Want to store your handguns safely? Check.

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Finding one that’s a solid steel product, made in the USA, and isn’t electronic? This can be much harder.

You’ve come to the right place. A side by side comparison of two Fort Knox handgun safes is just below.

But before we dive into the comparisons, let’s get a bit of a background on Fort Knox.

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What is the history of the Fort Knox company?

With over 30 years of experience, Fort Knox is one of the top gun safe brands in the industry. All of the safes that are produced by the brand are quality tested by professionals.

The Fort Knox brand specializes in creating solid safes. These safes have all been constructed right here in the USA! The ones we’ll focus on are those made for pistols.

The smaller pistol boxes are designed with the same high-quality materials as the larger safes. They are quite heavy compared to other options on the market.

If you aren’t familiar with Fort Knox, then keep reading! You’ll be able to gain a better understanding of why most gun owners choose to stick with this trusted brand. They have a few patented features that we’ll talk about.  After that, we’ll review two of their pistol vaults, perfect for your handguns.

With that being said, let’s look at some key features in the Fort Knox Gun Safe range.

Special features incorporated by Fort Knox

While many brands all have their very own features that make them stand out, the Fort Knox brand has dedicated most of their attention to bringing you top of the line quality at an affordable price. The combination of these features and huge warranties will definitely make every cent worthwhile.

High-quality steel

Fort Knox does not import their steel; they used US steel companies to provide them with some of the highest quality steel products available. This is extremely beneficial as they ensure that every part of the safe is made from the same high quality .

Lifetime warranties

Fort Knox offers lifetime warranties with all of their safes. Should your safe be damaged by fire or by attempted burglary, they will replace the safe free of charge and even cover the shipping cost.

Locking mechanisms

No need to worry about batteries dying on you. You won’t need to worry about a fingerprint reader failing either. The biggest benefit to purchasing a Fort Knox pistol box is the simplex lock. Not only is it reliable, but it’s also extremely quick to access. Why bother with more modern technology that’s prone to failing more often? Especially when you can have guaranteed foolproof methods of accessing your safe.

To start your search for the best Fort Knox safe, we have done some research and compiled our own reviews for two of their best safes. These safes should be your starting point for searching for the perfect safe.

Fort Knox PB1 Handgun Safe

Weight: 22lbs
Dimensions: 4.25 x 12.5 x 10.3 inches

Packed full of high-quality features, the Fort Knox PB1 Handgun safe is one of the top safes for portable use. The safe is big enough for one or two handguns. The interior has been foam padded to ensure that the firearm and any accessories are always protected from things like impact damage or movement.

The benefit to foam is:

It’s perfect for storing this gun safe in your car.

The safe will also perfect for storing other firearm accessories like extra mags that require a soft cushioning when stored.

The gun safe has been constructed using durable 10-gauge steel. This is extremely heavy and solid which is unique for most handgun safes on the market today.

The hinges have been placed on the inside of the safe. This will ensure that the safe does not have any weaknesses on the door and that it is virtually impossible to pry open or tamper with.

Gas Strut Opening Mechanism

As an added bonus, you will notice that the safe features a gas strut opening mechanism. This means that once you have correctly entered the combination, the lock will simply jump open and the gas strut will keep the door open for you to access everything on the inside.

This makes it much easier for accessing your handgun inside. Since the door to the gun safe is extremely heavy, the gas strut conveniently helps you get your gun in your hand easily.

Especially if you’re storing your handgun in your car, you wouldn’t want to use both hands to get into the gun safe. Having the gas strut lets you access your gun with one hand.

The safe also features that simplex locking mechanism that is much easier and faster to open. You will be able to open the safe with a few pushes of buttons and this should save you a lot of time and effort. No need to fear batteries dying with this lock!

Furthermore, the safe is quite heavy and will be a little more difficult to carry around, but the smaller structure will allow you to easily conceal the safe in virtually any location.

You can mount the safe using the 4 mounting holes in the bottom. This lets you mount the safe to the floor in your closet, under your bed, or even the bed of your truck.

Finally, you will also receive a lifetime warranty with the safe against any manufacturer defect and burglary attempts. The safe will be immediately replaced free of charge and the shipping fees will also be covered to ensure that you only need to buy a safe once.

Read more information about the Fort Knox PB1 here on Amazon.

Fort Knox PB4 Personal Handgun Safe

Weight: 13lbs
Dimensions: 12 x 5 x 9.5 inches

The Fort Knox Personal handgun safe is just as the name says. It is big enough for one handgun and some accessories. The fully carpeted interior helps cushion the firearm and keeps it stable inside.

There is one main difference between this safe and the Fort Knox PB1:

The door on this personal handgun safe is located in the front of the safe instead of the top of the safe. You’ll need to consider where you plan on storing the safe and how you’ll be accessing it.

This safe is better for storing it in an area with less vertical space.  The other option requires a much larger vertical space to lift the lid open.

You might be able to add one box of ammunition to the inside of the safe along with your pistol, depending on the size.

The safe features a 10 gauge steel constructed frame (similarly to the other Fort Knox pistol box) and the door is a little thicker at almost 4 inches. This ensures that no one can break open the safe when it is bolted down with the mounting equipment that has been provided. It’s a solid safe!

The exterior has also been powder coated for mounting the safe in your car or any place that has high humidity or a lot of water in the air. This ensures that rust never sets in and that the outer shell is protected from damage, should the safe experience any sort of impact.

We recommend that you mount the safe to the ground for extra protection. This will add another dimension to the security features in the way of weight and ensure that no one can walk away with your safe.

You will receive a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defect when purchasing the safe. This is one of the ultimate signs of confidence from the manufacturers as the safe already commands an expensive price.

Read more info and reviews on the Fort Knox PB4 here at Amazon.

The advantage of having a simplex lock

The safe features a simplex combination locking system with up to 1081 different locking combinations. This combination locking mechanism will trigger the durable inner live action bolt. This tightly secures all of the items on the inside.

No need to worry about batteries, fiddling with keys or using your fingerprint. Fort Knox’s simplex lock keeps your life simple.

The simplex lock may be one of the reliable lock types on the market. They combine simple button technology with a combination locking system. This will give you much faster access to your items on the inside of the safe. It doesn’t run the risk of failing like a biometric or electronic lock can.

We recommend these locks for the added security that they will give to the user. They also have a more complex nature of their structure. You will have the benefit of speed. On the other hand, intruders will need to fight harder and longer to pry open the lock.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that you now have a better understanding of how the Fort Knox safes work. And how they have dedicated their money and effort into producing higher quality safes. These safe may seem simple in structure. But when you look at how they are constructed, you can see how well your handguns can be protected.

We recommend Amazon for the best deals on these safes. Amazon also offers free shipping for both of these products. So it makes ordering online just as cheap as going to the store to purchase the gun safe. Click here for the most popular of the two safes we’ve reviewed. 

We would like to encourage you to let us know how you have experienced these safes. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to get the answers for you. Just comment below!

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