Side Arms of U.S. Special Operation Soldiers

Guest Post by Ben T Jimenez

U.S. Special Operations is known as the silent and deadly arm of the U.S. military. It encompasses highly trained and equipped operators that can deploy to any crisis in the world. These special operators come from every branch of the military, and their missions are often classified and dangerous.

They get several specialized pieces of equipment to complete these missions. The weapons carried by these silent warriors vary greatly, but they all support the same mission of protecting the United States of America. While most of the U.S. Army is beginning to transition over to the Sig Sauer M17s, special operators have a variety of weapons in their armory to ensure mission success.

U.S. Navy SEALs

The United States Navy SEALs have many different types of missions that can encompass any terrain or environment. Their motto, Sea Air and Land, requires them to have equipment that is as diverse as they are, and the Navy Seals have had a number of different pistols in their armories over the years. Along with a Glock 17 and Heckler and Koch HK45C, their number one choice is the Sig Sauer P226.

When the SEAL teams were looking for a new pistol, they put a number of them to the test. The Sig Sauer P226 was the one that came up on top. It survived the 30,000-round test and was named the MK 25, and they have been in service since 1989.

The MK 25 is a single-action as well as double-action pistol. It is chambered in 9mm and comes with the option to attach a suppressor when the mission calls for it. Featuring a 10-round magazine, it is covered with a corrosion-resistant material that allows the gun to work in the harshest conditions. It is especially resistant to water, making it a great choice for the SEAL teams.

Since it is a full-size pistol, it is easily operated while wearing gloves. It does not have a safety, so when the weapon is pulled from its holster, it is ready to fire. This is an important feature when SEAL teams conduct operations in urban environments. The MK 25 is one of the most reliable guns available today, and that is why the most elite special forces team in the U.S. has carried it since 1989.

MARSOC Raiders

Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) is the youngest of the Special Forces. Founded in 2006, it has been involved in deadly missions all across the globe. The Marine Corps finds its roots in the amphibious service, and its mission covers many different types of warfare. MARSOC Raiders wanted a pistol that could keep up with their missions, and they chose the Glock 19.

Glock is well known for being one of the most reliable gun manufacturers on the market. Their simple yet elegant design makes them easy to operate, as well as easy to maintain in any condition. There are not a lot of parts to these weapons, and they are extremely accurate.

The Glock 19 is a slightly smaller version than other Glock pistols. It is a single-action pistol, as there is no hammer to uncock once a round has been chambered. Its simplistic design allows for a simple two-pull safety on the trigger, allowing the shooter to have control over what he is shooting without worrying about flipping the safety on and off.

This basic design makes it easier to pull from a IWB holster, as it won’t get caught on any excess gear. It is also loved for its low profile, which makes it is easier to hide as a concealed weapon.

The Raiders transitioned from the beloved 1911 series firearm to choose the lighter 9mm Glock 19. One of the main reasons for the switch was the adaptability of the Glock. Its magazines have a 10, 17 and 33 round capacity. This allows the Raiders to carry more rounds, which means they can increase the size of their magazine for specialized tactical training.

Army Green Berets and Ranger Regiment

The United States Army Rangers are the oldest Special Forces group; they trace their lineage back to the Revolutionary War. The Green Berets are considered the most elite of the Special Forces units. Created by John F. Kennedy in 1952, along with the Navy SEALS, their mission is to help combat communism around the globe. These Special Forces soldiers have carried a number of weapons for their missions, but they usually carry the Beretta M9 as a sidearm.

The Beretta M9 has been the workhorse of the U.S. military since it replaced the Colt 1911 in the late 1980s. It was chosen over the Colt 1911 because of its smaller caliber and its increased magazine capacity. This has allowed elite trained Special Forces soldiers to take more accurate shots without having to reload after seven rounds, which was the standard size of the 1911 magazine.

While many disagreed with the choice, the pistol has held up to the test of time, serving as a reliable sidearm for the U.S. military for almost 30 years. It has seen action all across the Middle East, and the U.S. Army Special Forces have made some adjustments that make it better suited for specialized missions. These include the option to attach a suppressor and flashlight for different tactical situations. Overall, this weapon has been a dependable tool, but the Army is beginning to transition to the M17 made by Sig Sauer.


U.S. Special Forces use a diverse array of firearms to accomplish their missions. They choose firearms that is simple to use with streamlined designs that allows soldiers to conduct operations in the most punishing environments. They rely on the certainty that their weapons will work every time they reach for them.

If you are looking to purchase your own firearm, any of the ones detailed here will make a great choice. They are well-built, dependable and very accurate. If the most elite warriors in the world trust them, then it’s a good bet that they are a great gun to have in your own collection.

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