

How much are you willing to pay for some security for a few long guns?

The Stack-On gun safe brand has been offering gun collectors and hobbyists a solution since 1972 and they have focused their market on providing quality and safe storage for firearms of all sizes.

Sure, I get it. They aren’t the top of the line.

But the top of the line isn’t for everyone.

So today, I’ll be reviewing the two versions of Stack-On’s 10 gun safe.  If you want to head over to Amazon now to look at their price, click here. Otherwise, keep reading!

Features both Stack-On 10 gun safe models share

These Stack-On 10 gun safes will allow you to store rifles that are up to 54 inches tall and the interior has also been fitted with a full carpet. This will ensure that the guns never damage and scratch when touching the interior surface and the special barrel stands will also provide protection to the guns from one another.

You’ll be able to fit roughly 5-7 long guns inside.

That being said, if you plan on expanding your collection past this number, stop reading.  Instead, check out a larger gun safe for just a bit more in price.  

Seriously, you’ll thank me later.  Check out my review on Stack-On’s 14 gun safe option here, or even their 22 gun option here.  It doesn’t hurt to drop a bit more money for extra space that you’ll need down the road.

These safes are also available with your choice of locking mechanism and you will be able to choose between the combination lock, the standard key lock or the electronic keypad feature to give you faster access to your weapons. The electronic locking mechanism will require you to maintain the safe and regularly check that the batteries are in order.

The Stack-On brand has been known for incorporating top class features in their gun safes and I have decided to show exactly what you need to look for in these safes to ensure that you get top quality. The Stack-On brand is known as one of the most popular gun safes and here are the features that make them the most popular brand.

Both options are California DOJ approved for gun storage devices.  So if you’re living in California and need to lock your weapons up, here are two great options for you.

I have chosen these two safes to review and to show you how beneficial these safes can be for your storage needs. Both of these safes are quite similar, but the locking mechanism does differ.

With that being said, let’s check out two safes from the Stack-On 10 gun safe range.

Stack-On SS-10-MB-E 10 Gun with Electronic Lock

Weight: 129lbs
Exterior Dimensions: 14.5 x 15.5 x 55.6 inches
Interior Dimensions: 15.63″ W, 12′ D, 54.88″ H

Featuring a stylish matte black color, the Stack-On SS -10-MB gun safe with an electronic lock will ensure that your safe is pleasing to the eye as well as durable and secure to store your firearms.

The safe can house 5-7 rifles with lengths that are up to 54 inches tall.  Keep in mind that any mods on your guns, like scopes, can affect the amount of space for other firearms.

The carpeted interior will ensure that the rifles never damage when touching the bottom.

Speaking of the bottom, you can (and should) bolt the safe down to your floor.  This adds an extra layer of protection.

Is there fire protection?

Unfortunately, this being a small, affordable gun safe means there’s no fire protection.  If you’re looking for fire protection, you may want to bump up to the Stack-On 14 gun safe here.

On the inside of the safe, you will also receive a fully adjustable and removable shelf. This shelf feature is great for people storing shorter weapons or ammo.  

Note: The shelf doesn’t extend completely to the back. You may notice that I said you can store rifles 54 inches tall, yet the safe is just 56 inches tall. That’s because there’s space in the back where the shelf doesn’t meet the back wall.

Due to the shelf being there, it can also help install any gun safe lighting you may want inside.  Safes are abnormally dark inside due to the door or yourself obscuring a lot of light.  

Having a motion sensor light can really help you see things better inside your safe. Check out some of my favorite lighting options here.

Furthermore, the electronic locking mechanism is powered by 2 AA batteries and will give you fast access to everything on the inside of the safe. At the back of the locking features, the Stack-On Company has also included a stronger and drill proof steel plate that will ensure that the lock cannot be used as a weakness.

Finally, the electronic lock will lock the safe using 2 1 inch live action bolts. You will be able to access your items in under 30 seconds with the electronic lock.

People did mention that when the safe was delivered, in some cases it was damaged. Make sure to fully inspect your gun safe upon arrival.  If there was any damage because of shipping, call the company and make sure to return or exchange it.

Shipping varies based on who you’re buying the safe from.  Amazon occasionally offers free shipping, but this varies based on the third party seller.

Compare prices on this safe at Amazon here.

Stack-On SS-10-MG-C 10 Gun with Combination Lock

Weight: 129lbs
Exterior Dimensions: 14.5 x 15.5 x 55.6 inches
Interior Dimensions: 15.63″ W, 12′ D, 54.88″ H

While at first glance, you may not notice the difference between this safe and the previous one, you should note that this one features a combination locking system that uses three numbers to unlock the safe.

If you don’t want to trust electronics or worry about batteries, this is the option for you.

The safe also comes in a different hunter green matte color with gold trimmings to just make the safe look more stylish for your home. The safe has also been constructed with high-quality steel. It has the capacity to house 5-7 rifles with a barrel length of up to 54 inches. The interior has also been fully carpeted to cushion the firearms. Included is an adjustable shelf for compartmentalizing.

The real differences between these two safes are the locking mechanism and the price. There can be a small difference in cost, so compare the safes before buying if the difference in lock doesn’t matter to you.

With the combination lock, you will never need to stress the fact that you may not have access to your safe. The locking mechanism might take a little longer to open, and isn’t customizable. But the process will gradually speed up as you get more comfortable using the locking mechanism.

You may want to look into a dehumidifier for either option.  If you’re storing the safe in a moist environment, it can damage the guns over time.  

The safe can also easily be mounted and while the mounting holes have already been pre-drilled. I highly recommend this for people that do not want to rely on battery operated devices. If you prefer old-school locks, this is perfect for you.

Compare prices on this safe at Amazon here.

Top features incorporated by Stack-On

Stack-On has a lot of experience in quality gun safes. With almost 40 years of experience, you can be sure that you are buying years of dedication and hard work.

The internal design of the Stack on 10: The Stack-On 10 gun safes all feature a similar interior that will allow you to not only store your rifles but also the smaller items as well. Aside from the fully carpeted interior, you will also receive an adjustable shelf that can easily be removed once you need more space. This will allow you to easily compartmentalize and the safe will be great for storing documents and important smaller items.

Durable and stylish external finish: The external shell of the safes has been constructed using some of the best steel on the market. The shell may not be fireproof, but it will definitely be fire resistant for a short amount of time. Multiple locking choices: You will have the benefit of choosing your very own locking type that suits your personal preferences. The electronic locking mechanism might be a little more expensive, but it will give you faster access to your items.

Easy DIY mounting: The Stack-On 10 gun safes all have pre-drilled holes at the bottom of the safe. The mounting instructions are quite clear and concise and you will be able to easily mount the safe on your own. The moving of the safes might be an issue for one person as they are quite heavy.

Limited 3-year warranty: While the warranty might not seem as impeccable as some other brands, you will still have three years to check for any problems or manufacturer defects. Should these be found and they cannot be fixed, you will receive a brand new safe from Stack-On free of charge.

Final Thoughts

For your first safe, Stack-On is a great way to dip your toes in the pool of gun safes.  Weird as that may sound.

Depending on your lock preference, both options provide basic protection from kids or thieves breaking in.  If you’re a parent and worry about your kids one day accessing your guns, this is a definitely affordable option for you.  

Let me know below in the comments if you have any further questions about these gun safes. I’ll be happy to do more research into them.

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