14 Gun Stack-On Safe: 9 Questions To Ask Before Buying

Shopping for your first gun safe?

You’ve probably been scouring the internet for a good starter safe. Having a handful of long guns, you don’t need anything too large. And for some basic protection (fire, kids, etc.) you’re not looking for anything too expensive either.

This gun safe might be right for you. But before you get out there and buy it, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Like how many guns fit in the safe, where it’s made, and did you know that this safe comes in two models? What!? Yes, it does.

If you’re ready to buy, check out this gun safe on Amazon now. Otherwise, let’s dig in for more information!

Can I bolt the safe down?

Short answer: Absolutely.

Long answer: Again, absolutely. The gun safe comes pre-drilled with holes on the bottom and the back of the safe. It also comes with a bolt kit that gives you the hardware you need to secure your safe to the ground and wall.

The holes in the back can be used for venting purposes as well. So if you wanted to make sure there is air circulation, leave the back holes open. I personally do not advise this, and would suggest a dehumidifier instead. Or run some wire for a lighting system.

You may think, with it weighing 300+ pounds that it’s safe and secure enough. But to activate the warranty and to have that extra security, you really should make sure to bolt the safe down!

What kind of warranty comes with the safe?

Stack-On first offers a Limited Lifetime Guarantee to the original owner of the gun safe. This means, if you’re the original purchaser of the gun safe and it has been damaged by fire or theft, you get a new safe without any charge.

Note, though, that the safe needs to be bolted down for this part of the warranty to be valid. There are multiple reasons you would want to bolt down the safe, but this is definitely one of the main reasons. Don’t lose the warranty coverage just because you didn’t want to fasten your safe to the ground! It’s worth it.

They also offer a Limited Five Year warranty that covers any manufacturing issues or defects you find. Their customer service has been praised for being extremely helpful when dealing with these issues.

Make sure that when you receive the safe, you fully inspect it for any defects. Check all the corners, open and close the door a few times, try the lock, and inspect the shelving inside. It’s easier to send the safe back with the delivery person than having to arrange things after you’ve had the safe for a while.

Tip: Walmart and Home Depot offer extra care plans that go above and beyond the warranty that Stack-On offers. If this is of interest to you, consider buying from them.

What is the fire rating?

This safe is fire resistant and has been independently tested to make sure its rating is truthful. The gun safe has a 30-minute fire rating and will sustain fire damage up to 1400 degrees. Typically, a fire in the home will get up to 1200 degrees, so this safe is rated pretty high.

A 30-minute fire rating is perfect for someone who might live close to a firehouse, or who just wants some basic protection. There are gun safes that will have 2 hours or more of fire protection, but of course, the budget on those is thousands of dollars.

Where is the safe made or manufactured?

Although Stack-On has a manufacturing facility in Indiana, they are not making all of their safes in the USA. Like many things today, this gun safe is made and manufactured in China.

What is the gauge of the steel?

The gauge of the steel is 14 gauge. You’re looking at basic protection against a typical robber or enough to secure it from kids trying to get in. It’s definitely not a high-end thickness of steel, but for minimal security, this is perfect.

What should you know about moving the safe?

The safe will arrive fully assembled. Because the safe weighs close to 300 pounds, you will want some help. The door is able to be removed if moving 290lbs is too difficult for you. You can slide the door off of the hinges/pins and it will reduce the weight by around 1/3rd. This will make it a lot easier for you and a friend to move the safe.

The exterior of the safe has these dimensions: 19” W (48.3 cm), 20-1/4” D (51.4 cm), 55” H (140 cm). Be aware, though, that the handle will stick out an extra two inches. Either way, this will fit through doorways without an issue.

Based on where and how you buy the safe, you might be able to customize shipping so that the company can move the safe into your home.

How many long guns fit into this safe?

Stack-On claims that it can hold 14 guns, but this is an overestimation. You’ll likely be able to fit 7 or 8 if you don’t use the shelving units on either side. If you plan to store ammo inside or use the shelves for pistols, then you can cut that gun capacity number down to 3-4 long guns.

This safe includes 4 shelves that are 11.5 x .725. They are fairly thin shelves, so I wouldn’t advise storing ammo or other heavy objects on them. If you don’t disperse the weight properly, the shelves will warp with time. You can put pistols on the shelves without any issue.

Stack On does have some branded options for door organizers.  You can find a summary of accessories here.

Electronic Lock or Combination Lock?

Stack-On offers two models of this safe. An option for an electronic or combination lock. Which one are you looking for? Read on for a brief description of each.

14 Gun Stack-On Gun Safe FS-14-MB-C

This is the combination lock gun safe. This is your standard locker type of combination lock. The lock code will be given to you in the owner’s manual, and you are not able to change it.

Pros: Because it doesn’t take batteries, the lock will always be available. Combination lock quality is usually better than its electronic counterpart.
Cons: Can’t change the code. Takes a bit of extra time to open the safe.

Check here on Amazon for the latest price on the combination lock model.

Check out Walmart’s prices here.

14 Gun Stack-On Gun Safe FS-14-MB-E

This is the electronic lock version of this gun safe. It has a keypad where you enter your lock code and it will open in a matter of seconds. This code is customizable, which makes it easy for you to make it something you can recall.

Also, if you forget your combination because you won’t access your safe that often, there is a lock backup key that can give you entry into the safe. This is also good if the battery dies on the electronic lock.

Pros: Quick access to the safe. Customizable code. Backup key.
Cons: Battery can die. The backup key might be seen as a con if you are worried of a lock picker.

Check here on Amazon for the latest price on the electronic lock model.
Check here for Walmart’s latest prices on this model.

Tip: If you’re still undecided, check out more information on locks on my Questions to Ask Before Buying A Gun Safe page.

Who sells Stack-On Gun Safes?

Being a pretty popular brand, Stack-On gun safes are sold by many various companies. Amazon is a large seller of Stack-on products and most of the time they offer free or discounted shipping.

Walmart and Home Depot are also known to sell the 14 gun Stack-On safe. These websites offer shipping as well, or a ship-to-store option. This can be a bit of a hassle since you will need to do the hauling yourself. If you can get free shipping to your home, it will take quite the weight off your shoulders. (Pun intended.)

Bonus: Last minute specifications?

  • California approved firearms safety device
  • 2-way locking with 3 – 1″ steel live action locking bolts and 2 dead bolts for 5 locking points
  • Fire-resistant for up to 30 minutes and 1400 degrees
  • Exterior dimensions: 20.2 x 29.2 x 55 inches
  • 16.65″ W, 14.91″ D, 52.76″ H
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 7.6
  • Shipping Weight: Electronic: 280 lbs. Combination: 290 lbs.
  • 14 gauge steel


Overall, for a person who wants to lock up a few long guns for some basic protection, this is a great value safe. The price is good for what you’re getting.

If you still aren’t sure if this Stack-On safe is right for you, check out some other popular Stack-On models here.

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Brad says August 8, 2016

I am in the process of researching the costs/requirements getting my gun license. One of them is proper storage. I didn’t realize how heavy these safes were. Thanks for the info!

Walda Woods says August 8, 2016

Thank you for such an in-depth article. I’ve been clawing through the Internet looking for answers but here they are, all in one place. We’re fairly new to gun collecting and still have so much to learn. You’ve made it easy to choose the model we need at this time.

Elizabeth says August 10, 2016

I’m glad to know it can be bolted down. I need that in earth quake prone CA.

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