The Bianchi Company is widely regarded as one of the top brands for handgun holsters and this is even truer in the country they started.

The company is based in California in the US. They make use of top quality materials to ensure that you have the best and most durable holster for your handgun.

Bianchi has not only been designing handgun holsters for your belt, but they are also known for the Bianchi shoulder models and the Bianchi accu-molded belts which have been used by law enforcement agencies in the US.

We’ll get into what accu-molded means in just a bit.

But before we dive into the top Bianchi offerings, there are a few things you need to know about their products to ensure that you are buying the real deal and getting the best possible value for your money.

First we’ll go through some of our favorites from Bianchi. You’ll see just how vast their products are. Then we’ll move on to key features about them.

With that being said, let’s look at the top 5 Bianchi holsters for this year:

Bianchi Accumold 7500 Black Paddle Holster

Hand orientation: Right and left

The Bianchi Accumold 7500 black paddle holster has been designed to mold to the shape of your firearm.

Bianchi uses a cast of the gun and molds the leather around it while it’s wet. This means it’s imprinting a perfect shape to hold your firearm tightly.

This definitely plays a huge role in giving you more comfort when carrying it.

The holster can be worn on the inside of the waistband, but it is generally mounted on the outside of the waistband. We’d definitely recommend the OWB wearing with this one.

Because it’s a paddle holster, it doesn’t just have to fit on your belt. This is great for attaching onto other things like backpacks, and tactical gear.

The holster has been designed from ballistic weave fabrics and the closed cell finish will ensure that there is no water and sweat build-up in the materials.

It will also allow you to adjust the carry height until it fits comfortably. The cant is limitless. This is great when you’re wearing the gun all day. The added retention thumb lock will ensure that you still have quick access while still making sure you’re safe.

Check it out here at Amazon.

Bianchi 100 Professional IWB

Hand orientation: Right-handed

For those of you who want to carry IWB but don’t want a massive complex holster, this might be your winner.

They really made sure to keep the gun-to-skin contact at a minimum. This holster has been constructed from premium grade leather and it features a suede-like covering your skin to make sure your skin doesn’t get irritated.

It also features a larger back design and this will offer more protection from the gun and keep a nice barrier present.

It’s definitely designed with comfort in mind and you will be able to wear it on the inside of your waistband for prolonged periods of time without hassles.

It is also worth mentioning that the metal clipping is solid and easily slides over your pants. Because it’s just a clip, there won’t be much of a cant to this holster.

**Please note, this holster clip works best with at least a 1 inch belt.

This Bianchi is also available in multiple different sizes and each size will greatly depend on the specific firearm you will need it for. We’ll link to a few popular ones here so you can make sure you’re getting the right one.

For Glock 26, 27, go here

For M&P Shield go here

For many other options, go here


Bianchi 57 Remedy Holster (Fits Glock 19, 23, 32)

Hand orientation: Right and left
Color: Black or tan

Looking for a solid OWB holster for your EDC Glock? This might be the option for you. Reviewers are raving about this guy.

The Bianchi 57 Remedy has been designed from premium full grain leather to help ensure that your holster is extremely durable.

The leather will take a bit of time to break in, but no worries. Once it does, drawing will be a breeze.

The holster also features a low profile design to make it easier to mount to the belt and also to allow you to have less bulky feeling on your waist while carrying the gun. This does mean the gun might touch your skin if you plan on wearing your shirt over your EDC.

With no retention strap, this relies on its deeply molded contour to keep your gun secure. Also the trigger guard covers about 90% of the trigger. So protection from an accidental firing is pretty solid.

It is also available for both right and left-handed users and it easily fits the rear side of your waist without any problem.

The 57 Remedy is fairly priced and will be a great addition for you to carry along your Glock. Check it out at Amazon here.

Bianchi X15 Shoulder Holster

Hand orientation: Right and left
Shoulder carry: Vertical

Shoulder carrying is one of those hot/cold topics. You either love it or hate it.

For those guys out there who love it, this holster has been raved about.

It’s been designed from high-quality premium grade leather and the holster is also extremely durable. The strapping for the holster is made from a suede-like softer leather. This will ensure that the holster can be worn comfortably.

Your gun will hang vertically which can make it easier to conceal carry with this holster. If you’re looking for a horizontal option, skip down just below this review to the next product. I think you’ll be happier.

The harness is also quite large and can easily adjust to a 48-inch chest, meaning that everyone will be able to carry the holster.

Amazon offers a handful of sizes so that it can fit several different firearms. Choose your size based on the size of the handgun you plan on carrying. We found it was easiest to find the size just searching in the comments and Q&A of Amazon.

It has a nice retention strap to keep the gun in place. This holster is highly recommended for law enforcement use and also people looking to subtly carry along their weapons. It is on the expensive side, but for good reason. We still recommend it as one of the top ones you can own.

Find your perfect size for your EDC here on Amazon.

Bianchi X16 Agent X Rig Unlined Holster

Hand orientation: Right and left-handed
Shoulder carry: Horizontal

Again, shoulder carrying is something for a select group of people. If you didn’t like the vertical orientation, here’s your other option. A nice 1980s cop show horizontal style. Kidding, but this is what these holsters remind me of.

Carrying a horizontal holster can be quite difficult if you do not fully understand how they work, but the Bianchi X16 agent X rig unlined holster has been designed to make this process as comfortable as possible.

It’s constructed from premium high-quality leather materials and the added mold in the design reduces the weight substantially to make it more comfortable to carry. It fits snugly to your gun and this one works best with Glock 17 and Glock 19.

It fits chest sizes up to 48 inches and it also features a thumb lock to ensure that your firearm will stay secure no matter in which position you find yourself. Unfortunately, the holster is a little bulky when it is worn underneath the clothing. So don’t expect to wear this under a shirt and get away with it.

We highly recommend the holster for the durability it provides and the lighter weight it comes in. It’s is a little expensive, but if you are used to wearing a horizontal shoulder holster, this one should be the perfect one to meet your needs.

Check it out here at Amazon.

Key features to take note of in the Bianchi brand:

Since the brand already features a good reputation and people love what they offer, it should come as no surprise that some of their products might be a little more expensive than other brands of the same type. But with these holsters, you will have quality and value guaranteed from a reputable brand:

What is the holster made of?

Bianchi does not only focus on making leather holsters and they have incorporated some nylon and Kydex in many of their other designs as well. The leather used by the company is usually imported and treated with water and moisture resistant properties to keep it protected.

The nylon holsters are a little cheaper, but they still offer great durability and value to the user, thus meaning that you will easily be able to fit them to your side and they will also ensure that you do not have any abrasions or irritation whilst carrying them.

Great retention:

Retention is really important when it comes to certain gun holsters and the Bianchi’s are definitely in the top 5 when it comes to retention. The retention straps and locks are all easy to access and also add some level of drag to the inside of the holster, thus meaning that the gun won’t easily dislodge from being secured.

Promotes excellent comfort

When wearing a Bianchi, you will immediately notice the comfort it provides and this should really be paid attention to in full. Bianchi holsters are designed to promote excellent comfort. Some of their designs are also intentionally slimmer to make them less bulky when being carried around.

These three features can be seen as hallmarks of the brand and if your holster does not match up to these standards, you might not have the right one.

Final thoughts:

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now have a better understanding of the Bianchi brand and the quality of their products. We do recommend you check out their selection. And especially these on the list as we consider them to be some of the most popular options.

Feel free to let us know what you think of our list and if you think we might have missed any of your favorites from Bianchi.

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