You got your first gun safe. Except once you get it, it quickly fills up.

All it takes is a few rifles, a few pistols, and boxes of ammo. Before you know it those shelves are totally stocked, yet you still have so much more you wanted to store.

We have sought out some of the most spacious gun safe organizers. They’ll help you keep the safe free of any clutter and also save you money. Instead of looking at a newer gun safe, just buy a gun safe door organizer. And it will cost you a fraction of the price for the added space.

The best gun safe organizers are all extremely durable and they have multiple pockets for you to use. These door organizers will also provide you with fast access to your firearms in the middle of the safe. And you will have the benefit of quickly accessing your ammo clips from the door. This could make a huge difference when it comes to protecting yourself.

These door organizers will not only save you money, but they are carefully designed with some of the best quality materials available. So let’s look at some of the quality features incorporated in theses organizers.

Key features:

Many of these gun safe door organizers have been specifically built for their branded safe, but they can still be used on other safes. It is important to take note of these features to ensure that you are buying a quality product.

Durability: The durability on these organizers will play a huge part in ensuring that you are allowed to store heavier items inside the various pockets. It is also important to ensure that these pockets do not rip or tear and this will be a huge benefit for storing multiple heavy items.

Size: Depending on the size of your safe. You will need to determine the correct size organizer for your safe. Many of these gun safe brands will fit on other safes as well, but they have been designed for their respective brands.

Storage space: This feature goes hand in hand with size and it is somewhere you could look to cut some costs. It is unnecessary to have an organizer that has multiple pockets if you only plan on storing a few small items.

Mounting: Many of these gun safe door organizers can easily be mounted and they do not require you to use specialized tools, but others will require you to drill holes and this could be a little time consuming and make the mounting process longer.

By understanding these features, you will be able to get the best gun safe door organizer without having to spend a fortune. We consider these features to be essential for every gun safe owner and they will provide you with that extra bit of storage.

With that being said, let’s look at the top gun safe door organizers currently on the market:

Stack-On SPAO-148 Small Fabric Organizer

Dimensions: 9.6 x 9 x 1.4 inches
Price: $

Built specifically for the Stack-On rifle safes, this door organizer is extremely easy to mount and it does not require you to use any excessive tools.
It comes with a mesh pocket at the top, a large strap to hang knives or other items on. And lastly a deep pocket at the bottom.

The door organizer will expand the overall storage space of your safe and it will definitely allow you to remove some of the clutter. The storage pockets are great for storing knives and they are durable enough to allow you to store multiple knives. You will also see the specific built-in straps for your walkie-talkies.

The door organizer can also be used in multiple other longer safes and we like it for the ability to store smaller documents like passports and ID’s. We highly recommend this to anyone with a cluttered safe and looking to buy a smaller safe. This door organizer is very affordable.

Some people have had issues with it sagging, so you may need to reinforce the mounting. Especially if you plan on storing heavier items on the door.

Just a tip. When you hang the door organizer, make sure it doesn’t meet any shelf when the door is closed. This could cause some issues when trying to store bulky items on the door.

Check the current price at Amazon and see if there are any discounts.

American Security Model 19 Premium Door Organizer

Dimensions: 3 x 19 x 49 inches
Price: $$$$

The American Security Model 19 door organizer has been specifically designed for people with larger safes (24+ guns). The door organizers have enough storage space that will allow you to store four pistols in the holsters. The added pockets will also allow you to place your extra magazines according to caliber and the knife pockets will also allow you to declutter your gun safe by adding the knives to the door organizer.

The mounting process for the safe is simple, but you will need to have some skills with common household tools. All of the mounting brackets have been included and this will make it easier and timelier to mount the organizer.

You’ll need to unscrew the inside door panel enough to slide the brackets inside. Afterward, tighten the velcro and you’ll have your door organizer ready to go.
Overall, we highly recommend this to anyone with a cluttered larger safe and even though it might be expensive, this door organizer could really save you the time and effort of buying a new gun safe.

Check Amazon’s current price and any discounts here.

American Security Model 13 Premium Door Organizer

Dimensions: 3 x 13 x 49 inches
Price: $$$

Featuring a design which is half the size smaller than its larger brother, the American Security Model 13 door organizer will provide you with 2 storage holster for full sized pistols. This will be great for people with smaller gun safes and you will also be able to store your extra mags or ammo.

The design is also extremely durable and you will be able to get multifunctional use from the different storage pockets and there is even space for storing your knives in a secure location.

The mounting process is also very easy and you will once again need to have basic knowledge of common household tools. All of the brackets have once again been included and this should make the mounting process easy and timely. There are two sizes of brackets, small and large. This helps accommodate various gun safe sizes.

We highly recommend this to people with fewer pistols. The pistol holders will also ensure that you always know where the guns are and that you have fast access to your gun when you open the safe.

Check out the latest price at Amazon here.

Winchester 8″ W Door Panel Kit

Dimensions: 8 x 46.5 inches
Price: $$$

The Winchester 8” door panel kit is one of the smaller and still extremely effective door organizers on the list. The door organizer will allow users to easily store multiple documents in the pockets and this will definitely add to the process of ensuring that your safe is decluttered.

It comes with 4 holsters for your pistol collection. It will safely house your pistols instead of having them lay on the shelf taking up room.

The mounting process will also require you to have basic knowledge of common household tools but can be done fairly easily.

We highly recommend this to people with slimmer and smaller rifle safes that need to take out a few items to reduce the clutter. The door organizer will also be great for people with no shelves in their safes and this will add a multifunctional edge to your safe.

Check out the current price at Amazon and any discounts here.

Stealth Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer Pistol Kit

Dimensions: 13.75 x 45.5 inches
Price: $$

This is our favorite door organizer.


You can rearrange the pistol holders on the door because they’re velcro. The entire organizer has a velcro finish, so you could even customize your own pockets and adhere velcro to them to make more storage space on the door.

Another benefit to the velcro holsters is that you can move them depending what you’re storing inside. In many cases, a door organizer can bump into a shelf inside when the door is closed. The movable pieces prevent this from ever happening.

The mounting process is also very easy and this can be done at home as all of the mounting brackets have been included. You may want to snag some carpet tape to give this door organizer a little more stability.

The door organizer is specifically for people with larger safes and gun collectors will now be able to store their pistols in close range of the rifles. PLUS! It’s made right here in the USA.

For the current price, check out Amazon here.

Final Thoughts:

Although it depends on your safe size, we highly recommend the Stealth Door organizer due to its versatility and customization features. You can really customize your layout with this door organizer and it’s much cheaper than many of the alternatives. To grab your own Stealth door organizer, head over to Amazon here.

We would like to encourage you to let us know if you have any questions about these gun safe organizers. Each of them will clear up space in your gun safe not only for valuables, but for lighting and dehumidifiers as well.

And we would also like to remind you to take note of the dimensions to make sure you have the perfect fit.

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