First Alert 2092DF Review: A Solid Waterproof Home Safe?

We all reach a time in our lives where we want to securely store certain valuables at home. The knowledge that certain keepsakes or valuables are close to us can bring a sense of comfort and calm any worries for us.Continue reading

10 Things You Should Be Keeping In Your Safe

If you’re looking for a safe, you’ve probably thought of a few things you’re planning on storing inside.  When I first looked for a safe, I wanted to store important documents like a passport and my birth certificate.  Continue reading

Creating a Home Emergency Plan: Step 1

We all have different things that trigger us to look into creating a home emergency plan. Perhaps something happened to a friend of yours, or maybe there was a recent disaster that hit close to home for you. Or maybe there was something on the news that makes you nervous about your future. Whatever it is, know that you’re taking the right steps by starting this research.Continue reading

Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault: The Complete Guide

Finding a safe to store a pistol can be easy. But what if you want to avoid electronics? You don’t want to have to think about replacing a battery annually. And you definitely don’t want to worry about the biometric reader malfunctioning when you need your weapon the most.Continue reading

Barska Biometric Safe Reviews: Unsafe for children?

With so many options and brands for safes, it’s hard to really sift through all the information and figure out if the safe you’re buying is worth it. Even if the safe you think you’ll buy ticks all those little boxes on your list, how do you know it will stand the test of time? Or in this case, the test of children or robbers?Continue reading

5 Tips for Home Defense and Security This Summer

Summer means pools, cold drinks, and quality time with family and friends. It also means vacations, but with this comes an unfortunate side effect: increased chances of home break-ins and attempted robberies.Continue reading

Stack-On 28 Gun Safe: What’s ‘Total Defense’ About It?

One of the reasons that Stack-On is a well-known brand in the gun safe world is that it boasts affordable prices for great features.  Not all of us can afford to drop thousands of dollars on a safe.  Plus this safe is often on sale for a great price, so keep your eyes peeled.Continue reading

ZORE X Gun Lock Review: What’s the buzz?

**UPDATE**: As of January, ZORE has stated they will not be shipping any gun locks until October 2017.  Due to high demand and production issues with compatibility of all the gun models they’ll be supporting.


You’ve probably seen the media hype surrounding this firearm lock. The team that designed this product was able to exceed their crowdfunding goal in TWO days. That’s right, folks. This item is wildly popular even before being released.Continue reading

2016 Best and Worst States For Gun Lovers

Potential gun law changes have been flooding the news and social media headlines for quite some time now. The issue fades into the background every so often and re-emerges when the media explodes with news about the latest attack taking place in the country.Continue reading

14 Gun Stack-On Safe: 9 Questions To Ask Before Buying

Shopping for your first gun safe?

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