The FNX-45 Tactical might not be the smallest everyday carry handgun, but you can still make it work.

We’ll be taking a look at 5 holsters that will work with your FNX-45.

Most will be worn around your waist, but we’ll throw in one or two that work on shoulders and legs.

Not all options will be concealed carry because let’s admit it. The FNX isn’t all that small. It’s still useful to have holsters on hand that works with your guns. Just in case the event ever arose where you’d need to carry it in public.

**For those of you with busy lives, the Black Arch Holster is the best for conceal carry and the Blade Tech is the best for OWB open carry. To see the latest price on Amazon the Black Arch, go here. For current price information on the Blade Tech, go here.

 NameHolster TypeBest for:See on AmazonPrice
Blade Tech HolsterOWB Paddle FNX 45 handgunSee Current Price$$
Condor Tornado Tactical Leg HolsterDrop Leghiking, climbing, huntingSee Current Price$$
Tactical Shoulder HolsterShoulderwearing under a jacketSee Current Price$$
Blade Tech for FNX 45 TacticalOWB Paddle FNX 45 Tactical handgunSee Current Price$$$
Black Arch HolsterIWBConcealed CarryingSee Current Price$$$

Blade Tech Holster

Holster Type: OWB Paddle Holster
Hand: Right-handed

The Blade Tech is a simple but well designed right handed out of waistband holster.

Blade Tech has decided to forgo the popular Kydex in exchange for a material that is high-impact resistant and can survive a temperature drop of up to -30° without it affecting the product in question.

Why you’d need something that can withstand those temps is beyond me, but then again, I don’t live in Alaska.

It comes with 3 pieces. The holster that holds your gun, a belt clip that slides through your belt to hold your gun, and a paddle to wear over your pants.

Knowing that the FNX 45 is pretty heavy, the belt clip will probably have some issues holding your gun up on its own. It’d be best to use the paddle for this large of a pistol.

Tension is set using two screws, and it can be tightened or loosened depending on your preference. This can keep the gun in place with more or less resistance. Whatever works best for you.

The belt clip is adjustable in order to fit belts between 1.25″ to 2.25”. The holster has a satisfying “Posi-Click” audible retention system. So you can be assured that your firearm is being held in place.

The entire holster itself is also mounted onto a “paddle” which allows you to easily change the position of your firearm without tools, from any of three choices.

So whether you prefer a straight drop, FBI cant or muzzle forward carry, you can have whichever gives you the most comfort and the fastest draw.

The paddle also allows you to determine where on your hip the holster can be placed.

If this is the holster for you, head to Amazon here to see the latest price on the Blade Tech.

Condor Tornado Tactical Leg Holster

Holster Type: Drop Leg
Hand: Right-handed
Works with laser sights and mounted lights

Now we’re entering a little bit less into the daily carry, and more into the tactical side of holsters for this pistol. The Condor is military style, right handed, tactical thigh holster that is sold for a very affordable price.

Suitable for those who want to take their gun in the woods, this holster is made from Nylon and Velcro, it also features a nonslip rubber lining.

This holster can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of firearms and can fit your FNX 45 even if you’ve chosen to add lights or a laser to it.

It has two leg straps can fit around practically anyone. And a belt strap that hooks around your belt is adjustable, so you can choose your carry height.

Supremely comfortable to wear, incredibly durable and able to also carry an additional magazine, this is a great tactical firearm holster and it closely mirrors what soldiers wear in the field.

It’s able to stay securely on your leg even after hours of physical activity.

One word of caution about it, depending on what pants you wear with it, the holster can make a rustling noise when walking so it may not be the best for hunters.

If you want to find out more about the Condor Tornado drop leg holster, check it out at Amazon here.

Tactical Shoulder Holster

Holster Type: Shoulder
Hand: Right or Left-handed

We have discussed shoulder holsters in a previous article and looked at their benefits.

Shoulder holsters are really one of the only ways to effectively conceal carry a full sized, or large firearm.

The FNX tactical is quite a bulky pistol. As such, those of you not looking for an outside the waistband holster will find this to be a great option.

This holster is tactical shoulder holster lets you conceal your firearm while also carrying two additional magazines comfortably and safely.

This is fully adjustable to comfortably fit almost all body frames. It’s made from modern materials and reversible for right or left cross draw. It’s basically a universal shoulder holster that can fit a number of weapons regardless of attachments and also comes with a double magazine pouch.

Meaning that if you have a collection of firearms you can purchase this holster and use it for pretty much all of them.

The product also includes fully adjustable belt straps that allow you to strap down your weapon closer to your torso. It will more easily conceal it when performing activities or sitting down. Note: this is usually an optional add-on for a lot of shoulder holsters, but it comes included with this holster.

If this Tactical Shoulder Holster seems right for you, find it here on Amazon.

Blade Tech for FNX 45 Tactical

Holster Type: OWB Holster
Hand: Right hand

This is another blade tech holster, the difference between this and the previous one is this particular iteration is custom molded to be the perfect fit for an FNX 45 Tactical. Meaning it takes up less space and holds the firearm more effectively.

You don’t need to use screws in order to adjust the tension that holds the weapon in the holster.

Though it does mean that if you have any lights added to your pistol, you won’t be able to use this holster.

This Blade Tech also uses a paddle system as opposed to a belt clip. So rather than having to loop your belt through a plastic ring, you simply place the paddle attachment in between your hip and pants. And the holster is held like that.

Like I said in the other Blade Tech review, this is preferable to the belt clip. Simply because of the weight of the gun.

Other than that, this Blade Tech is basically the same as the other one reviewed. But it simply fits the tactical version of the FNX 45 better.

To find the latest price of the Blade Tech on Amazon, go here.

Black Arch Holster

Holster Type: IWB
Hand: Right-handed
Fits: FNX 45 & FNX 45 Tactical

Alright, here is what we have all been waiting for. A well designed and comfortable in the waistband holster that can suitably conceal carry a weapon the size and caliber of the FNX Tactical.

This holster goes inside of your pants, under your shirt. It clips onto the waist of your pants and allows your shirt to be tucked into your pants.

This holster boasts a “Variable Stiffness Backer” and is made from three layers of material. A premium leather face, a polymer stiffening insert and soft suede backing.

The combination these makes a sturdy yet comfortable, sweat proof barrier between your body and the gun.

Furthermore, in a lot of holsters there is a “break in” period in which you need to wear the holster for the leather to become soft enough to conform to your body. In this particular holster that is not the case. The Black Arch comes pre curved, so it is comfortable right out of the box.

Because of this, they claim the holster is also better concealed, while the stiff leather of other holsters tends to imprint for the first few weeks. Although because of the size of the gun, people do complain that it still imprints.

It likely depends on what you’re wearing as to whether you’ll imprint or not.

The moulded Kydex front plate is kevlar stitched to the leather face. This means that this holster will last a long time with the quality stitching. The holster is also customizable. The pistol retention, carry height and cant are all adjustable to your needs. This allows you to draw as quickly as possible. The Black Arch is right handed and designed to be carried from the 3-5 o’clock positions for the most comfort.

This is one of the best options for an in waistband holster if you’re looking to conceal your FNX pistol. Check it out at Amazon here.


Over the course of this article we have discussed a number of options that allow you to safely and comfortably carry your handgun. And in some cases, conceal your FNX .45.

Our favorite for conceal carry was the Black Arch Holster. It’s a great option for anyone trying to conceal the large firearm in any season. While our favorite open carry was the Blade Tech. It comes with a paddle holster or belt holster. This is convenient for anyone wanting to open carry quickly without much hassle.

You can find the Black Arch holster on Amazon here, or the Blade Tech for open carry here.

Please leave a comment below and let us know if there’s a favorite way you like to carry your FNX .45.


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