The Glock 17 is arguably the flag bearer, the cornerstone if you will. Of an empire of firearms that have found both use and love worldwide. But things weren’t always this way, when the Glock first came onto the market the idea of a polymer gun was a new one.

People resisted it, comparing the weapon to Tupperware, worrying that it would evade metal detectors, that it would fall apart in your very hands. A polymer made, the hammerless gun was a concept that very nearly bordered on madness.

It’s funny how things change. This is lightweight and stripped down version of a 9mm pistol. And it’s the most popular home defense gun on the market today.

But say you want to use it to carry outside your home. Personal defense instead of home defense.

You’ll need to get yourself a solid holster. And that’s what we’re here to help you do today.

We’ll be reviewing 6 holsters that work perfectly with the Glock 17. Some allow you to use different guns, while others are specific to that model. We’ll also focus on a few that will hold Glocks that have rail lights on them. That way you won’t have to modify your gun to fit your holster.

So let’s get into it!

**For those of you who are in a rush or have short attention spans, our favorite holster is the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck. It surpassed the others due to its ability to conceal your Glock and its money-back guarantee. You can find the current price and any discounts at Amazon here.

Gould & Goodrich Shoulder Holster

Material: Leather
Holster Type: Shoulder
Cannot hold rail lights

Want to feel like you’re in the 1980s all over again? That’s what we always think of when we see shoulder holsters.

Because the Glock 17 isn’t exactly a small subcompact handgun, it can be hard to conceal. Shoulder holster designs come in handy for larger guns. Particularly because you don’t need to stuff your firearm into your pants and hope you don’t bend over enough for it to imprint.

This is an over the shoulder design that comes with a double magazine pouch on the opposite side. Which makes it a great tactical carry, as you are able to effectively conceal a full-size firearm and three magazines at any given time.

The holster is suitable for several models of Glocks and is made in the USA from high quality, top grain vegetable tanned leather by master craftsmen. This holster is fully adjustable for people of all sizes, and the cross section of the straps should sit just below the nape of your neck, under your collar.

We recommend that you wear this with a thicker jacket as thin, tight shirts will imprint your holster and gun with this design.

With a gun the size of the Glock 17, an over the shoulder configuration is one that will allow you to conceal it while still carrying it comfortably. We have previously discussed the merits of an over the shoulder holster. This is one of the best options on this list if you’re looking for carrying somewhere other than your waistband.

Find the Gould & Goodrich here on Amazon!

Safariland Paddle Holster

Material: Nylon
Holster Type: paddle
Does not hold rail light

Safariland is a legendary holster maker, with their drop leg system being a favorite of military personnel. They know how to make an effective and reasonably priced weapon holster.

The Procyon paddle holster is a satin black holster made for the Glock 17 and 22. It may look familiar if you own a Blackhawk paddle holster.

It is ergonomically designed and comes with a nylon paddle and a fully adjustable belt slide for added security and to help determine your ride height. The tension of the weapon is adjustable with a single screw.

And it comes with an automated locking system or ALS. Which means that unlike with Kydex holsters you won’t need to be struggling and jerking to free your weapon from its cradle. But rather you can disengage the locking mechanism with one finger while drawing at the same time.

There is an awesome video demonstrating this right on the Amazon product page. It’s at the bottom in the review section.

It also means that while your firearm is in the holster you don’t have to worry about it falling out, or worse, being taken from you. The holster is also available in right or left-handed configurations. Overall this is a very lightweight yet effective choice in a holster.

Find the Safariland Paddle Holster here on Amazon

Fobus Tactical

Material: Polymer
Holster Type: Paddle
Can hold rail light
Alright, here it is.

Have a rail light or laser installed on your Glock? Well, now you won’t need to remove it to conceal carry.

The Fobus tactical is an injection molded paddle style holster with a cutout that allows you to fit a rail mounted light of any size.

It allows this by fitting the retention strap around the trigger guard. Thus, it leaves the area where the light lives completely open.

You can remove the retention strap with one hand, so it won’t prevent you from quickly accessing your gun.

Fobus is an excellent company that makes comfortable and durable weapons. You can also hand wash them with soap and water if need be. It’s a great buy all around. Especially if you have rail lights or lasers on your gun.

Find the Fobus Tactical here at Amazon

Safariland 6360

Material: Thermal-molded laminate
Holster Type: OWB Belt Holster
Holds Streamlight M3 Light

This Safariland holster boasts both an automatic and self-locking systems. Which means the firearm clicks into the holster, and there is a thumb activated retention strap that goes around the hammer.

Like the previous holster, this one is able to accommodate a weapon with lights, but it doesn’t have a totally open bottom.

Rather it fits the specific Streamlight M3 light with your Glock. Regardless, this holster allows for a straight draw and allows the firearms to be secured whether or not you are using a light.

It has an interesting weaved pattern that helps with durability. Several reviewers mentioned that they love this due to the way the holster has been constructed.

If you want to secure your Glock with your rail light, find the Safariland holster here on Amazon.

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck

Material: Kydex and Neoprene
Holster Type: IWB Holster

A lot of you reading this want a holster that allows you to concealed carry your firearm. This could be challenging given the size of the Glock 17.

While it is not as large as some weapons on the market, it is still a full-size weapon.

So concealing it can be challenging.

In comes the famous Alien Gear holster. (Our favorite.)

The shell is made from Kydex and a unique layering of laminates that make up the back plate.

Unlike with leather that needs to be worn for a week or so before it becomes comfortable, this is malleable right out of the box and can be worn with supreme comfort from day one.

The “Alien Skin” texture also provides added comfort and grip against your skin.

The belt clips can accommodate belts in a number of sizes and are very comfortable.

The great news? This holster comes with a 30-day test use, in which you can assess whether the product is right for you.

And no matter what the outer shell of the holster is replaceable as many times as you wish. So if it were to wear down, you can simply get another one.

As you can see, there are several reasons why this holster made it on the list.

Read more about the Alien Gear Holster at Amazon here.

Relentless Tactical

Material: Suede
Holster Type: IWB Holster

Alright, we’re getting back to basics now.

This stripped down suede holster is proudly handmade by American craftsmen. Using only 100% suede with no synthetic materials or mass market production techniques.

This is an IWB style holster that serves a multitude of uses, if you want something that can easily conceal a number of weapons, is comfortable and well made, can be taken out while driving or sitting.

It fits in a purse, glove compartment, center console or drawer and is reasonably priced.

Now, because it’s not molded to fit a specific gun and it’s made out of suede, there are some things to note.

It will collapse once you pull the gun out of the holster. So it may be difficult to reholster your gun if you are wearing this holster.
Not necessarily a bad thing, but just be prepared.

Find the Relentless Tactical here at Amazon.


We reviewed several holsters that can fit your Glock 17 no matter how you’ve modified it.

To get the best experience when trying to conceal carry, we recommend the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck holster.

It’s got a 30-day guarantee, which you can’t beat. Zero break in time, which is hard to find with many IWB holsters. And lastly, it’s a great affordable price that won’t break the bank.

Find the current price and any discounts on the Alien Gear holster here on Amazon.


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