So you bought your safe, put all your guns inside, then realized you couldn’t see anything.

Don’t worry, it happens to most new gun safe owners.

We would like to introduce you to a cool way of upgrading your gun safe. These lighting features are fairly cheap compared to the price you just paid on your gun safe. But they make a huge difference.

Lighting inside your safe can help illuminate what’s inside. Some gun safe doors don’t open completely, blocking out a lot of the light. Others may open all the way, but depending on where you’re storing your gun safe, there may not be enough light in the room to really see the inside of the safe.

We have set out to find the best and easy to mount lighting features to add to your gun safes. These range from the cheaper stick-on LED lights to the patented branded lights that can be installed.

Lockdown Cordless
LED Vault Light
MaxMySafe Gun Safe
Vault LED Light
Stack-On SPAEL-400
LED Safe Lighting Kit
Amir Motion
Sensor Light
Cannon Safe Inc.
SSL-03- Safe Light
Lighting typeBattery powered LEDBattery powered LEDRope lightRope LightBattery powered LEDBattery powered LED
Power TypeBatteryBatteryBatteryElectric; wiredBatteryBattery
Motion SensorYesNoDoor Sensor SwitchDoor Sensor SwitchYesNo
Mounting Velcro or screwsscrews or hook & loopVelcrohook & loopMagnet or adhesiveMagnet
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You obviously cannot just go and buy the best lighting features for your safe without knowing what to look for. We have compiled a few features that you can take note of before buying the best gun safe lighting system.

Stack-On SPAL-300 Motion Sensitive LED

Lighting type: Battery powered LED
Features: Battery operated, mounting included, LED lighting, motion sensor, directional lighting, velcro option

The Stack-On Spal light is the perfect light for gun owners that have bigger and more expensive safes. The light features a high-quality motion detector that will turn on immediately upon opening the safe. You will also be able to switch the light on or off to save battery consumption.

Speaking of batteries, this lighting system requires 6 AAA batteries. Make sure to buy them in advance because they aren’t included.

The heads pivot, they can easily be modified and the shining direction can be changed. This may not even be necessary, as the lights are extremely bright and should automatically light up a decent amount of your safe with the high powered LED lights.

It comes with velcro that adheres to the back of the lighting and the ceiling or wall of your gun safe. Unfortunately, reviewers have mentioned that this doesn’t work as well as mounting it to your safe.

The light will most likely need to be mounted to safe and this can be easily done with common household tools. To make life easier, all of the mounting equipment has already been included in the package.

If you have shelves in your safe, you may want to purchase an extra light. Depending on where you install the light, it may not be able to reach all the corners of your safe, especially with shelves in the way.

Overall it is a great quick fit for your safe, you will need to ensure that the batteries are always in optimal condition, but they are sure to last you for a long time depending on how much you use the safe.

Check out the current price at Amazon here.

Lockdown Cordless LED Vault Light

Lighting type: Battery powered LED
Features: Wireless, battery operated, multiple mounting options, rotating head

The Lockdown Cordless LED vault light is one of the easiest to install, but may need basic mounting knowledge if you want to do more than use velcro.

The downside to this light is that it doesn’t feature a motion sensor. You will need to switch the light on and off. This does, however, save more battery than the motion detector lighting options. This also means you could easily use it elsewhere in the house if need be.

The light is powered by three AAA batteries. Keep some extra in your safe just in case they die out.

It comes with a rotating head and can rotate a full 90 degrees. This gives you some extra customization especially if you’re rearranging your safe and want to point the light at different areas once you’re done organizing.

Overall this is a cheap and effective lighting feature that will ensure that you always have light in your safe.  Read more about this at Amazon.

MaxMySafe Gun Safe Vault LED Light

Lighting type: Rope light
Features: Wireless, battery operated, velcro 5-minute installation

These lights can easily line the edges of your gun safe and illuminate the contents. It can be mounted throughout your safe with the simple Velcro sticking material at the back. The lighting feature is powered by 8 AA batteries that have the capacity to last up to 6 months with 15 minutes of daily use.

There’s even a nice 3-year warranty they throw in, just in case anything goes wrong with the lights.

The lights are all inside a PVC tube and will ensure that your entire safe has been lit up.

Another bonus:

You can upgrade the system to include a motion sensor as well, but the original item does not feature a motion sensor.  See what the current price is and all the upgrading options at Amazon here.

Stack-On SPAEL-400 LED Safe Lighting Kit with 4 LED Strips

Lighting type: Electrically powered LED strips
Features: No batteries required, LED lighting, customizable lighting options

The Stack-On Spael has some unique lighting features. The kit features 4 LED lighting strips that have the capacity to make your safe basically brighter than your Christmas tree.

The strip will need to mounted using the hook and loop strings and this can easily be accomplished by common household tools. Some owners of this lighting system have mentioned that it’s a bit complicated to set up, but once it is, it’s quite nice lighting.

The kit is also powered by normal electricity and it features a proximity switch. The light will go on the moment you hand reaches a certain distance from the light, thus ensuring that you always have light.

You’ll need to make sure you have a plug or a way to run wires into your safe. Since this requires electrical power to run, make sure you aren’t using your gun safe outlet for a dehumidifier or any other electronics.

The benefit is you’ll always have lighting and won’t need to worry about the batteries dying on you.  Check this out on Amazon here.

Amir Motion Sensor Light

Lighting type: Battery powered stick on LED
Features: battery operated, LED, motion and light sensors, multi-purpose, magnetic

This is by far, the most popular option.

The Amir Motion sensor light is one of the cheapest on the list and is extremely easy to install. The lights can simply be stuck on the side of the wall or ceiling with the adhesive tapes that have been provided. It also has a magnet which could be useful depending on where you want to illuminate your safe.

The lights are powered by 3 AAA batteries and the motion sensor will trigger and switch the light on as you open the safe. These are extremely cheap and durable with a lumen output of up to 20. They will be great for temporary use, but the adhesive might need to be replaced over time. If you plan on keeping these for a while, they come with mounting equipment as well.

Finally, the lights are not only suitable for safes, they can be used all over the house. You could easily keep a few spares in your hallway, basement or garage. This will leave you with constant and lighted access to your safe.

Depending on your preference of light color, these come in warm lighting or ‘blue lighting’ to give you the nice ambiance you want inside your gun safe.  See these options and the price of this light at Amazon here.

Cannon Safe Inc. SSL-03-Electronic Lock Security Safe Light

Lighting type: Battery powered LED light; External Use
Features: Magnetic attachment, illuminates keypad or combination lock

This lighting system is quite different from the others.

The Cannon Safe Inc. light is the best light for external gun safe use and has been designed to work perfectly with most electronic locking systems on gun safes. The light features a two minute light up feature that will give you temporary lighting with the push of a button.

Note: For mechanical combination lock lighting, see it on Amazon here.

The light features a red LED lighting feature that will light up any electronic keypad without impairing your night vision. This is great for waking up and needing a quick light to see the keypad.

Furthermore, the light can also be used as a flashlight and it is powered by a 3 V lithium ion battery. The battery will last you up to 6 months before you need to change it.

Just a warning:

Several people have complained about the magnet. It doesn’t seem to be strong enough, but that could be easily replaced or enhanced with stronger magnets.

Overall, this lighting feature is great for electronic safes and will ensure that the entire struggles of accessing your firearm in the dark are a thing of the past.  Get it on Amazon now.

Key features to look for before buying a lighting system for your safe:

Many of these lighting systems may seem the same, but to get the best one for your needs, it’s important to do a bit of research. Learning about the different features will help you make that choice.

  • Motion sensor: While some light work with a switch, these will automatically turn on once you open the safe. Finding a light switch in the dark can be extremely frustrating. By installing a lighting system with a motion sensor, you will always have a light on the inside of your safe. No fingers needed.
  • Installation: Many lighting features can be stuck on with velcro, but others will need to be plugged into an outlet. Check your safe to see if you have an electrical socket inside the safe. If not, see if there’s a way to run a wire through the back of the safe. This can indicate how much time and labor is required to get your lighting system up and running.
  • Battery usage: Batteries have one great benefit and another large downside. The benefit is that they are portable and don’t require your gun safe to have an outlet.
    On the downside, the batteries may die in times of need if they are not maintained. If you decide on battery-operated lighting, make sure to keep the batteries fresh. Perhaps even store some batteries inside the safe just as backups.

Considering these features will make the choice much easier and that we will specifically be focusing on these features for each product, we believe that you will notice how important they are all the benefits that they may have for your gun safe.

Final Thoughts:

If your safe does not have a light, we highly recommend one of these lighting features. This ensures that you are able to see inside your safe and quickly access your firearm.

Our favorite of the bunch is the Amir Motion sensor light.  It’s the cheapest option and easiest to install, making it our top pick.  See it on Amazon now.

We encourage you to share your thoughts on these lighting features and tell us how they have been working for you.


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