There are more gun holsters on the market today than there are stars in the sky. With the myriad of options available, it’s tough to figure out which is best for your concealed carry weapon.  

The thing you use to carry your everyday carry pistol has to be comfortable and secure.

Recently I came across the Brave Response holster created by Brandon Scott. It’s a one size fits all, deep conceal carry waistband style holster with allowances for extra magazines. In figuring out if it was worth purchasing I asked the following questions. What I came away with was a comprehensive understanding of this IWB holster.

Read on to see what it looked like with my own two handguns!

If you want to skip the review and head right over to the product, go here to see all the information and current price.

How much does it cost?

This is a question that a lot of people have on their minds so I will get this answered right off the bat.

The Brave Response holster is $70, which considering it is made in the USA and fits any gun plus extra mags, it’s a decent price. Most other high-end holsters of the same quality can cost anywhere from about $90 to $150.

What makes the Brave Response all the more impressive is that it’s a one size fits all, so you won’t have to buy several if you have and carry a number of firearms at different points, for different reasons.

Why should I get a waistband holster?

In the waistband holsters (iwb holsters) have one major advantage over the standard clip holster, it doesn’t hook into your pants.

The Brave Response holster distributes the weight of the firearm over the entirety of your waist. Thanks to the adjustable waistband, it goes around your torso under your clothing and closes using a heavy duty velcro hook.

This means, you can wear it along your hips, or up higher on your torso.

A lot of people have said they’ve forgotten they were even wearing this holster. It’s like getting used to wearing a wedding right, right?

Because of the light material, it also doesn’t weigh your pants down or dig into your hip.

Waistband holsters typically imprint less as well, regardless of placement or clothing choice as they often made out of softer materials.

What is unique about the Brave Response Holster?

The Brave Response holster is one size fits all, is made from a breathable yet durable cotton and polyester blend. Which unlike leather or Kydex is very comfortable even against your exposed skin and is fully adjustable for all pistol sizes.

It keeps your everyday carry gun in a forward canted position to allow for a smooth straight line draw. It can hold up to three additional magazines and can safely hold ALL semi-automatic handguns, as well as most concealed carry revolvers.

I’m excited about it because I want a single extra ammo holder, but also a place to hold my pocket knife.

Does it fit both men and women waist sizes?

Absolutely, the Brave Response will fit any waist between 20 and 54 inches, regardless of gender.

Furthermore because of its slim design and lack of printing. It can be worn with any number of clothing items that the typical holster cannot. Meaning you are able to tuck your shirt in, wear tighter fitting clothes, running shorts, skirts or whatever else you like.

This is extremely useful for women looking to conceal their EDC around their waist.

Regardless of gender or clothing choice the Brave Response will fit comfortably and conceal your firearm.

What size guns does it fit?

As previously touched upon, the Brave Response will comfortably and safely fit ALL semi-automatic handguns.

This includes handguns made by Glock, Smith and Wesson, Springfield, Sig Sauer, Browning, Desert Eagle, Kahr, Beretta, Ruger, Walther, FN-Herstal, Colt, Kimber, Heckler and Koch (H&K), C-Z, Steyr, Taurus, and 1911 style handguns.

Even if you don’t see your firearm there, it will likely still fit. I gave it a try with my own handguns as you’ll see in the pictures below:


Above is a picture of my Walther P22 handgun. It’s a smaller handgun and fits extremely well in the holster.  I even added an extra mag in there and it still fit snugly.

Above is the Brave Response Holster with my Sig Sauer P320.  You can see it definitely would take a bit of breaking in to get it to fit properly.  Not that it can’t.  It is definitely sized to hold larger handguns, but usually the P320 is worn OWB anyways.

It can also accommodate a number of compact revolvers. The retention strap that goes around the grip of your firearm is fully adjustable to account for any sized gun or can be removed entirely if you wish.

The Brave Response also fits any handgun with a grip mounted laser sight.

**Please note that any rail mounted lasers or lights will not fit into the holster, only grip mounts.

How quickly can I get my gun out of the holster?

I can’t give you an exact figure here. As draw speed is based on how comfortable you are with your chosen firearm and holster, along with your level of experience.

I can tell you, however, that the Brave Response has all the features to allow you to achieve your fastest possible draw time. The firearm is canted forwards, which allows for a smoother draw, the holster can be placed anywhere along your hip and the retention strap can be removed if an incredibly fast draw is something you want.

How many spare magazines does it hold?

The Brave Response was designed was a law enforcement configuration in mind.

Which means that along with your firearm you’re able to hold up to three additional magazines. Or two magazines and a flashlight (or knife).

They are all placed around the gun, one behind and two in front. Meaning the extra magazines or equipment won’t dig into your back while you’re walking around. Most of the extra weight will be in the front.

Does it work for left handed people?

The manufacturer sells both left and right handed models. Both have the same benefits, the only difference being that the left handed model is designed to ensure that the firearm is canted in the proper direction when you’re wearing it. So you will still have a quick and smooth draw, no matter what your dominant hand is.

Can it be used for activities like kayaking or running?

Of course! One of the best parts of the Brave Response is that it doesn’t rely on your clothing to keep it up. It has its own waist strap. Meaning that you can wear loose running shorts or track pants with it on. So that no matter the activity you choose to participate in you will be protected.

Furthermore, unlike pretty much every other holster on the market, the Brave Response is made from breathable material. If you were to try and play sports or be active while wearing a leather holster it would quickly become slick and uncomfortable.

That’s not the case with the Brave Response. As an example of it athletic allowances, a guy actually wore a Brave Response holster while participating in the Spartan Run. Which is a grueling endurance run and obstacle course.

Could I wear this in the summer or will my gun be visible?

No matter the reason or clothing choice, the Brave Response will conceal well. Unlike shoulder or ankle holsters the Brave Response doesn’t rely on wearing a specific type of clothing to be effective.

Furthermore, because of the way the gun is canted, the butt of your firearm is more effectively tucked in, and the soft material used it its construction means it makes a very gentle (if not nonexistent) imprint through your clothing, regardless of how tight or thin the article in question is.

So whether you have on a three piece suit or shorts and a tank top. The Brave Response will conceal your firearm effectively.

How do I know my gun won’t accidentally fire?

The actual gun holster portion of the Brave Response is made of a material called “Sharkskin” canvas which was chosen by the manufacturer because of its incredible durability. The material is effectively knife proof.

As such, the trigger guard section of the holster is incredibly secure. When placed in the holster the only section of the gun that is exposed is the grip. So nothing is going to snag or get into the gun and accidentally pull the trigger.

And wearing it inside your pants means another layer of protection is added. If extra security or peace of mind is necessary, setting your gun’s safety on will ensure no accidental firings.

Are there negative aspects?

Like any other product on the market, there are positives and negatives, it would be dishonest of us not to outline what we see as potentially problematic features on this product. So you are able to make a well informed and intelligent purchase.

1)It can be difficult to wear with a belt. Admittedly this is a problem with all concealed carry holsters, not just this one. But because the product goes under your pants, wearing a belt does squeeze the firearm into your body a little bit, making it harder to draw the weapon and slightly more uncomfortable. Especially when sitting down.

2) It lacks the same retention properties as Kydex or other materials. While using a more malleable material means the product is a lot more breathable and comfortable.

3) Carrying a smaller gun means it may be a little loose in the holster. Though the retention strap around the grip prevents the weapon from falling out.

If the firearm you carry has a Springfield style grip safety the retention strap may depress it. This shouldn’t make the gun any less safe, it’s just something worth mentioning.

Is it made in the USA?

Yes and proudly so. Each Brave Response is handmade in the USA with locally sourced materials to ensure quality and keep jobs in America.

The creator of the product, Brandon Scott, is also the owner of the small company that makes it. He has stated that he could possibly drop the price by moving the manufacturing process overseas. But he has no interest in that as he wants to keep the industry in the United States.

Regardless of who you are, you have to admire a grassroots business owner making a product to compete with companies as massive as firearm utility manufacturers.

Is it washable?

Yes, because it isn’t made from leather or Kydex this holster is lightweight and breathable.

As the name implies the “Sharkskin” canvas inside is also waterproof. Meaning that this product is one of the only machine washable deep concealed carry holster on the market.

Just be careful with bleach, harsh soaps or other dyes that you might use with your clothes. It may even be best to hand wash it for that reason, as while it is washable, it’s not impervious to chemicals.

Is there a guarantee or warranty?

The Brave Response boasts a 100% manufacturers guarantee in order to make your purchasing decision easier. If within 60 days of purchase you have any grievance they will fully repair or replace your holster, no questions asked.

Also, because of the smaller nature of the company that makes the Brave Response, they are very open and allowing to questions and comments. Unlike with a lot of other companies, calling them with a complaint will result with you speaking to an actual human who works for the company, as opposed to a call center.

Where can I buy this holster?

You can order it right here from! Where both the left and right-handed versions of the product can be purchased. Within the continental United States, the holster will normally reach you within 7-10 days.


It is not too often that you come across a holster this versatile. The magic of the Brave Response is that it’s so comfortable while also allowing you to choose the depth of your concealment. You can wear it high on your waist or well below your belt line.

It won’t weigh your clothing down and unlike over the waistband holsters, no amount of jostling or bending will cause your firearm to fall out.

Furthermore, when practicing a tactical draw at the shooting range, most people do so using an over the waistband holster. The Brave Response holds the gun in the same manner (forward canted) which makes it easier to use.

The product has also been on the market for some time now, meaning that if there were any glaring quality or design flaws they would have been brought to the attention of the firearm community, which has not been the case. The Brave Response is an excellent holster suitable for even the most experienced gun enthusiast.


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Bill Christy says May 27, 2017

After receiving my Brave Response Holster, I wanted to run it through my tests to see if it was everything promised. Initially, it proved to be everything promised up front. It fits my Glock 27 .40 and Kimber 1911 Super Pro .45 perfectly. I had no problem carrying the extra magazines in the pouches. When wearing it with everything from shorts, sweats up to dress shirts tucked in, the holster and gun virtually disappeared without printing. It is the most comfortable holster I’ve every owned and worn. I appreciated the quiet snap thumb break detention strap . . . unlike my other belly band holster with the velcro strap that can be heard across the room when drawing my gun. No matter how loose or tight I wear my pants and belt, this holster stays in place. And for the ladies, I tested it in the awkward situation of using a toilet in a busy public restroom. I could easily take care of business without having to wrestle with my gun and holster. Being careful to avoid the anti-gun liberalist frisk of using the excuse of a hug to quickly frisk around my waist for a concealed gun, I spent time with some hard core anti-gun liberalist friends who were unable to detect my concealed carry gun. I really can’t fault this holster. If already put all my other holsters in storage.

richel says October 24, 2017

concealed carry holster, concealed carry holsters

mike albright says February 9, 2018

I have concerns about the mags falling out when bending over and the strap not being covered, before I buy I would like these addressed

    Lauren says February 9, 2018

    Hey Mike,

    I’ve worn this a few times now and can assure you that the mags won’t fall out when you bend over. Since the holster is meant to be worn beneath your clothing, it will not only be held in place by the holster itself (which is a strong grip) but also by your pants as it will naturally sit beneath your pant line.

    I’m not sure what you mean by the strap not being covered. If you elaborate I should be able to answer that question as well. Thanks!

Steve says April 14, 2018

After purchasing and wearing this holster, my Galco, Wright, Sideguard and Alien Gear holsters are gone. Yes, this holster is that good.

T says May 10, 2018

Will this holster work well for my Sig 365 9mm pistol? The 365 is a small piece.

    Lauren says June 15, 2018

    If the 365 is small, it will definitely work. I found it to be much easier to holster a small 9mm than a .45

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