DEWALT Camo Heated Jacket Kit: My Experience

Growing up in a small country town meant that I was able to go hunting with my uncle most weekends. We only hunted small game like rabbits and ducks.

Like any hunting expedition, you had to follow 3 important rules.

During the winter I would often get very cold. Even though I was well dressed in layers, because I had to move slowly or stay stationary for long periods of time I would often start to get chilly. This is because I didn’t generate enough energy moving to stay warm.

Now that I’m older and slightly wiser, I like to take my own kids hunting. I learned that to really enjoy yourself you have to stay warm. That’s when I discovered the Dewalt Camo heated jacket.

I was actually at the fishing and camping show when I saw them being displayed. It’s amazing how technology can evolve to incorporate small compact heating elements and a lithium Ion battery into a jacket.

So I just had to get one to test it out myself, and boy I was not disappointed

As an electrician, I already own a few of the Dewalt brand of cordless tools, so I knew that they make great quality gear. This hunting battery jacket incorporates the same battery that their 12v and 20v range of power tools use.

Camo Heated Jacket Key Features

  • 4 Heating Zones within the Jacket (front and back)
  • LED color controller with 3 temperature settings + Pre-heat function – gets hot fast
  • Routing port holes in the jacket for a USB cable for cell phone charging
  • 7 Total Pockets
  • Soft water resistant Camo outer shell

Dewalt actually have a whole range of styles and colors of these camo heated jackets. So they will surely have one size, color and style for whatever part of the world you live in.

Heating Zones

The heated jacket I have has 4 heating zones. Two on the back and two on the front. Each is powered from the 20v 1.5Ah max battery. This gives me around 7 hours of heating on the low setting. On the high setting this cuts down the battery life to only a few hours. But wow its warm. No matter what setting you choose.

It’s good because I can even use the jacket for work as well as hunting. When it’s winter and I’m out doing a home renovation or a or 1st fix wiring up a house it can often get really cold. My fellow workers and hunters shiver while I’m just nice and toasty.


  • Keeps me warm when not moving.
  • Battery lasts a long time on low setting
  • Can take either a 12v battery or the heavy duty 20v max dewalt battery
  • Waterproof
  • 3 heat setting
  • Option to charge Phones via included USB ports
  • Can use the same batteries in my power tools


  • If you use the 4Ah battery your jacket can get bulky
  • Slightly expensive

At the end of the day this is a heated jacket that I can use forever. I have even put it in the wash. But remember to first take out the battery and the electronics / cables. I also wouldn’t tumble try just hang it on the cloths line and all will be good.

Shell Material

The camo shell is water resistant and incorporated Dewalts noise limiting fabric. Some other jackets I have worn seem to make a shuffle sound when the arms move. This jacket is defiantly a lot quitter which is perfect when you need to minimise sound while creeping into position.

I also like that the hood is removable. I usually just take it of and put it in my backpack. The hood serves no real purpose unless it starts to rain. Then I will clip it back on.

The power selection switch is on the inside of the jacket. It’s selectable to the 3 heating zones, Low, Mid and High. You will get a color indication for each level high (red), med (green) and low (blue).

To turn the jacket power on once the battery is plugged in just hold the color power switch on for a few seconds until it starts to flash red. It’s now in pre heat mode. Pressing the LED switch again will cycle through the heat levels.

Some other heated jackets like the Bosch have the LED indication switch on the outside of the jacket.

Cool feature but if you want to be camouflaged especially in the night, it’s better that this light source is on the inside.

Battery options

You have a few options for batteries. 1.5Ah, 2.5Ah and the larger 4.0Ah. Each will increase in size and weight slightly but also in runtime. I recommend using the 1.5 and 2Ah batteries. These are perfect in size and weight.

The battery fits on the back left side so if you are sitting down or driving it may get in the way if using the larger battery.

The battery holder is nearly the same size as the battery. But it adds some cool features like the battery power level as well as 2x USB out ports to charge cell phones, GPS and cameras.


Having used this Dewalt jacket for a year now, I’m really impressed. I know there are other manufactures starting to get into the same game now but none of them seem to have the range of designs and colors available. I’m sure that will change in time.

If you are after a ladies jacket then check out this post about the best women’s heated jackets. Goes over a few different brands and their features.

The world is moving fast into these new Lithium Ion batteries they power cars, drones, cameras, rifle scopes, phones, torches and now jackets. Stay warm and stay safe.

Happy Hunting.



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