The whole concept of ‘craft’ products is becoming increasingly popular. People don’t just want a manufacturer to spit out thousands of the same product day in and day out. They want quality and that personal touch.

This concept is part of the basis for a company called Craft Holsters. There’s a huge sense of hand crafted quality with each holster that is made. From the time you order until the time you receive your product, you’re in good hands.

So, on to the good stuff.

First, we’ll explain a bit about the company, and then later on we’ll be reviewing a holster that they sent us for review.

The Craft Holster Company

So Craft Holsters has been around for over 25 years. But just recently they completely revamped how they are doing business. This is all because of customer feedback.

Their website is super intuitive. In just a few clicks, you can find the exact holster that you’ve been envisioning. You can find the perfect holster to fit your every day carry with ease.

Craft holsters focuses on the European craftsmanship and bringing that the US. They work with a handful of brands that are small, but because they’re small, they pack a lot of care into each of their holsters.

One of the things Craft Holsters is known for is their bulletproof guarantee. Sounds a bit wild, right? Well, behind the bulletproof guarantee are several solutions to many holster owners worries.

Basically, there are four guarantees in one.

First, they have something called the quality craftsmanship guarantee. So this means once you get the holster into your own hands, they promise you’ll be able to feel the quality in the way it was put together and the materials that were used in making your new holster.

Second, they guarantee that your holster will have the perfect fit with your everyday carry. These holsters are made to ensure they abide by all the federal laws regarding safety.

Third, it doesn’t matter where you live, they can deliver your holster. I really wonder if this includes somewhere crazy like Antarctica, but regardless, they have a worldwide delivery guarantee.

Lastly, this one is my favorite. They have a 30 day tryout period. Now remember, because these are 100% leather holsters, they’ve got a break in period. The great thing about Craft Holsters is, regardless of the break in period, they’ll give you 30 days to try it out and see if the holster is right for you.

Outside of holsters, Craft Holsters sells some tactical gear, bags, purses and gun cases. Check out their extensive collection of products here.

Alright, now let’s get into the review of the holster that Craft Holster sent us.

The Test

We opted for a holster that could carry a small 22 pistol. The Walther p22 in fact.

The IWB Open Muzzle leather holster caught our eyes due to the unique straps that can go around the belt. One of the more inconvenient things of putting on a holster is inserting your belt through the slits of the holster. That’s why this design stuck out. There was no need to remove your belt to secure the holster. It just uses the straps to loop around the belt while you’re wearing it. Pretty neat.

The leather and stitching is definitely a noticeable high quality. The threads weren’t frayed and were very durable. The double stitching adds a nice bit of reinforcement to keep the leather in place.

One of our gun owners wore this holster as a trial and this is what he had to say about it:


  • This holster made drawing my gun super easy. The loopholes around the belt helped keep the holster in place while still being quite concealed.
  • It fit the gun snugly, but not too snugly.
  • I wore this completely as IWB. It was comfortable while walking, driving and sitting. Easily a great option if you carry everyday.
  • I wore this completely as IWB. It was comfortable while walking, driving and sitting. Easily a great option if you carry everyday.


  • Not necessarily a con, but until the holster was fully broken in, the slide would pull back when holstering the gun. I just had to make sure I kept it in place as I slid the holster in. But after a few weeks, it was completely fine. Just don’t be surprised if this happens to you when you first use your holster.
  • Also not necessarily a con, but at first, there was a bit of flaking and debris from the inside part of the leather holster. It happens with every leather holster and I understand that’s the nature of the material, but just wanted to let everyone know to expect this when breaking in their holster.

To find this specific holster, check it out here!

The Verdict

Craft Holsters definitely cares about each product they sell to their customers.

Their bulletproof guarantees is catchy and holds a decent amount of responsibility on the company to stand for what they believe in. They’re willing to let you try the product because they know you’ll be satisfied with it.

We definitely loved the holster they gave us and can’t wait to see where this company goes in the future. Thanks for stopping by and reading this review. If you have a holster from Craft Holsters, comment below to let us know what you think of it.

To find your perfect holster, hit up here.


**This product was given to us by Craft Holsters to review. Though, our opinions in the article are completely our own.**

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