The Springfield XDs 45 is known for being a great everyday conceal carry option. It’s compact, yet packs a punch.

But what holster works best for it? And why that holster?

Today we’ll be giving you some key features to take into account when choosing a holster. Things you may not have considered just yet. Especially if it’s your first holster purchase.

After that, we’ll be reviewing 5 holsters. Most will be IWB holsters, but we’ll definitely hit some other types like shoulder and ankle holsters.

**For those of you with short attention spans or really busy lives: The best holster we found for the Springfield XDs 45 is the Cloak Tuck 3.0 from Alien Gear Holsters. The IWB holster offers amazing comfort while sitting and has a great lifetime guarantee. You can check out its latest price on Amazon here.

Key features to look for in gun holsters:

Let’s look at a few other common features found in gun holsters that you need to look for:

Design: While a multifunctional holster will be great, we are generally looking for a lightweight holster for the XDs 45 firearm. This means that the holster will more compact than other holsters. You’ll want to figure out if this is for concealed carrying or if you’re ok with it being exposed. This will determine the type of holster, like IWB, OWB, ankle, shoulder, etc.

Retention: Depending on the design of the holster, you may want a retention strap to secure the gun. This can also depend on how mobile you’ll be and how snug the fit of the holster is to the gun.

Breathability: The breathability is not all that important, but it will come in handy if you plan on carrying the firearm for prolonged periods of time. And have direct contact with the skin. But with breathable holes, the moisture could easily evaporate.

Drag: When you need to access your firearm and release the thumb lock, there should not be much drag hindering you from quickly pulling it out. Softer materials like neoprene and nylon might give you more comfort, but it also increases the tension and drag, thus making the draw action harder.

Flexibility: You will need to be able to move freely without the holster interfering. A flexible holster will move with your body and even mold to the shape of the mounting area for better comfort and movement.

As you might have noticed, with all of these features, you carefully need to review the purpose of your purchase and whether you will need to move or have a fast drawing ability.

We recommend that you really take a look at your holster and see if it matches up to these requirements.

Fortunately, we have searched for the best Springfield XDs 45 holster to make your choice a little simpler. So, with that being said, let’s look at the best holster for your XDs 45 firearm and how they could benefit you:

StealthGearUSA SG-REVOLUTION IWB Mini Holster

Materials: Kydex
Top features: reduces drag by 50%, provides great ventilation, absorbs zero moisture
Handedness: Right-handed & left-handed design

The StealthGearUSA SG-Revolution IWB mini holster optimizes the comfort and safety of carrying a firearm. The holster is mainly constructed from the highest quality Kydex materials and it features a suede-like padding for comfort.

It features ventilation holes for better ventilation. Meaning, you won’t get as sweaty while wearing this holster for long periods of time. The materials have also been known for their moisture evacuation abilities and they are less likely to retain it.

Furthermore, the inside of the holster features a pebbled surface that will be in contact with the firearm and this will reduce the drag by up to 50%. A sing blend proprietary polymer material has also been included in the construction to make the holster extremely flexible as well.

Some people have complained about this, though. While you’re wearing it, it’s difficult to put your gun into the holster because it collapses on itself.

If you don’t plan on removing your XDs often from your holster, you’ll probably be able to live with this. But if you’re drawing your gun often, or removing it to store in your car, it could be annoying.

With many leather holsters, there’s a break-in period. Where a handgun doesn’t fit quite as snug when you initially buy it. But after a while, the holster will conform to the gun. This holster doesn’t require any break-in time. Meaning, it will be a perfect fit, right after you remove it from the packaging.

We highly recommend this holster for active firearm carriers, meaning that you will be able to move freely and no sweat will be retained on those hot summer days. The holster is also immediately ready for use and does not require any break in period.

To find more information and pricing on the StealthGearUSA IWB Holster, go to Amazon here.

BLACKHAWK! CQC Serpa Holster

Materials: Kydex
Top Features: Provides fast access, Zero drag on removal, double lock retention for safety
Handedness: Right handed design

The BLACKHAWK! CQC Serpa holster is an OWB holster. Meaning it lives outside the waistband.

If you’re ok with exposing that you’re carrying a gun, this is a great option. The holster features an auto lock that will click into place when the firearm is re-upholstered and will not dislodge the firearm unless it is manually clicked.

It comes with 2 pieces besides the holster to place your XDS .45 in. One is a belt strap, so the holster will move with your belt. This can be a bit cumbersome to use and wear because it involves a lot of steps every time you want to wear it.

The other option is the paddle holster configuration. This simply slips over your waistband and stays put. This is the easier option if you’re carrying everyday and don’t always wear a belt.

You can see both these pieces in the photo we took below.

The Kydex construction also makes the holster extremely durable and since it does feature a harder shell, it might hinder the movement a little bit.

To see the latest price and any discounts on the BLACKHAWK! Serpa holster, head to Amazon here.

Cloak Tuck 3.0 – Alien Gear Holsters

Materials: Leather and Kydex
Top features: Provides maximum comfort, enhanced flexibility, comfortable padding, amazing guarantee
Handedness: Right-handed and Left-handed

There are several reasons that this is our #1 pick for best XDS 45 holster.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0-Alien gear IWB holster is one of the more comfortable holsters on the market. The construction is mainly Kydex, but the added leather will make the holster much more flexible for moving around.

One of the best things about this holster though is the company’s guarantee. They’ve got a 30 day trial period. So if it doesn’t work for you, you can return it and get a complete refund. They want you to try it out before really committing and they’re confident you’ll love it.

Not only that, but you’ll get replacement parts for life because of their lifetime guarantee. There’s really no reason not to try it.
To help with the retention of the firearm, the holster features an advanced “Alien Skin” texture. This should add a little drag to keep the gun in place, but the holster is ultimately designed for quick access.

We recommend this holster for faster access and it is also recommended that you strap it close to your body for concealment. The holster is relatively cheap as well and will work perfectly with your XDs 45.

It also requires no break-in period despite being partially made of leather. So if you wear it for 30 days, you’ll be getting the exact experience that you will in a few months. No break-in required.

To read more and find the current price of this Alien Gear holster, head to Amazon here.

Elastic Wrap Ankle Holster for Springfield XDs 45

Materials: Nylon
Top features: Snap open retention strap, lightweight, moisture resistant
Handedness: Left and right-handed design

Alright, we’re switching gears and checking out a different type of holster.

Ankle holsters are great for people who sit a lot during the day. Over time, IWB holsters can dig into your side and become uncomfortable. Ankle holsters save the day and are great for conceal carrying under your pant leg.

This type of holster does increase the time for drawing your weapon, though. Especially because it isn’t right next to your hip, there’s some bending over needed to draw your gun.

This elastic wrap ankle holster for the Springfield XDs 45 is made for right and left handed use and it can even be strapped to the inside of your ankle for better concealment.

The holster is also extremely lightweight thanks to the nylon materials used and it will also conform to the shape of your ankle much better. The nylon will also ensure that there is no moisture build up and the padding between the ankle and the holster improves the comfort for longer wearing periods.

It has a velcro strap that goes over your gun to keep it in place. The holster should provide a snug fit, but the snap strap is for added stability.

Find this Ankle holster on Amazon here.

Shoulder Holster for Springfield XDs 3.3″

Materials: Nylon
Top features: Offers fast access, six-way size adjustment, double magazine pouch
Handedness: Right-handed

Lastly, we’re featuring a shoulder holster. These are best worn with a jacket or coat. Perfect for cold climates. Hiding them underneath a shirt can be tricky, depending on the shirt.

The shoulder holster for the Springfield XDs is one of the best choices for concealing your firearm in an easy to reach area. The holster is extremely lightweight and also offers a double magazine pouch for carrying your extra ammunition.

It’s great for comfort as it won’t be digging into your side or feeling extra heavy on your leg like other holster types.

The six-way adjustability will ensure that you have a comfortable fit and easy access to the firearm, while the snap open thumb lock will also give you fast access to the weapon.

Since shoulder holsters are not as common as they used to be, there aren’t as many options for concealment. Still, the XDS has this option for carrying.

If you want to give the Shoulder Holster a shot, find it here on Amazon.

Final Thoughts:

Alright, we’ve hit 5 different holsters that can fit your Springfield XDS .45.

Again, our top pick is the Cloak Tuck 3.0 from Alien Gear Holsters. This option surpasses the others in so many ways. It’s comfortable, keeps your gun snug while being in easy reach. And it has an amazing warranty and trial period. Who can pass that up?

To get your Cloak Tuck 3.0, head to Amazon here.

If you already carry an XDs 45, let us know in the comments below what holster you have. We’d love to extend our reviews to other conceal carry options!

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