We all have different things that trigger us to look into creating a home emergency plan. Perhaps something happened to a friend of yours, or maybe there was a recent disaster that hit close to home for you. Or maybe there was something on the news that makes you nervous about your future. Whatever it is, know that you’re taking the right steps by starting this research.

I decided to break up this topic into a series of articles. There’s a lot to write about and I want to make sure I’m thorough enough to cover all bases.

So what is step 1? Step 1 is answering a big question. It’s about analyzing different disaster scenarios that can happen to you and targeting what events you want to plan for. So let’s get started!

What emergency scenarios could you face?

Type 1: Natural Disaster

Weather related scenarios are one of the most common disaster scenarios to prepare for. Some of us live in hurricane prone areas whereas others live in blizzard areas. Floods, tornadoes, and other extreme weather conditions have their seasons, but it’s important to note which of these areas you live in and should consider when preparing a plan.

If you have a house, could it be struck by lightning or hit by a flood? Do you live in an area that gets fires in the summer because of the late summer heat and dryness?

Are there any active or dormant volcanoes in your vicinity? If so, do some research to understand the risks of how they have affected the area in the past and what they are expected to do in the future.

Type 2: Location

Do you live in a city or out in the country? If you’re an urban dweller, it’s likely you may run into different emergency situations than someone who lives in the country. Consider power outages or city water being poisoned. This happened just a year ago with Detroit and they’re still recovering.

Is there civil unrest in your area? Are there many protests or rioting taking place? Perhaps a terrorist attack or robberies? This could easily create an emergency situation that would prompt you to protect your family.

Type 3: Medical

Is anyone in your family sick with something that could cause an emergency? Perhaps you want to prepare for a pregnancy or emergency delivery.

If you have children, you may want to prepare for a situation where one gets injured. Maybe you are living alone and want to create an emergency plan in case something were to happen to you medically.

Type 4: Economic or Political

Lately, there has been much unrest and lack of confidence in our governments and our economic situation. Personally, I believe these are real threats to consider along with the others.

Although the collapse of 2008 was slightly bad, just think of how bad it could be the next time around. I believe we got lucky in 2008 and the crash should have been much worse. Preparing for a loss of a job, an economic collapse, a government crackdown on guns, or even Martial Law is something you’ll want to consider.

Out of all these emergency situations listed above, which ones are applicable to you? List them out on paper and see how many you will want to prepare yourself for. It may seem overwhelming if you have a long list.

There are definitely multiple scenarios that any of us could encounter. What I did to sort my list out was to prioritize it. Write a list in the order of most likely or important to least likely and important. Tackle each emergency plan one at a time. This will make it much less overwhelming.

Ok now that you’ve got your list of things to prepare for, I’ll link to the follow-up post once it’s posted so you can read on!

What is your #1 thing you’re preparing for? What do you think you’re most likely to encounter? Comment below to start discussing!

In my life, I believe the biggest threat is a local power or water issue. I believe it’s the most likely thing to occur for my husband and me. It’s definitely #1 on my list, although I have several things I want to prepare for.

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