How to Defend Yourself against a Knife Attack

Guest Post by Angela Williams

Let’s say a Kukri Knife-wielding assailant attacks you. What will you do? Any knife attack is a life-threatening situation. A split-second decision could save your life if you how to defend yourself against a knife attack. The first reaction would be to panic and try to run away. Well, flight could work but what if you are cornered and the only way out is through the pointed tip of the knife?

What if I told you you can take control of the situation and break free or even decapitate your attacker? Otherwise, the attacker could injure you, rob you or worse still kill you. The key to survival is remaining calm and rational. This will give you the ability to think fast and defend yourself if need be.

Steps To Follow To Defend Yourself against Knife Attack

Before continuing, If you need a kukri knife visit Outdoor Garden Care.  You have to understand that most knife attacks are ambushes, not duels. It is a surprise attack usually from a concealed position. Besides, assailants usually choose to attack when you are distracted. They also attack from a very close quarters. The result is that you are cornered with nowhere else to go. You will have to defend yourself. Here is how to go about it:

Step 1: Control your breath and stay calm

“How dare you tell me to stay calm while someone is serious about hurting me?” You could be asking. Well, it’s not an easy thing to hide your fears in such situation. But for your safety and survival, you will have to suppress your fears as much as possible. Any sign of panic will hand your assailant an advantage from the beginning.

The moment you spot an attacker, take a deep breath and relax. This will help you to plan your next course of action. Evidence indicates that any attacks save for muggers are not professionals at what they are trying to do. You do not have to fear. Exhibit confidence and stay calm.

Step 2: Surrender If You Can Negotiate

Muggers are professionals and sometimes they accept to negotiate. As long as you can give them what they want, chances are they are going to let you go. The first thing is to follow what your instincts tell you. Pay attention to how he handles the knife and how he approaches you.  

You do not have to talk to him or her. Begin by removing any valuable you might be having. Surely, your life is worth more than your credit card, Smartphone, money, wristwatch, and other valuables. Surrendering may not be a good idea if you are dealing with an amateur.

Step 3: Try Yelling For Help

Most attackers will choose a dark, lonely place to corner you. However, some may be bold enough to attack you in a public place. Your yelling may send ripples down the spine of your attacker. Or better still, others may realize you are in trouble and come to your rescue. Yell at the top of your voice the words ‘STOP’ or ‘SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME”.

Yell anyway if the attack happens in a remote place like a hiking trail. Some people may be nearby. They might come to your rescue as long as you can hold your attacker long enough. A trick I usually use is to always carry with me a very loud whistle.  The whistle carries sound further than ordinary voice. Its mere pitch may also scare your attacker.

Step 4: Overturn the Tables on Your Attacker

This is what you should do if you are not dealing with a professional. You can actually overturn the tables on your assailant if you plan smart. If you sense that he is a pathetic amateur mugger, stand your ground. In confidence, tell him or her that you will not surrender to his wishes. Your confidence may send him jitters that you are not a simple target.

Most knife attacks are aimed at mugging. If you won’t surrender, your attacker may attempt to search you. Let him. Meanwhile, seize the opportunity to watch his knife-bearing hand. Searching you will distract him. Take that golden opportunity to try and knock the knife off his hand. If you cannot access that hand but you have access to his head, land a heavy blow. Try an uppercut. It’s a great way to incapacitate an attacker.


Step 5: Defend Yourself by Fighting

You can tell from a glance whether your attacker can overpower you or not. If you are convinced he is not your match, you can start a fight. Otherwise, it would be a good idea to surrender. For someone to arm himself with a knife to attack you, chances are that he is not confident. If you are able to disarm the attacker then you can beat them.

After you disarm the assailant, grab his wrist. Use your free hand to punch and strike him. Doing this will keep him on defensive and give you even better opportunity to strike him.  Try fighting him to the ground. Even as you do this, ensure the knife points away from you. Humanity may work on you to feel sorry for your attacker once you have an upper. Please don’t do that mistake. He may be hoodwinking you to lose your guard so he takes over. Through the knife as far away as possible if you are able to snatch it from the attacker.

Step 6: Leave the Scene As Quickly As Possible

The ultimate goal of defending yourself against a knife attack is to flee from danger. Do not be fooled to believe that you have overcome him. He may actually recover and overpower you in just seconds. You may be so mad at him and feel like beating him to the pulp. Guard against anger as that could lead severe injury to the attacker or even death. In case of death, you could be jailed for manslaughter or even murder.

That’s what makes it extremely important to escape the scene once you get the chance. The best you can do for your assailant if he is badly hurt in the process of you trying to defend yourself is call for emergency services. Even if he is not hurt, call the police anyway. He might have to answer to his intended crime against you.



A knife attack is serious. It can happen anywhere and to anyone. Learning how to defend yourself against a knife attack is not a mere skill. It is a necessity that could guarantee your safety and survival. You can defend yourself from attack by any knife, even deadly ones like a Kukri knife. While the tips are helpful, the ultimate defense is taking courses in self-defense.



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