You’ve got your gun safe. You’ve spent time organizing your guns inside so it’s just perfect. Maybe you’ve even stashed a few other valuables in there like documents, jewelry or ammo.

So, your guns are being protected from theft, fire and from your kids getting in. But what about the damage that can happen inside the safe? It’s something that’s easily overlooked.

Most importantly, you’re in the right place. If you’re here after just purchasing a safe, or if you’re beginning to notice condensation on your firearms, you’ll get answers to all your questions.

Alright, let’s jump into some dehumidifier reviews to figure out which is best for you!

Best Wireless Rechargeable Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

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Lockdown Silica Gel Can

This dehumidifier contains silica gel beads that change color once they’ve absorbed all the moisture they can take. It’s perfect for small safes and can be recharged right in your oven at around 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you first buy this, make sure to recharge it before putting it in your safe. The beads should be a deep blue, not purple, to indicate they’re ready to start absorbing water. Once they turn orange, it’s time to recharge the can.

Reviewers say that it has to be recharged every few weeks. To me, this is a slight downfall to the dehumidifier as you’ll need to be actively checking the gel to make sure it doesn’t need to be recharged.

The frequency of recharging does, however, depend on how much moisture is in the safe. If it’s small and you don’t live in a very humid area, this should be enough moisture control for your gun safe.

If you love this type of dehumidifier, it’s not a bad idea to purchase two if you’re worried about your safe having high humidity. Set one on the top of your safe, and another towards the bottom. It can also be coupled with one of the electric dehumidifiers. If you want this basic can of silica, check it out now on Amazon!

Stack-On SPAD-1500 Rechargeable Cordless Dehumidifier

This desiccant dehumidifier was made specifically for safes by a safe manufacturer. Like other desiccant dehumidifiers, it has gel beads that absorb moisture and change color to indicate when they need to be recharged. These beads go from blue to pink.

It’s been known to work better at absorbing moisture and lasting longer than other brands of dehumidifiers. It can last up to six weeks depending on the humidity and can drop moisture in a gun safe by up to 10%.

A benefit to this dehumidifier is that it recharges through a plug in the wall. This means you can charge it overnight. No need to heat it in an oven and constantly monitor it. Its charging cycle is between 8-10 hours. It’s just a few more dollars, but much more convenient than a simple can of gel.

Reviewers did mention that it can get extremely hot when charging, so wait about 15 minutes before picking it up and placing it back in your safe.

It also comes with a small hanger to mount on the wall of your safe. You won’t need to sacrifice sacred shelf space for this dehumidifier.  If you want this dehumidifier, find it here on Amazon!

Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

Lastly, this desiccant dehumidifier is similar to the Stack-On dehumidifier. It has a long lifespan before needing to be recharged and plugs into a wall to charge overnight.

There is a major difference that sets this dehumidifier apart from the other two. Its silica beads do not contain cobalt chloride.

Cobalt chloride is a specific coloring that is used to create the deep blue color in some silica beads. The issue with this chemical is that is has been classified as a potential carcinogen and can have lasting harmful effects on the environment.

As of 2016, Eva-dry has recently improved their dehumidifier and switched to the orange indicator silica gel. This gel doesn’t contain any toxins and is much more environmentally friendly.

If you’re concerned about the environmental effects of the gel or the effects on humans, this is the right desiccant dehumidifier for you. Find it on Amazon here!

Best Electronic Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

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GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier

This is the most popular electronic dehumidifier out there, and for good reason. The GoldenRod dehumidifier comes with a lifetime warranty and it’s completely maintenance free.

You won’t need to worry about changing the batteries or making sure it functions properly. You simply wire the 6 foot cord through your gun safe and plug it in.

The cord can be removed from the dehumidifier since many holes in safes are small. This way, you can simply disassemble your dehumidifier, stick the wire through the safe and reassemble.

The GoldenRod heats up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and will keep your gun safe at a steady temperature and prevent condensation on your firearms. By keeping a high temperature, it reduces the relative humidity because warm air is less dense and can hold more water.

It comes in 12-inches, 18-inches, 24-inches and 36-inches sizes. You will want to measure the inside width of your safe, and get the size that is closest to the width, but that allows between 3-4 inches of room to spare. Since this rod heats up to high temperatures, you won’t want it touching the sides of your carpeted safe.  If you’re set on buying the GoldenRod, check it out on Amazon now!

Lockdown Dehumidifier Rod

The Lockdown dehumidifier is another popular heating rod that sits at the bottom of your gun safe and increases the temperature of your safe.

It’s a bit cheaper than the more popular GoldenRod, but it functions quite similarly. This rod comes with a one year warranty and heats up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

It comes in just two sizes, 12 inches and 18 inches and ships disassembled so you can easily wire it through your gun safe if you don’t have an outlet inside.

This is perfect for gun safes that range from 18-36 guns. If you have a larger gun safe and live in a humid region, you may want to refer to the GoldenRod since it offers larger sizes.

The cord is 6 feet long so make sure your safe is near an outlet or have an extension cord ready to get power to the dehumidifier after installation.

It comes with two mounting brackets to place the rod on. You’ll want to keep the rod on these if you plan on putting it on the floor of your safe. Direct contact with the carpet in your safe could cause damage.

For someone who wants a cheap electronic rod and has a small gun safe with a hole to run wires, this should cover your needs. If this is for you, find it on Amazon now!

PEET Dryer

PEET is a company that is known for their drying products. This dehumidifier is just one of many products they make to dry your valuables. They also manufacture dryers for boots and gloves.

This dehumidifier is a bit different from the other electronic rods. The design is noticeably different and the dryer is designed to sit upright in the corner of your safe.

It works similarly to the rods by using heat to keep moisture from damaging the contents of your safe. After plugging it in, you’ll begin feeling some heat rising from the top of the dryer. This indicates that it’s working properly. There is no fan, so don’t expect any noises or a noticeable amount of airflow. It simply works by emitting heat.

People have reported issues with assembling the cord if they need to detach it to run it through the safe. The instructions aren’t clear, but there are videos and reviews online explaining better how to install it properly.

It does occupy a small bit of space where your long guns would normally be. If your collection is getting cramped in your current safe, it might make more sense to choose a rod dehumidifier.

The thing I like most about this dryer is that it can sit in the back of the safe and you don’t have to think about it. Plug it in and you’re done. Check it out on Amazon here!

Why should you care about humidity in a safe?

Although your safe could be sealed, it doesn’t mean it’s protected from humidity. Depending on where you store it, temperature changes and other external factors can cause moisture to build. You could open it up one day to find mildew on the shelves and condensation on your firearms.

The last thing you want is your valuables getting damaged in a place you thought they’d be protected.

What level should gun safe humidity be?

It’s easy to think you wouldn’t want any humidity in your safe. In reality, 50% is the ideal humidity level in a gun safe.

A humidity level that’s lower than 50% can cause your wood stocks to dry out and become damaged.

Humidity levels that are higher than 50% will create a great environment for moisture in your safe. This will inevitably create condensation on your firearms and can lead to them rusting over time.

If you keep other items in your safe, like jewelry, photographs or cash, over time these can get tarnished or become mildewy. Your safe can begin smelling musty or moldy.

It’s important to address this prior to actually beginning to see (and/or smell) damage.

An easy first step is to find out the humidity level in your safe. You can do this pretty cheaply with a humidity monitor. Here’s a popular, cheap humidity monitor on Amazon. Just place it in your safe and after 12 hours, check the humidity level.

What are quick ways to lower the humidity?

Once you’ve got an accurate reading of the humidity level, it might ready pretty high. If you’ve ordered a dehumidifier, it’s helpful to know a few ways to quickly fix the humidity level while you wait.

The first thing I recommend doing is removing everything from the safe. Inspect every item and make sure that it doesn’t have a musty smell or any condensation.

Next, consider where your safe lives. Is it in a basement or garage? This leads to a greater chance of it building moisture. If it’s in a place with a lot of humidity or temperature changes, move it. Perhaps put it in a bedroom or living room temporarily.

If you caught a whiff of a musty smell in the safe, take some time and clean it out. Remember to wipe it down well so that no excess moisture remains.

Stick some coffee grounds or baking soda inside. These can quickly absorb any bad odors that might be lingering in your safe.

Lastly, keep the door open and place a small fan in front of it. Doing this for a while will greatly lower the humidity levels in the safe.

After completing all these steps, test the humidity level again. If it’s around 50%, feel free to put the items back in your safe and get yourself a dehumidifier!

How to keep a gun safe dry

The absolute best way to keep a gun safe dry is to use a dehumidifier. This cuts down on time to manually air out your safe and keeps things inside free from damage caused by condensation and moisture.

If you have a safe, get a dehumidifier. You don’t want your valuables damaged while you think they’re being protected.

How do gun safe dehumidifiers work?

There are two types of safe dehumidifiers. Each type is great for reducing moisture. But depending on your safe, there will be a specific type of dehumidifier that will work best for you.

Desiccant dehumidifiers

silicaYou know those small packets of beads that come with a new pair of shoes or in a vitamin jar? It says “Do not eat” and we just toss it without thinking?

Desiccant dehumidifiers are basically a larger version of that. They absorb moisture like a sponge and can be disposable (one-time use) or rechargeable.

They don’t run on batteries or require any electricity. You simply place them in your safe and monitor them every month to make sure they haven’t reached moisture capacity.

These are best for small safes. They don’t absorb a large amount of moisture and can only affect a small area. If you plan to use these for a larger safe, you’ll need several to be able to lower the humidity in your safe.

-No electricity needed to absorb moisture

– Best for small safes only
– Needs checked often to recharge
– Absorbs minimal moisture


Electrical dehumidifiers

thermometerThese dehumidifiers work quite differently than the desiccant type. Instead of absorbing moisture, they use heat. By heating up, this creates a consistent temperature inside the safe, which prevents those dangerous changes in temperature that can cause condensation.

Changes in temperature can cause water to form on cold surfaces (ice water in a glass for instance). But maintaining a temperature will prevent this from happening. As air becomes warmer, it can naturally hold more water, so the volume of evaporated water in your safe will occupy a smaller percentage of the warm air capacity.

These dehumidifiers require power. They will only work if your safe either comes with an outlet or has a hole to run wires through it.

Check to make sure your safe has a hole before purchasing one of these. Also, make sure that the hole isn’t on the bottom of the safe. If it’s on the bottom it’s most likely for bolting your safe to the ground and shouldn’t be used to run wires.

– Great for large safes
– Prevents condensation by temperature control
– No maintenance needed
– Perfect for humid environments

– Requires power
– Safe must have an outlet or hole
– Not ideal for small safes

Do I need a safe dehumidifier?

If you have a safe and you’re storing valuables in it, it doesn’t hurt to stick a small dehumidifier in there.

If you live in a humid area or store your safe in the basement or garage, it will naturally be prone to building moisture. It’s critical to get a safe dehumidifier if your safe is in a humid area.

The Verdict

As you’ve seen, there are many effective products to control the moisture in your gun safe. Each dehumidifier has its pros and cons. Some work better for large safes, others for smaller safes.

What’s most important is that you begin to monitor the humidity levels in your safe. This will determine what type of moisture control you need.

So which dehumidifier is the best for a gun safe? This definitely varies based on what your needs are, where your safe is and what size of safe you own.

I’ll leave you with a few different scenarios and which dehumidifier I’d choose based on that scenario.

Small safe, low humidity control: Lockdown Silica Gel Can
Small safe, high humidity control: Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

Large safe with hole or an outlet: GoldenRod Original Dehumidifier
Large safe without hole or outlet: 2 or 3 Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifiers

Hope you found my review helpful! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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Paul Bean says October 21, 2016

I have a 33 gun safe. I have a electric dehumidifier in it. It isn’t the golden rod but another brand. Is one enough or should two be working?

    Lauren says October 21, 2016

    Hi Paul,

    Although I’d assume one is enough, it depends on where you’re keeping the safe and how humid your region’s climate is. My suggestion is to get a humidity monitor (I believe I mention a popular one in the article towards the top). This way you can get an accurate reading of the levels in the safe and know for sure whether you need another dehumidifier or some silica packets. Feel free to ask any other questions!

    Thanks for stopping by!

Harry Frank says September 10, 2017

I recently installed a Goldenrod in my 36-gun safe, along with a remote sensor humidity-temperature monitor. After 48 h, the humidity didn’t change a whit from the 58% it was when I began. Much of the time, the humidity is actually higher than in the room where the safe is located, and the temp is generally no more than a degree different from the room temperature. Any explanation?

    Lauren says September 17, 2017

    That doesn’t sound good! A 36 gun safe is pretty large.

    I have a few ideas… First, did you make sure the size of Goldenrod you bought was made for a 36 gun safe? Goldenrod offers several sizes and oftentimes two dehumidifiers are needed when dealing with large safes.

    Second, perhaps the product is defective. If you followed the manufacturers instructions and sizes, it may just be an issue with the dehumidifier itself.

    Hopefully this helped! Thanks.

Larry says October 29, 2017

What do you consider to be a large gun safe? 12 gun safe, 24 gun sare? Thanks for your help

    Lauren says November 3, 2017

    I would consider 24 gun and larger to be a large gun safe. Thanks for stopping by!

Paul says March 8, 2018

Hey there, I leave my gun in it’s safe over long periods of time while I’m away.

What are the key benefits to using a specialised gun safe dehumidifier, over the mini house dehumidifier that I am currently using?

Thank you

    Lauren says April 3, 2018

    Gun safe dehumidifiers are specifically designed for small spaces. But honestly as long as you’re measuring the amount of humidity inside your safe and it’s staying at a low percentage, using your small home dehumidifier should be perfectly fine.

Bob Reese says August 14, 2018

I am getting a Champion Superior Safe, 36 gun.
They are recommending a Hot Rod dehumidifier.
Do you have any info / comments on this one?
Do you know how it might perform compared to the Golden Rod?
If I was to get the Golden Rod, what would be the recommended length for this safe?
Thanks and I learned a lot from the post!!

    Lauren says August 25, 2018

    Hey Bob,

    Whether you get the hot rod dehumidifier or the Golden Rod, as long as you have something in there protecting your guns, you should be ok. For a 36 gun safe, I’d go with the largest that the Golden Rod has to offer.

Adam Robinson says December 26, 2019

I have an Eva Dry 333 and don’t think it works a well,as advertised. Since moving to Dallas I have started to notice that my wife’s ljutic is getting a little rust, as well as her Perazzi. I keep them wiped down, and don’t handle them unless I wipe them down. Added some desiccant packs, but am looking for something more permanent. Thanks in advance.

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