You want to hide your handgun in a unique way.

Maybe you don’t wear belts, or don’t like wearing pants. Concealing in a tank top is the perfect alternative, especially in summer months.

Tanks tops are not only designed for women and they do also make great options for men to help conceal their smaller firearms.

The best tank top holsters are a great alternative to a shoulder holster that can be swinging the gun around. They also remove the bulge that waistband holsters can imprint. This makes it less obvious that you are carrying a firearm while keeping it close to your body.

We have set out to find the top conceal carry tank tops and show you how these can benefit you.

**For those of you with short attention spans or busy lives, our favorite tank for men is UnderTech Undercover Men’s Concealment Tank and our favorite for women is UnderTech Undercover Women’s Concealment Tank.

With clothing, there aren’t that many important features to look at, but we will look at the few that are generally acceptable and will need to scour for if you plan on buying tank gun holster combination:

Key features to look out for

Comfort: The tank top obviously needs to be comfortable to wear. This means that there should be good moisture wicking properties to help evacuate sweat from the body and the materials need to be kind to the skin. Having abrasions can be extremely irritating on a tank top.

Flexible yet high retention: Since the tank top will be sitting extremely tight to the body, you will need to have flexibility. This means that your body should be able to twist and move freely within the tank top, but with spandex usually incorporated in these tank tops, there should be no problem when it comes to movement.

On the other hand, it should keep your pistol secure so that a lot of movement won’t knock it out.

Firearm: The larger the gun, the harder it will be to conceal. Take this into consideration when purchasing a tank top. Subcompact and smaller weapons will work better with these options. The weight of the gun can also considerably increase sagging in a tank top if it’s heavy enough. Stick to small guns to store in your top!

Added pockets/Accessories: Having added pockets in the holster or tank top can be extremely beneficial and you will be able to carry along more magazines and or tactical knife.

Most tank tops that allow you to conceal firearms do already have these features incorporated. But we still wanted to make you aware of them.

That being said, let’s look at the top conceal carry tank tops for 2017:


UnderTech Undercover Men’s Tank Top

Made in the USA
Right or Left-handed use
Fits compact to full sized handguns

The UnderTech Undercover men’s concealment tank top is one of the top tank tops worn by the Secret Service, TSA, FBI, and DEA in many of their undercover sting operations.

The tank top offers two holsters on either side for right and left handed use to allow users to keep their guns concealed.

Essentially, you put the shirt on, slide your gun inside and it stays snug. The gun barrel ends up being pointed downward while secured inside the tank top.

Since it’s elastic/spandex, it can fit any sized gun. Although depending what you’re wearing, it may imprint the clothing you wear over or cause sagging because of weight.

Bending down could cause your gun to slip out. There’s no trigger guard on these shirts. So keep your safety on at all times for extra precaution.

This shirt is built to last and reviewers have mentioned that they’ve worn theirs for years without any issues, sagging, or fraying.

It’s a great, high-quality shirt for men!

You can choose from black or white and various sizes to fit yourself best. Reviewers have claimed that it runs slightly small, so feel free to size up for a more relaxed fit.

To see the current price on the UnderTech Tank Top, head to Amazon here.

5.11 Tactical S/S Holster Shirt

Right or Lefthanded use
Fits all sized handguns
T-Shirt style

The Tactical holster shirt moves the firearm away from the armpits and more towards the chest of the wearer. Thus meaning that you will have better access and a faster draw ability.

The top also features two holsters on either side, making it great for ambidextrous users and will help conceal your weapon much better.

There are two tabs of Velcro that will hold the gun in place, although they aren’t super strong.

Furthermore, this tank top is available in both white and black and the added antimicrobial materials will help to keep any odor from arising. Thus ensuring that you stay odor-free for longer periods of time. The flatlock seam will also reduce any friction and you will not have any abrasions.

The quality of this shirt is high, and it should be for the price you’re paying. Many reviewers mentioned that they’ve owned and worn this for several years without issues.

Since this is a T-shirt style, it’s perfect for outdoor activities. If you have a thin pistol, you’ll probably be able to jog with this shirt.

Although, a lot of bending over can cause the gun to fall out. So make sure you’re mostly hiking or doing an upright activity.

If you want to give this shirt a try, find the current price here on Amazon.


UnderTech Undercover Women’s Tank Top

Made In USA
Right or Left Handed
Fits most handguns

This is basically the women’s version of the UnderTech we reviewed above.

Much like the men’s version, this tank top is great for concealing two weapons on either side of the body and will definitely not cause any abrasions with the added spandex materials that have been added for more elasticity.

There’s a velcro strap that goes around the handgun while it’s stored in the shirt. This keeps it secure for the average movement you’d do during a day.

Because women are typically of smaller build than men, keep in mind that large guns will imprint. Stick to subcompact semi-automatic pistols to keep your gun completely concealed when wearing a tank top. Even revolvers will most likely show through your clothing.

The tank top might be expensive, but with all the extra pockets, you could conceal much more than your firearm. Also if you’re wearing lots of layers, it will be more difficult to draw your pistol.

Note: For cleaning, wash in cold water and hang dry. This should keep your tank top in mint condition for years to come.

To see the current price on Amazon for the UnderTech for women, click here.

UnderTech Undercover Women’s Shirt

Made in the USA
Right or Left handed use

Featuring more of a tighter fit, the UnderTech women’s concealment scoop neck shirt has been designed to allow more ventilation to pass through the body. Basically, this means, order a size up for a more relaxed fit.

This top has also been used by all of the top US protection services on undercover sting operations and it also allows the carry two firearms on either side.

The tank top might take some getting use to as the weapons will be underneath the arms and you will need to learn to walk naturally without giving away the fact that something is underneath your arms. The added spandex will also help make the top more stretchable and reduce any risk of abrasions.

Instead of a pocket to slip the gun into, this is more of a sewn-on holster that exposes the bottom of the gun barrel. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just something different from the tank top above that we reviewed.

Instead of a velcro strap, this tank offers something different. It’s a metal clasp on the strap that holds the gun in place. This can get annoying when securing because there’s a lot more thought involved.

With velcro, you can simply stick your gun in, put the strap over and be done. But the benefit to this is that it’s more secure than velcro.

To grab your UnderTech shirt today, head to Amazon here to see the latest price and more.

GrayStone Women’s Holster Tank Top

Left and Right-hand use
Great for Latex Allergies

Last but certainly not least, we have the GrayStone Women’s conceal carry tank top holster to make the concealment of your firearm a little more comfortable. This top fits tightly as the others and cotton has been used in place of the spandex.

This means that the top will be extremely comfortable to wear with reduced risks of abrasions. It’s also perfect for someone who wants to conceal carry with a tank top, yet has a latex allergy.

The top also features lower holsters, meaning that you could walk much more naturally with larger weapons concealed and the 3 added pockets on each side should give you ample room for storing magazines as well as some of your valuables.

So you could even use this as a purse! Joking aside, it’s got a lot of storage for a shirt.

Although it’s only available in white, it makes for the perfect layering top. You wouldn’t want to wear it on its own due to the tight fit, but underneath a layer works perfectly.

Find the GrayStone Tank Holster here on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

There are some great options for both men and women who want to conceal carry. No need for a separate holster when you can slip your gun right into your shirt.

Just to recap: our favorite for men was the UnderTech Undercover Men’s Concealment Tank. It keeps the gun snugly in place while still being comfortable to wear. Go to Amazon here to find the latest price.

Our favorite tank for women was the UnderTech Undercover Women’s Concealment Tank. It conceals most small handguns while still being comfortable and somewhat stylish. Find it here on Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed the review and figured out whether a tank top is the best way for you to conceal carry. Leave a comment in the section below to share your experiences with carrying your handgun.

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