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Tips For Shooting In The Dark

Shooting your firearm in the dark is definitely not ideal, especially if you have children or other guests in your home, but many times, these situations are unavoidable and you will be required to defend yourself in the darkness of night.Continue reading

6 Things You Forgot When Buying Your First Gun

Want to buy your first gun? Awesome! Buying your first gun is kind of like buying a dog or car, there are a several things you might not know about that will greatly help you take care of your new baby.Continue reading

10 Cool Unique Gun Safes

Nothing catches a burglar off guard like being prepared.

In this article, we will be going over some products and Do It Yourself ways to create unexpected and hidden areas to store firearms safely so you can have protection no matter where you are in your home.Continue reading

Self Defense Tips for Women Living Alone

I remember being out on my own for the first time. 7 years ago I moved far away from my family to start a life by myself.

Needless to say, I realized quickly how important it was to keep myself safe. It didn’t take long before I was getting myself some pepper spray and keeping it by my bed, just in case.Continue reading

Shooting While Pregnant: 2 Biggest Dangers to the Baby

Preparing yourself for a crisis situation is good practice, both for women in law enforcement and for the average civilian. Whether you work with firearms or not, pregnant women want the ability to protect that which is most important to them.Continue reading

10 Things You Should Be Keeping In Your Safe

If you’re looking for a safe, you’ve probably thought of a few things you’re planning on storing inside.  When I first looked for a safe, I wanted to store important documents like a passport and my birth certificate.  Continue reading

2016 Best and Worst States For Gun Lovers

Potential gun law changes have been flooding the news and social media headlines for quite some time now. The issue fades into the background every so often and re-emerges when the media explodes with news about the latest attack taking place in the country.Continue reading

Top 10 Most Popular Handguns for Home Defense

Everyone has their favorite gun. Whether it’s for carrying, for hunting or having fun at the range, we know there’s one that’s near and dear to our hearts. I compiled this list from a recent thread on a popular gun forum known as Defensive Carry.Continue reading

15 Ways You Didn’t Protect Your Home During Vacation

You’re leaving for vacation. You’ve packed your bags, cleaned out the fridge and locked the doors. But is simply locking the doors enough to keep your home protected and robbery-free?

Not a chance.Continue reading

Kids and Guns: 8 Rules For Parents

There I was, a little eight-year-old wanting to surprise my mom by organizing her cabinets. I climbed up on the counter, sat myself down and took out all the spices from the spice cabinet. Then I looked up at the tall ledge above the cabinets. Curiously, I stood up and reached my hand on top of the cabinets, just feeling around. Dusty, ick.Continue reading