If there’s one word to describe Browning safes, it’s: sexy.  Ok, maybe not that explicit.  Maybe something more like ‘strikingly stunning’.  

These gun safes are known for their polished, pristine look, both inside and outside the safe.  I could go on and on about their aesthetics and design, but like they say, there’s more to the safe than what meets the eye.

Today I’ll be introducing you to the Browning ProSteel brand and sharing a few reviews about their best selling safes.  I’ll focus on three levels of price points, size, and quality so that you can figure out what works best for your needs.  

The three types of safes I’ll be covering are in 3 different lines of gun safes. Their economy line called the Sporter,  their iron-clad line called the Tactical, and lastly their high-end protection line called Medallion.

If you’re ready to buy, head on over to GunSafes.com here.

So let’s dig in and find out about all the good stuff that Browning has to offer.

Who makes Browning Gun Safes?

So right off the bat, you might think that Browning makes their gun safes.  While that’s partially true, there’s some history behind who really makes these high-quality safes.  Why the small history lesson? It’s good to know the company you’re buying from.  It makes you trust them more when you know how long they’ve been in the industry and how they got to where they are.

Browning Arms Company has been around for over 100 years.  While they make knives, fishing equipment, and bows, they are most famous for their firearms.

I’m going to switch companies just for a moment, but you’ll see how this all ties together shortly.  In 1947, a metalworking company was started called Provo Steel & Supply.  In the 70s, they began making gun safes.  

Roughly 30 years ago, Browning decided they wanted to start a line of gun safes.  They contacted ProSteel to see if they could manufacture gun safes for Browning.  After that, they partnered up, bringing us today the Browning ProSteel brand of gun safes.


What is unique to the Browning brand?

Browning boasts many innovations to the gun safe industry.  One that is the most useful to buyers is the DPX Storage system.  It sounds fancy, and it actually is.  It’s a patented organizational system on the doors of their safes.  This unique door storage system lets you store long guns on the door itself.  It really maximizes the space you have in the gun safe.  Many safes come with door storage, but Browning’s door gun rack is simply revolutionary.  

Another unique quality to most Browning safes is their Force Deflector Locking System.  It’s another fancy sounding feature of the safe.  This is basically a locking system in the door that will prevent attacks to the bolts in the door from unlocking the safe. Even if a thief is trying to break into the safe by pushing into the bolts, the door won’t unlock because the force has been deflected into another area inside the door.  Other safe brands don’t have this kind of technology.  So if you’re looking for innovative theft protection in your safe, this is a great brand for you.

Browning Safe vs Liberty Safe

Both of these brands are well known in the industry for making high-quality safes.  

Liberty is known for not only their gun safes but for their home safes too.  They feature many patented storage options and flexible interiors.  They also focus their efforts on their security features. Liberty also offers an outstanding warranty.

Browning ProSteel also focuses their efforts on patenting storage options and unique security features. They have an advantage on Liberty due to their external door hinges.  Many people have noted this difference between the brands.  Being able to open the door 180 degrees really helps you be able to reach inside the right side of the safe because you won’t have a door in your way.  It’s not only helpful on a day-to-day basis, but it’s also useful when moving your safe.  Taking off the door removes over 100 pounds of weight. This is vital when trying to maneuver this awkwardly sized yet super heavy gun safe.


What kind of warranty do Browning safes have?

This gun safe manufacturer offers a five-year workmanship warranty.  So if you find any defects with your safe within 5 years, you can contact Browning ProSteel and they will repair the safe or replace it if necessary.  It’s a fairly long warranty for covering manufacturer defects. I’m pretty happy about the length of this warranty.

They also offer a limited lifetime warranty. This covers any attempted break-in, a break-in or fire damage to the safe.  This type of warranty is usually standard in this industry, so this is almost to be expected from gun safe companies.


What is the Browning Sporter Safe?

The Sporter is Browning’s budget friendly line of gun safes.  They wanted to offer an affordable alternative to their other models, but still giving you that quality with their brand.   It’s perfect for someone who is looking for some basic protection against fires and burglaries.  We’ll be reviewing their Sporter 23 gun safe which holds 25 guns.

The safe is customizable with either an electronic lock or mechanical lock.  A great aspect about their locks is that they come with a five-year warranty.  This is unheard of in the world of safes, which should bring you some peace of mind.

This 25 gun Sporter model comes with customizable shelving for an interior set-up that works with whatever needs you may have.  One of Browning ProSteel’s unique features is their door storage system.  Even on this affordable Sporter safe, the door comes with a bottom shelf to set 7 of your long guns on. It also is made with several pockets and elastic holders for extra mags, documents, knives or glasses.


The steel on this gun safe is 12-gauge making this thing weigh 520 pounds.  You will definitely want to get your buddies together with a dolly to help move this safe. You won’t be able to do it alone.  The good news is, the hinges on the door are on the outside.  This not only lets you open the door 180 degrees when you’re using it on a daily basis, but it lets you can remove the door.  This helps during moving because it will reduce the weight by over 100 pounds.  You still won’t be able to move it alone, but it will be much easier to move.

Even though it boasts the ability to hold 25 guns, plan on it filling up at a little more than half of that.  The downside to this safe, like many gun safes, is their overestimated gun capacity.  

Also, the door storage is best for guns that do not have scopes.  Be careful because the scoped guns won’t fit as easily in the door and may hit other items in your safe when you try to close the door.  It’s better to simply store them inside the safe.

You’ll most likely need some lighting in the safe as well. It doesn’t come standard with the safe, so you’ll have to install it on your own.  Luckily, Browning drills a hole in the safe so you can run wiring right through the back.

I’ve put together some final details about this safe.  The exterior dimensions are 58″H x 30″W x 23″D but make sure to add 3 inches to the depth with the handle if you’re looking for exact measurements. The interior dimensions are 54″H x 27″W x 16″D giving you 20 cubic feet of interior space.

Their fire rating is an above average 1400 degrees and 60-minute standard fire protection.  They’ve increased this from 45 minutes in the past year or two.  It’s a pretty high-temperature rating compared to other brands in the industry.

I found the best price for the Sporter 23 gun safe at gunsafes.com.  They offer an impressive free delivery service that can be upgraded if you need help actually moving the safe into your home. You can find out how to buy this safe here.


What is the Browning Prosteel Tactical Safe?

The first thing I wondered when I heard the word ‘tactical’ was, what the heck does that even mean?  According to Browning, tactical refers to the design of the safe.  It’s made for the guy who uses modern day sporting rifles that have unique shapes and dimensions. No need to awkwardly fit your scoped rifles together like putting together a puzzle. This design is meant to adapt to your gun collection.

So the one I chose to review is the Mark III 33 Wide Tactical Safe. It estimates a gun capacity of 40 guns. It offers the patented DPX storage system on the door for more maximized gun space.   You can store 10 long guns on the door and even more pistols. It has a unique handle on the door that sets a ‘tactical’ mood. Whatever that may be.  As long as it looks cool, right?

One of the really convenient features I liked on this safe was its new Cantilevered Modular Shelving. (Why can’t they come up with simple names like “movable shelves”?) Anyway, the benefit here is that you can adjust your shelves to fit smaller short barrel guns and carbines inside.  It’s actually a very nice addition.  With short barrel guns being a unique height, they don’t seem to fit really well in most gun safes.  Browning really thought through this design to accommodate many types of firearms.  

You can add on a dehumidifier that will fit through the hole in the back of the safe, and you can also buy additional pistol racks.  If you’re looking for good dehumidifiers for your safe, check some great ones out here.

It’s normally dark inside as well, so check out some lighting options in my comprehensive lighting system review here.

Ok, here are some last details on this safe.  It only comes with an electronic lock. It’s made with 12 gauge steel which puts it at 655 pounds. It takes up 33 cubic feet of space and has exterior dimensions of 58″H x 36″W x 27″D (add 4.5 inches for the handle).  The internal dimensions are 54″H x 33″W x 19″D.  

The fire protection on the safe is pretty good.  It rates at 1400 degrees for 60 minutes.  It also has the Palusol expanding fire seal which will seal the door at high temperatures. This will protect your valuables from fire and smoke damage.

I found the best price for the Mark III 33 Wide Tactical Safe at gunsafes.com.  They offer not only a great price but an impressive free delivery service. You can pay a bit extra if you need help actually moving the safe into your home. You can find out how to buy this safe here.


What is the Browning Medallion Safe?

The Medallion line is one of Browning’s Premium safe lines.  It’s known for its detailed craftsmanship and pleasing aesthetics.  It’s made to be shown off.  I’ll be giving you a look at this year’s Browning M40F Gun Safe model.  

The M40F can hold up to 43 guns if you remove the shelves.  The door can hold 10 long guns and at least two pistols.  There’s also two areas in the door that are carved in so that scopes can easily fit onto the door. (They call it the Scope Saver.) This is an advantage to the less expensive models that Browning sells.

The shape of this safe is made to be wide like a bureau. They designed the gun safe this way so that it seems more like a piece of furniture than a boxy refrigerator looking safe.  It really expands the options on where you can place it in your home because of its shape.  

Bottom line, this safe was made to embellish the luxurious man-cave.

Because the Medallion boasts such a beautiful design, it’s made for someone who wants to show it off.  If you want to simply put your safe in the basement or a closet, I suggest looking at the other lines of safes that Browning has to offer. This safe wants to be treated like gold.

Each one is custom built here in the US for your order. You can choose from a palette of colors so that it will fit nicely with your home decor.  There are options for a decal on the front.  Many are wildlife scenes. If that doesn’t suit you, you can always opt to not have any design.  You can choose the finish you want on your safe.  You have options for a Chrome, Black Chrome or Gold finish.  These can really help to put the final touches on the gun safe after you’ve selected the decal and color.  Mmmm. Sexy. Ok, I’ll stop.

When it comes to locking mechanism options, they’ve added a SecuRam biometric lock to the usual S&G mechanical and S&G electronic choices.


The interior is lined with beige carpeting and comes with an option for LED light installation.  Browning offers a new Axis Adjustable Shelving system.  This is a huge upgrade to the fabric lined plywood shelving that most companies offer.  These shelves are made out of steel and are super versatile.  You can move the up, down and side to side on the tracks inside.  You can also upgrade and purchase more shelf options.

The bolts on the door are unique on this model. There are 18 bolts total but guess what? On the two outside corners of the doors, there are Pry-Stop corner bolts that protect the most vulnerable area of the safe.  A lot of break-ins occur by starting at these outer corners.  These bolts add some solid protection that a burglar won’t see coming.

There are still many great features to talk about with this safe, but I’m going to sum up the rest of the details for now.

It comes in as the champion with a weight of 1105 pounds due to its heavy 10-gauge steel exterior.  Its exterior dimensions are 60″H x 44″W x 26″D (make sure to add 3″ of depth for handle).  Its interior dimensions are 54″H x 39″W x 17″D.

The fire rating is an impressive 1700 degrees temperature rating with a 110-minute fire protection. It has four layers of .5 inch fire-resistant insulation everywhere except the ceiling where it has five layers. Like the tactical safe, it comes with the Palusol expanding fire seal.

It has several anti-prying features and security features.  It is UL tool attack listed and offers the Uni-Force Locking System and OmniBarrior Lock Protection System.

Such a good-looking safe. I found the best price for the Browning M40F Gun Safe at gunsafes.com.  They offered a nice discounted price and all the options for this safe.  The free delivery is extremely convenient because this normally can cost hundreds of dollars.  You can pay a bit extra if you’re looking for help with moving the safe and installing it. You can find out how to buy this safe here.


Conclusion: Which is the best Browning safe for the money?

The answer is completely up to you.  Each one of these safes I’ve looked at has their own qualities that work for different people.  

If money is a concern for you, I suggest the Sporter 23 gun safe due to its attractive price, yet high-quality build and great fire rating.

If you have a gun collection that contains several different shaped guns with nice scopes, I suggest the Mark III 33 Wide Tactical Safe.  This safe is made to fit to your collection, not the other way around.  

When money isn’t a concern and you’re ready to furnish your man-cave, the Medallion M40F Gun Safe is the safe you want for your home.  Not only will it house your gun collection, but it will look good doing it.

I hope you found this review of these Browning ProSteel gun safes to be helpful.  I enjoyed spending the time researching this brand and what it has to offer.  It’s impressive how much dedication and attention to detail that this company has put into each one of their designs.  No matter who you are, there is most likely a safe they make that works for you.

Not the options you were looking for?  Check out Steelwater safes for a cheaper, yet still heavy duty option.  Read my full review here.>>

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Will Mathieson says April 20, 2017

My Browning Medallion gun safe failed and would not open. Put in new batteries for the lock and nothing, the lock refused to operate. I drilled two half inch holes upper right of the locks dial pad and with a bent piece of steel retracted the bolt which is under light spring tension. The safe opened. If I can do it in half an our crooks can do much faster. Not enough hard plate to prevent accessing the bolt, cheap safe

    Lauren says April 23, 2017

    Wow, thanks for your experience. It’s good to know. Hopefully you’ve contacted Browning to make them aware of the huge security issue!

Tom Wood says July 14, 2017

Why would you spend the Money on a beautiful Mediallian then go with an electronic keypad lock over a traditional dial combination lock? If you ask me, it looms like putting cheap hubcaps on a Ferrari!
I get that keypads provide quicker access, but that’s what the quick access handgun safe next to the bed is for.
I guarantee no one is breaking into my gold medallion very easily…IMO, it’s the best made safe under 5k on the market!

Tom Wood says July 14, 2017

First of all, why would you put an electronic dial lock on a beautiful Medallion safe? In my opinion, that is almost like putting cheap hub caps on a Ferrari!
I get it that keypad locks allow quicker access to your safe, but thats what the fast access handgun safe next to the bed is for…for the few hours per day that there isn’t an EDC under your belt.
A top quality safe just looks and feels so much better with a real turn dial locking mechanism. Guarantee no one is breaking into my Medallion Gold with a traditional S&G mechanical dial lock!

John Kochefko says March 23, 2018

I recently purchased a Silver 65T Safe.

The photo showing firearms being stored in the first row (closest to the door) is misleading. Due to the door rack, I am unable to store firearms in any of the first row that is aligned with the door opening. When I do so either the door will not close or the firearms are pushed around by the door rack.

I have also found that the spacing of storage locations is such that only every other one is usable unless the firearm is a break action, pump action or lever action. Otherwise the bolt/charging handle impacts the firearm next to it.

I also have noted that with the racks that came with the safe, the only way to store scoped firearms without the scope touching the back wall is to lean them back. However when this is done, they interfere with firearms in the front row.

I also have noted that with most firearms the holder for the buttstock is too short on the door rack

While I understand that the number of firearms that the average gun owner can fit into a safe is rarely matches the listed capacity for a safe, I am only able to fit 29 firearms in a safe that was advertised to have a 65 gun capacity.

Cheley Hokanson says November 27, 2019

Where can I get replacement decals?
I have a super SEXY black and gold medalion with the elk on it and it has suffered damage to the decals my brother does Auto body painting so INSTALLATION is not an issue..but I need the decal.
Any idea how I can get one?

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