Are you the outdoorsman type? Someone who has a solid hiking trip planned?

The chest holster could be the answer to all of your gun holding needs. Since it does not constrain any part of the lower torso or legs, it offers you maximum maneuverability and the ability to run with ease.

We are going to do a deep dive into the top options and answer several questions that we’ve received.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

**For those of you who have short attention spans, our #1 pick was theVTAC Big Rig Chest Holster. It stood out because it works for every handgun and has storage for extra mags. Check it out here!

Holsters for Glocks

Kenai Chest Holster for Glock

Now let’s move on to the tactical holsters for real outdoorsmen (or women…we don’t judge).

We can’t get over this awesome option…

The Kenai brand put a TON of effort into the design of their product. They thought of all the possibilities of how people would use this holster and what they’d be doing when using it.

It’s made to stand rough wear and tear and rugged conditions.

Let’s start off with the basic design. It itself has been molded to the shape of a Glock using Kydex. It features an additional nylon strapping that will reduce the chances of any possible abrasions setting in. The entire design is adjustable to different body sizes and the buckles are placed strategically to avoid rub spots.

This was designed so a backpack can be worn on top of the holster.

It offers some versatility and can be worn high or low on the chest. It is also handcrafted for even more durability and the dye solution will ensure that the color does not wear off over time. It is available in the black or light color and is made for right-handed use.

It is quite expensive, but with so much emphasis being placed on the durability, this holster should last you a lifetime. It is primarily worn on the outside and should be perfect for hunters and outdoorsmen to keep the gun close by and concealed.

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Diamond D Guides Choice Glock Chest Holster

Designed and made in Alaska? Yes, please.

This product is constructed from durable tanned and treated leather and features thin strapping to reduce the weight and the size. It is weatherproof and will dry out in a matter of minutes if you get rained or snowed on in the wild.

Coming out of Alaska, each of these is handcrafted and they have been molded specifically for the Glock design. Although it says it’s made for Glock 20, it also can fit Glock 17 and Glock 19.

It features a retention strap to keep the gun in place, and an extra slot for magazines.

This option is quite expensive, but we would still recommend it for the durability and the comfort it provides. It is designed for over the clothes and can be adjusted for different body types. We would also like to advise you to keep the leather in condition and invest in a leather cleaning and treating product.

You’re paying for quality and longevity with this one.

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Best Chest Holster for Tactical Gear

VTAC Big Rig Chest Holster

If tactical chest rig is what you’re looking for, look no further. This is your winner.

This is designed for any semi-automatic pistol or revolver and contains multiple pouches for you to store your magazines and extra tactical gear. It is durably designed with additional buckles and these can be used to adjust the size and the area.

The design is ergonomic and the larger patch will easily conform to the shape of your body. It allows for quick access as well and making changes or replacing your magazines can be done without any hassles.

This design has an extra strap that no other chest holster has. It has a strap that connects to your belt for an extra way to hold down the rig.

These straps might be uncomfortable at first, but once you get used to them, they should be a little more comfortable. The adjustment buckles are also strategically placed to avoid sensitive spots where abrasions might start.

It’s designed to be worn with or without a backpack, as expected.

For all of these features, this rig is actually really affordable and we would definitely recommend it for some hardcore outdoor use.

It comes in two great colors to choose from.

Check out the current price on Amazon here.


Kenai Chest Holster for 1911

The Colt 1911 is one of the top guns in the US and it features a longer barrel than many other handguns.

This Kenai Chest Holster is designed for all 1911s.

It is durable and features a perfect molding for the weapon to sit in place and have the barrel pointing out at the bottom. To avoid any potential dangers, a trigger guard has also been inserted.

With multiple buckles that have been strategically placed to avoid any potential abrasions, it will be easy to adjust as well. No safety strap is included on the design. While this might be a little unnerving, the gun is held in place by the snug Kydex fit. The benefit? It does give you the quick draw ability.

So it includes several straps. Two that go around your torso and another around a shoulder. This is exactly what you want for stability. These straps are easy to adjust, but you will need to get used to wearing it if you are using it for long outdoor treks. It is also worth mentioning, that the entire product has been handcrafted in the US.

If you are one of the 1911 enthusiasts, this will certainly be the best option to choose for your outdoor trips. We would highly recommend it for outdoor uses like hunting, fishing, and hiking.

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Chest Holsters For Running

ActiveProGear DeepConcealment Holster

The ActiveProGear Holster features the same design as you would expect to find in the belly band holster. That low profile elastic fit makes it ideal for keeping the gun close to your body and being able to cover it with a shirt or jacket.

It includes an additional strap on the shoulder to keep it secure and in place. This keeps it from sagging down your chest when your gun is in place. It is constructed from elastic materials and will stretch to fit your gun or extra mags.

The Velcro retention strap is easy to open and close. And it should allow you to stretch it a little more for handguns that are larger.

It focuses on keeping your gun safe and it features 4-layered pockets for your weapon. Small breathable holes are included to promote ventilation and the rig has been ergonomically designed to keep the weapon concealed above or underneath your shirt.

If you plan on concealing it under your shirt, just consider how you’ll actually draw your pistol. It will be a bit awkward, but you can probably do it smoothly with some practice.

This brand comes in a few different chest sizes and has options for both right and left handed folks.

It’s quite affordable and this will be a great option for people who need to keep the weapon concealed and want to stay active. It works best with loose shirts and jackets and we would definitely recommend it as an option for someone wanting to conceal carry.

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ActiveProGear Jogging Concealment Holster

Alright, another ActiveProGear holster. The better option in our opinion.

This concealment isn’t really hiding the holster, as much as it is making it less conspicuous.

This can hold things other than a gun. You can easily hold your cell phone, wallet and more inside.

It features a pouch design that will not show any traces of the weapon when concealed. It is worn over the clothing and will act as a great storage area for all of your valuables when you are jogging or working out.

The benefit here is that no one will ever really think you’re concealing a gun.

The only downside is that you have virtually no quick-draw ability.

Worried about the gun bouncing around? On the inside, it features a safety pocket and this will keep the weapon safe from moving and bouncing around whilst you are working out.

All of your valuables can also be accessed without exposing your weapon.

Cordura nylon is used in the main parts of the design. This gives you that added level of durability; while the padding on the straps will help you avoid any possible abrasions that might occur. The design is ambidextrous and can be used for left-handed shooters as well.

It is a little more expensive, but since it is extremely versatile and durable, it does warrant a higher price. We would recommend this to anyone doing outdoor sports. It is a great way to keep your valuables out of your pocket and under your supervision the entire time.

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Why buy a chest holster?

The chest holster features a unique design and where other options will constrain the lower part of the torso and legs. For outdoor purposes, these work perfectly and they offer the quick draw ability of you find yourself in a dangerous situation. It is easy to put on and can be removed just as easily, making it ideal for camping and backpacking.

Think about it. Carrying a backpack while having a gun concealed at 4:30 on your waist means the backpack could be hitting the gun with each step. Not fun.

Since you’ll most likely be outdoors, concealing it isn’t a huge necessity, so if you strap it to your chest, it can fit comfortably over your clothing.

If you love jogging, this type will be perfect. The chest is an easy place to carry a weapon when moving and it gives you the ability to run at normal pace. These holsters work perfectly if you encounter predators. And in most of the places like Alaska, you will be faced with these when hiking or camping.

How to draw from a chest holster

For this type of holster, your gun is positioned around the center of your chest. Hence the name.

So this means you will be reaching across your chest to draw the weapon. Therefore, the right-handed option will be around the left shoulder and the gun will be situated towards the left side as well. The exact opposite is true for the left-handed shooter.

While the drawing technique looks simple, you will still need to work on the technique to develop that muscle memory. The gun is always secured to keep it from falling out. This can be a barrier to get used to when you first start using it. Not much different from the retention strap in regular IWB or OWB holsters, but definitely something to keep in mind.

How to wear chest holsters:

It is strapped around your torso and a shoulder to keep it on towards one side of the body. This means that you will need to draw across the body when accessing the weapon.

In most cases, people buy these when they don’t need to conceal carry. But, they have versions that are designed for normal and concealed carry. The concealed carry models are a little different and they include holes for ventilation.

Our Top Pick and Final Thoughts

Now that you have a little better understanding of this type of holster, you might be wondering which one is the best. So we’ve done all the legwork to find the best chest rig holster and save you the trouble.

Our absolute top pick is the VTAC Big Rig Chest Holster. Check out our number 1 pick here.


Lots of reasons. It holds any handgun. Any size, any caliber.

It holds extra magazines, flashlights, whatever else you want to store.

It has a unique strap that connects to your belt. This adds an extra layer of stability that other holsters don’t.

We hope you’ve gotten some great info from this review on chest holsters. Not only have we gone over the top options, we explained how they work and when someone would use one.
Let us know in the comments what you think and if you’ve used this type before. Any tips are helpful!

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