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How to Be Prepared for Absolutely Anything On Your Next Hike

The most seasoned hikers know that mother nature is unpredictable. Even if you tend to stick to your region’s heavily trafficked trails, the reality is that hiking still puts you face-to-face with the harsh certainties of the wilderness, including wild animals, inclement weather, treacherous terrain and challenging routes. But the number one rule of wilderness survival is to expect the unexpected, and doing so comes down to thinking long and hard about three important things: what you pack, what you wear and how you respond to emergencies. 

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6 Ways You Can Spook A Deer Without Knowing

Deer hunting is an exciting and very lucrative sport. It is like a very skilled game of “hide and seek,” where both the players are trying their best to evade the other. Deer hunting requires a lot of patience, and sometimes, after all the effort you put into tracking a deer and stalking it, some small unknown thing can spook it and make it run away. 

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A New Gun Owners Guide During COVID-19

Industry spikes are being noted across the globe as the rise of COVID-19 cases continues to shoot an upward curve. Among the many different plausible spikes comes one that might shock the general public: gun ownership. Gun ownership has spiked since the inception of the coronavirus, a curve that has seen spikes hit record highs within the United States and Canada. A majority of first-time owners are citing self-defense as the reason for purchase. With first-time ownership, there are a few markers and conditions to be aware of. Below are a few tips and pointers that are shed to first-time gun owners during the coronavirus pandemic.

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6 Safety Tips for Parents Hunting with Kids

In this modern world, connecting to nature can be difficult–especially for children. That is why hunting with your kids is a great opportunity to spend time together outdoors. 

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How to Create a Family Safety Plan and Prepare for Emergencies

The current coronavirus pandemic is the perfect opportunity to create a family safety plan for times of crisis. Your family may not always be together when disaster strikes, so it’s important to plan ahead so everyone knows exactly what to do to stay safe. Being prepared for an emergency such as an epidemic, quarantine, housefire, or natural disaster might just save a life. There are several things you can do, big and small, to set your family up for an efficient and effective emergency response. Here are some tips to get you started.

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5 Tips To Find Best Scope For Elk Hunting

Guest Post by Jenni Beckar

Elk hunting has always been a very popular hobby for many. It is not complicated by itself but has a lot of intricate mechanics and issues to keep one interested for a long time and provide a reasonable challenge. Now, one of the most important factors in elk hunting or hunting in general is having a proper rifle equipped with a proper scope.

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Concealed Carry Guide Based on Real-Life Lessons Learned

Guest Post by Josh Montgomery

I was reading my Twitter newsfeed last night when news of some real estate agent successfully defending herself from a possible robbery and homicide caught my eye. She was showing a rental property to the attacker who conducted himself in a real appropriate way – like he’s a renter whose lease will be up soon and doesn’t want to renew it, which is why he’s searching for a new home to move into. 

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Hunting Safety Tips: How to Stay Safe Before, During and After Your Hunt

Generally speaking, hunting is a surprisingly safe sport, with some data even suggesting that it’s safer than golf, volleyball, snowboarding and tackle football. With that being said, the statistics are no accident, so to speak—hunting is relatively low-risk because most of its participants take the notion of safety very seriously. Wielding a firearm of any sort comes with enormous responsibility. If you intend to load a gun, aim it and pull the trigger, you must be well-versed on firearm safety, no exceptions.

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Gear Up for Your Next Hunting Trip

man with binoculars

If you’re looking to take off on a hunting trip, you’ll need to bring along plenty of gear to make it a successful one. You may have your camo gear and hunting rifle ready to go, but what happens if you land your first kill? If you plan on taking your kill home for dinner, you’ll need plenty of room in your off-road truck or Jeep and some equipment to get the job done. Some items may be more obvious than others, but, if you come unprepared, you might have to pack up early or leave your kill for the wolves to enjoy. 

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5 Reasons Why Desert Eagle Is Not a Practical Weapon for Self-Defense

Guest Post by Lisa R. Taylor

We have seen many movies with actors using the Desert Eagle for self-defense. The world that we live in is full of unexpected situations. So, even if we feel safe, anything can happen one day. Thus, having a weapon for self-defense becomes a necessity. What weapon to use to protect ourselves and our family? Many voices would say that if Desert Eagle does such a great job in the movies, it should work the same in real life, as well. This is why many people choose this model to secure their homes. Is the Desert Eagle a practical weapon for self-defense? Keep reading this article, and you will discover the answer to this question.

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