Many of us like to carry concealed firearm throughout the day and still maintain a healthy and athletic lifestyle. But this might not always be the ideal situation to carry your concealed firearm. Running causes everything in the body to shake.  Because of this, traditional holsters might not be the best choice for your firearm.

Traditional holsters will lock in the gun securely, but the sometimes do not offer the best trigger protection and while running with a loaded firearm, accidents are bound to happen without the necessary precautions taken.

Concealed carry permits should be used. And while the OWB holster might be one of the best for this choice of lifestyle in terms of safety, it might not be great for the times where you need to keep the gun concealed, especially with a lot of movement. We have searched far and wide to compile a few tips that will allow you to comfortably carry your concealed firearm and keep up that athletic lifestyle.

Ensure trigger protection and keep the gun un-cocked

It is always tempting when leaving the house to keep the gun cocked, but aside from doing some damage to the trigger and wearing out the spring when it is constantly cocked, it could potentially lead to a lead to many problems when running. Many holsters do offer trigger protection, but of the gun does not have a safety or if it is not activated, these protection mechanisms could set of the firearm while the body is vibrating.

We recommend looking for the best possible trigger protection when planning to run with a concealed weapon, but it will also be much safer to un-cock the firearm and keep it either in safety mode or learning how to quickly access the gun in times of need.

Wear a longer jacket

A jacket might not be ideal for running, but it will be great for keeping your OWB holster and keeping the gun in a safe position – away from the body. Ideally, you should not put your firearm close to the body when running with a concealed weapon. A larger jacket or hoodie will be ideal for you to keep the gun on the outside of the waistband.

Buy a smaller firearm

Larger firearms are harder to conceal. And when you are looking for a holster for running, it will be much harder to find the ideal holster and also ensure the gun is concealed. A smaller firearm is always handy and they are not always for women only. Men with smaller frames will also benefit from carrying their smaller firearms and concealing them when out for a run.

Stay away from ankle holsters

Yes, the ankle holster might be tempting, but it also does have more downsides than upsides for running. Putting more weight on your legs is not great and will definitely lead to running problems. But since most of the vibration will start in your legs, this could also cause the gun to come loose much faster. Especially faster than it would when you simply choose an upper body or waistband holster. We do recommend that you think again if you plan on investing in an ankle holster for running.

Buy a shoulder or tank top holster

These holsters are fairly uncomfortable when it comes to wearing them. They will keep the gun away from your body when running.  And also keep the gun concealed under all the clothing. This will certainly be the better choice for you to make.

Tank top holsters are easy to wear and they can also be worn throughout the day without causing discomfort. Once you get used to wearing them, we believe they will become your number one holster for concealed carry while running and throughout the day. Look into chest holsters as possible options as well.

Final Thoughts

The athletic lifestyle is always recommended.  And with the danger of crime rising in the world, we completely understand why you would want to carry a firearm with you at all time. Especially to the gym and while running. We do hope that you have found these tips helpful. And we would definitely appreciate it if you let us know in the comment section of any other tips we might have missed or even some new tips that you have been trying.

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Tyler Elias says November 24, 2017

If your gun goes off while running, you shouldn’t trust your life with it.

Lori says May 2, 2019

What about running when it’s warm out? Any fanny packs or similar for when not so many clothes are involved?

Ceb says October 16, 2019

My sister always run at night and i told her that its better for her safety if she bring a gun while running. Great tips informative and helpful. Will recommend this article to my sister.

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