You can’t beat the reliability of a Glock. This is as true as ever with the G26, also known as the “Baby Glock” due to its size.

Since its creation in 1994, it has cemented itself as one of the most useful, reliable and sought after compact and concealed carry pistols.

With the Glock 26, you don’t have to choose between power and the ability to conceal. So it comes as no surprise that there are a great number of holsters on the market, though not all are created equal. And it is important you choose the right one for a number of reasons.

All 50 states offer legal concealed carry, some necessitate that you meet certain requirements beforehand like age, no prior felonies or the completion of a specified course.

It is important to carry your firearm in a holster that is high quality, comfortable and holds your weapon well so it doesn’t fall out or accidentally discharge.

Today we’ll be reviewing 5 holsters made for your Glock 26. Hopefully, you’ll find the one you’re looking for through these reviews.

Ok, let’s get into them!

**For those of you with short attention spans or busy lives, the #1 G26 holster we reviewed is the Comp-Tac IWB holster. We can’t get over how customizable this holster is. And you know it’s solid when it’s made from leather and Kydex. Find it on Amazon here.

Galco KingTuk Gunleather

The Galco Kingtuk has a name that perfectly mirrors the product, which is to say it’s awesome.

This is a IWB holster with two clips that will secure it to your pants.

It’s made right here in the USA and constructed from 100% saddle leather. It has with a Napa leather front and molded Kydex gun retention portion.

Your pistol may slide in and out of the Kydex pretty easily when the holster isn’t on you. But once you wear the holster, the Kydex will be slightly bent as the leather backing shapes to your body.

Because of this, it will put a little more pressure on your g26. This means the retention while you wear the gun will be excellent. No worries about the gun moving or falling out.

Though it is only available in right handed draw, this is one of the best and most popular IWB holsters on the market.

It’s able to accommodate belts up to 1 3/4” wide. It protects your side and back with a kidney shield to help prevent the back part of your firearm from digging into you.

The Kydex molded gun holster section ensures that you will have the perfect fit on your firearm, and once you break in the leather it will become supremely comfortable. It’s difficult to find a downside to this product.

I will say, it’s a lot of holster for such a little gun.

But if you want to carry IWB and want a lot of protection, this is the holster for your G26.

If you’re looking for a smaller holster to fit the smaller gun frame, keep reading on.

If this is the holster for you, head to Amazon for the Galco KingTuk here.

Uncle Mikes

When I first looked at this product is struck me as being something a detective would wear, as it’s an open top, universal holster with smooth sides.

While it does lack a hip plate, we have found this product to be incredibly useful and versatile, it can hold a number of different weapons (with size 12 being perfect for the Glock 26) and accommodates a large range of belt sizes.

It’s another IWB option, but much smaller than the Galco option.

It is made of a four-layer laminate that is sweat resistant, but thin enough to be both comfortable and low imprint. And it comes with a built in trigger guard.

This is a product that you can use to conceal carry, wear while you’re driving, put in your purse or glove compartment or easily keep in your nightstand.

The retention on this holster doesn’t exist unless you’re wearing it. Once you wear it, the pressure between your body and pants will keep the gun in place.

One thing to note is that we don’t recommend you wear this as a SOB (small of back) style holster. The belt clip is flared at the end, so wearing this while sitting could cause damage to your chair or car seat as the belt clip rubs against it.

It also doesn’t allow for any cant to the weapon. The clip doesn’t rotate. But if you’re comfortable wearing your holster vertically, then this is a great option.

You can find Uncle Mikes holster for your g26 at Amazon here.

BlackHawk! Serpa Holster

There is a lot going on with this product, and it can be overwhelming at first. But there are a vast number of uses for it.

The BlackHawk! CQC is a modular holster system that comes with a number of attachments, this includes IWB concealed holster with a belt clip. I wouldn’t recommend it as IWB though. And an OWB paddle attachment to which the holster can be fitted, that way you can determine how you would like to carry it based on your activity.

To the right is a picture of mine broken apart into all the pieces it comes included.

Both holster attachments allow you to determine the ride height of the weapon and to alter the angle as well. Furthermore, if you have a drop leg tactical platform (purchased separately) you will be able to attach the holster to that.

As for the holster itself, it includes what BlackHawk! calls “Passive Retention”. When the gun is in the holster it is clipped in and cannot be removed unless you press your finger on a button placed on the outside.

This allows you to use a “Master grip” when you draw your weapon with your forefinger on the button and the rest on the butt of your pistol, until after the draw you move your forefinger onto the trigger.

So in addition to being safe, this holster also creates good drawing habits.

Find the BLACKHAWK! Serpa at Amazon here.

Comp-Tac Holster

This is another IWB holster, meant to be carried in the “behind the hip” position. It competes with the Galco KingTuk, but we’ll explain how it differs.

Made from genuine cowhide leather and a Kydex outer shell, this holster not only has a slim profile but is very comfortable and lightweight.

Using screws you can adjust the ride height of the belt clips and the cant of the weapon itself. Not all IWB holsters have the option to adjust cant like this one does. It definitely adds to how customizable it really is.

What I like most about this holster is how easy it is to customize, the weapon shell and belt clips all come off easily.

Often times when you purchase a holster, you break in the back plate so that it’s comfortable. Especially if it’s made from leather. But something else goes wrong and breaks, then you have to break in another product all over again. Should the shell or one of the belt clips on this product break, you can just unscrew them and buy a replacement part.

Furthermore, you can take everything off the leather back plate upon purchasing it and bend it with your hands, allowing you to break it in even when you’re not wearing it for the first week or so. Which to anyone who has bought a holster like this will know, is a very valuable trait.

Key takeaway from this holster? You’re buying a product that’s extremely customizable to your concealed carry preferences.

Find the Comp-Tac Holster at Amazon here.

GloZier Tactical

This is not a gun holster, but rather a magazine holster. The Glock 26 should have an adequate number of rounds, but for anyone that feel like some extra would give them added peace of mind.

We have sourced out what we believe to be the best magazine holster for the Glock 26.

The GloZier Tactical is an affordable and comfortable dual magazine holster that will fit a large number of Glock holsters, so if you are a fan of their products you can buy this and get multi use from it. Made from high tech polymer so it won’t get scratched or broken.

The paddle that presses against your skin is made from silicone, so it is as comfortable as possible and works with or without a belt. You can also adjust the angle of the magazines 360° depending on your preferred carry position and style. And this magazine pouch has a lifetime warranty.

A simple product, made with devotion to quality that will compliment any holster well.

Find this ammo holster at Amazon here.

Benefits of a Glock

Reliability. One of the drawing factors behind purchasing a firearm is how reliable it is. So when purchasing a compact firearm many people tend to gravitate towards revolvers, which need less maintenance. But even people who are not firearm aficionados know that Glock’s are almost legendarily reliable. And would you rather six shots from a snub nose revolver, or ten from a Glock?

Weight. Fully loaded the Glock tips the scales at a feathery 26 ounces, there are some holsters that weigh more than that.

Low Recoil. Due to a combination of grip angle, flexibility from the polymer construction and the inherent low bore of the design. Glock’s have some of the lowest felt recoils of any pistols on the market for their calibers. Be them compact or otherwise.

Hammerless design. Meaning nothing is going to get caught on it, and its more difficult for you to walk around with a gun that is ready to go off at any moment.

Simplicity of use. Unlike with a lot of handguns, the Glock can be used by people with their right or left hand. There are also not a lot of buttons to map out or learn. This is the perfect weapon for someone looking for self-defense. Or to purchase for a loved one who may not be as adept with firearm knowledge as yourself.

The Verdict

The holsters we have discussed in this article are all of high quality and made by reputable manufacturers. Some are more suitable for those who have a tactical mindset, while others are best for those who wish for comfort above all else. Regardless of what is is that you’re looking for. I am confident something on this list will have caught your eye.

The #1 holster from this list is the Comp-Tac IWB holster. Its customizable parts gets you the holster type and feel you really want. Find it on Amazon here.

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