Stack-On 24 Gun Safe Review: Electronic & Combination

For the majority of firearm enthusiasts, safety is the driving factor behind our hobby. The safety of our friends, neighbors, self and especially our family. We do everything we can to make sure the things we love remain protected and want only the best to get the job done. Continue reading

Shooting While Pregnant: 2 Biggest Dangers to the Baby

Preparing yourself for a crisis situation is good practice, both for women in law enforcement and for the average civilian. Whether you work with firearms or not, pregnant women want the ability to protect that which is most important to them.Continue reading

Stack-On 22 Gun Safe Review: Mechanical & Electronic

As a gun owner, it’s important to have peace of mind knowing that your guns are stored properly and out of sight. The key to that is investing in a quality gun safe, one that can easily store your firearms without taking up too much space.

While you can stash them in your drawer or cabinet or any other place you think is ‘safe’, having the proper set-up for this can drastically improve the security of your family and loved ones.Continue reading

Best Under Bed Gun Safe: Top 6 for Long Guns & Pistols

We all want to store our weapons properly, but sometimes getting a tall safe just isn’t an option for us. Some of us want quick access to our gun while we sleep. Others don’t have the room for a tall gun safe besides sticking it in an inconvenient place. Or maybe you don’t want your kids to find out you have a gun.

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First Alert 2092DF Review: A Solid Waterproof Home Safe?

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10 Things You Should Be Keeping In Your Safe

If you’re looking for a safe, you’ve probably thought of a few things you’re planning on storing inside.  When I first looked for a safe, I wanted to store important documents like a passport and my birth certificate.  Continue reading

Creating a Home Emergency Plan: Step 1

We all have different things that trigger us to look into creating a home emergency plan. Perhaps something happened to a friend of yours, or maybe there was a recent disaster that hit close to home for you. Or maybe there was something on the news that makes you nervous about your future. Whatever it is, know that you’re taking the right steps by starting this research.Continue reading

Titan Gun Safe Pistol Vault: The Complete Guide

Finding a safe to store a pistol can be easy. But what if you want to avoid electronics? You don’t want to have to think about replacing a battery annually. And you definitely don’t want to worry about the biometric reader malfunctioning when you need your weapon the most.Continue reading

Barska Biometric Safe Reviews: Unsafe for children?

With so many options and brands for safes, it’s hard to really sift through all the information and figure out if the safe you’re buying is worth it. Even if the safe you think you’ll buy ticks all those little boxes on your list, how do you know it will stand the test of time? Or in this case, the test of children or robbers?Continue reading

5 Tips for Home Defense and Security This Summer

Summer means pools, cold drinks, and quality time with family and friends. It also means vacations, but with this comes an unfortunate side effect: increased chances of home break-ins and attempted robberies.Continue reading