Perfect revolver for concealed carry? Check. Now all you need is the holster to go with it.

The term J-frame was originally invented by Smith & Wesson to ensure that there smaller more compact revolvers. J-frame is also a type of snub-nosed revolver because of the short barrel length.

We have set out to find the best J-frame holsters and show you exactly how these holsters could possibly benefit you in carrying and concealing your firearm.

You’ll be reading reviews on many holsters that are good for concealed carrying. But we will review one or two that are open carry as well.

**For those of you with short attention spans or in a rush, the best concealed carry j-frame holster is the Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster. You can find the current price on Amazon here.

What is a J-frame holster?

The J-frame holster is originally designed for the snub nosed J-frame revolver made by Smith & Wesson. This is the smallest size revolver that they make and thus it is much easier to conceal. The J-frame design is a little bulkier and thus, the holster must be a little more spacious as well.

Some J-frame holsters give you the advantage of having the ability to store your other smaller pistols as well.

Now that you know what a J-frame holster is and why they have been designed, let’s look at a few of the top J-frame holsters currently on the market.

Foxx IWB Holster Smith & Wesson J-Frame

Materials: Kydex and Leather

The Foxx Holsters Smith & Wesson J-frame holster has specifically been designed for the J-frame revolvers.

It’s an in-waistband holster, so it will be placed against your skin and inside your pants.

Initially, when you purchase this, the holster will be pretty stiff. The leather isn’t broken in yet so it will be almost awkward to put on.

That won’t last forever, though. Over time, the holster will become more flexible. This is great for securing it inside your waistband and the leather infused materials will ensure that it is much easier to conceal without that bulky look.

Because there are two clips that will go over your pants and belt, it keeps the holster in place. The downside to this is that you won’t be able to adjust it easily when you put it on.

Don’t worry, though, that’s more of a beginner’s issue. Once you find that sweet spot of where you want your holster, it won’t happen anymore.

The draw from this holster will be pretty easy. The holster doesn’t sit too high, so you’ll only have to pull up so far before being able to move your gun forward into your stance.

This holster is highly recommended for the value and concealment that it provides and the holster is also really affordable.

Find the Foxx holster here at Amazon.

Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster

Materials: Leather and suede

Here’s another IWB option.

But this time, it’s held with a single clip instead of the dual clip like above.

The smooth leather and suede combination is extremely thin to provide you with adequate comfort and resist any possible abrasions.

The holster is also really flexible and this means that it will easily mold to the shape of your body to provide you with the best comfort possible. Suede has also been known to easily evacuate moisture and keep you dry.

Unfortunately, the holster does not have any mean of retention, but the tension between your body and the belt should create enough drag.

When you holster your gun, you’ll likely need to remove the holster from your waist first. Then put your gun inside the holster and put both into your waistband. Because there’s no Kydex, it doesn’t retain the shape and easily collapses when nothing is inside the holster.

We highly recommend this holster for the smaller size that it gives you and the fact that it will be much easier to conceal than most other holsters.

It comes in both left and right handed versions for all types of people.

Find the Suede Leather IWB holster here at Amazon.

Galco Stow-N-Go Inside The Pant Holster for S&W J-Frame

Materials: Leather and nylon

This is a similar holster to the one we reviewed above. It has a single clip to clip to your pants and belt.

The main difference is that this one is made completely from leather. It also doesn’t allow for any cant or angle. It’s completely vertical.

It exposes a lot more of the trigger than the option above. This can make it easier to draw your gun because there’s less holster to pull the gun out of.

The holster is made from a softer and thinner leather to ensure that it can mold to the shape of your body.

The holster is multifunctional and smaller semi-automatic pistols will also be able to fit inside. The slimmer design and rough interior materials will add to the retention of the holster and create enough drag for you to pull out the weapon when needed.

This holster will be great for single action revolvers and there is no locking mechanism that could cause any trouble or snag the hammer.

The holster is also available for both right and left-handed people.

Find this Galco IWB option at Amazon here.

Galco Ankle Glove for S&W J-Frame

Materials: Leather and synthetic

The Galco ankle glove holster is not the ideal holster to wear around boots, but it will be perfect for people looking to conceal their J-frame revolver close to their ankles.

Several people who use this holster say they don’t even feel that it’s there. It’s known for its comfort and concealable features.

Note that when you ankle carry, you’ll need to keep your gun clean. It can pick up a lot of dust and lint because it’s so close to the ground and moving within your pant leg. You wouldn’t want your gun getting ruined just because of where you choose to carry it.

You might be a bit worried because there’s no retention strap, clip, etc. It can seem a bit unnerving, but the gun is secure.

Once you place your revolver inside, the leather has contoured so much to the gun that it actually increases the difficulty to draw.

Several people have tried to make the gun fall out of the holster and can’t.

It’s offered in both right and left handed models.

We highly recommend this holster for people sitting a lot as the ankle holster will give you faster access to the weapon. It also is more comfortable for those sitting for long periods of time.

Find this Galco Ankle holster at Amazon here.

BlackHawk® CQC™ Carbon Fiber OWB Holster

Materials: Carbon fiber

Ok here’s our last review. We wanted to review an over the waistband holster. This way, you can openly carry or even conceal carry in peace.

The BlackHawk holster has been constructed from carbon fiber to increase the durability, but it does lack the ability to mold to the shape of your body and even move with your body’s movements.

The holster features a finger locking mechanism and it will also make a click sound when you are holstering the firearm. With this holster, you can be sure that your firearm will be safe, but it does lack a little in comfort.

The holster is reasonably priced and therefore, we recommend if for people looking to carry their J-frame revolver on the outside of the waist. The concealment is a little harder, but the safety is impressive.

It’s essentially a paddle holster and will fit on the waistband of your pants. It allows you to cant it to the angle you prefer to carry.

Find this BlackHawk holster at Amazon here.

After going through the reviews, let’s look at some of the important features that you need to consider.

Key features to take note of in J-frame holsters:

Value is extremely important when looking for the best J-frame holster and therefore, you will need to ensure that the holster you buy if you are not choosing from our list, does match up to the requirements and expectations of the best J-frame holsters.

Material type: The type of materials used in the construction of the holster is fundamentally important and you should be looking for quality and affordability. The leather holsters are great for concealment, but they are also more expensive. While Kydex is cheaper, it can create a bulge when concealing.

Retention: As with any holster, the retention is important and you will not want the gun to come loose and simply fall out of the holster when going about your everyday routine. There are many variations of retention and the thumb lock is the most well-known, therefore, we recommend it as well.

Abrasion Resistant: Having a holster strapped to your side or even your ankle, could possibly cause abrasions if there is not any padding involved. The better holsters all have moisture wicking fabrics as well as padding to provide you with maximum comfort.

Size: Make sure to measure your barrel length. If the holster doesn’t specify the guns it’s made for, it’s important to measure your gun ahead of time. The stiffness and the drag on the inside will also play a huge role in securing your weapon, but if the holster is too big or too small, this might not work as you have planned.

These four features are fundamentally important for us and we believe that you should easily be able to make the right choice with these holsters if you keep on following these features to help you make the choice. But many people are not quite sure what a J-frame holster is exactly and we have decided to enlighten you.

Final Thoughts:

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now have a better understanding of the J-frame holster.

Our favorite j frame holster for concealment is the Relentless Tactical The Ultimate Suede Leather IWB Holster. You can find it on Amazon here.

We would like to encourage you to let us know what you think of our selection and if you think we might have missed any of your favorites and how they have benefitted you in concealing your snub-nose revolver.

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