Knocking out part of your wall to install a gun safe is a commitment. It’s like getting a tattoo. Once you do it, you can’t go back.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re spending your hard earned cash on the right one.

You’re probably living in an apartment or home where space is tight.

Maybe you still want to secure your guns but want to conceal their storage and save space as much as possible. Well, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be reviewing several in-wall gun safes that are perfect for home installation.

As the name implies, these gun safes are meant to be installed into the wall and between the studs. They have the advantage of being concealed and therefore, less likely to be noticed during a break-in.

In-wall gun safes can’t be easily seen unless the burglar knows what they are looking for. Keeping it in the back of a closet or behind a wall decoration makes it virtually impossible to be found in the average break-in.

As far as the location of these gun safes is concerned, deep thought should be given concerning how you may want to conceal your safe. As you would require immediate access to the contents of your safe in practical situations, it’s advised that you don’t obscure the passage into the safe too much.

However, with so many gun safes available on the market, which one should you possibly opt for? To make the decision process easier for you, we have taken the time to review four of the best in-wall gun safes.

All of these safes fit between the studs in your wall to make installation easy.

Best Long Gun In-Wall Safes

Stack-On IWC-55 Full-Length In-Wall Cabinet

If you own a long gun or two and don’t want to break the bank for a safe, the Stack-On IWC-55 is just the in-wall gun safe you need! It allows you to store up three handguns, two to three long guns as well as spare magazines.

It even comes with a small steel shelf to store a few of those ammo boxes you have lying around. The shelf is removable and provides additional space when needed. Some purchasers have hung pistols along the center of the safe, so instead of storing ammo, you could hang any handguns inside.

The bottom interior, along with the shelf, has been lined with foam to keep your long guns from getting damaged and it adds a bit of grip to hold all your items in place.

This gun safe comes with a 3-year warranty in case anything were to happen to it. And for all of you living in California, this is an approved safety device by California’s DOJ.

Featuring a 3-point locking system, this model from Stack-On is cheaper than most other models in the same price range, which is a huge advantage if you are on a budget.

Since the safe is flush with the wall (about 3/8ths inch out), you will find that it’s easy to conceal. In addition, with the safe being high enough (as it is installed in the wall), you no longer have to worry about small children attempting to gain entry.

The interior dimensions are 14″ W x 3-7/8″D x 53-1/4″W. Remember, you’re installing this into the wall, so it can’t be too deep, thus the small storage number of long guns.

The lock with this safe is a simple key lock, so you’ll want to keep it in a safe location and not lose it.

This gun safe is currently sold on Amazon for a decent price. You might want to read the reviews on the page, though. A few people had trouble with it being shipped. Some people got damaged safes and had to return them.

When you get your gun safe, make sure to test out the lock, open and close the door, and inspect it for any damages from shipping. Amazon’s exchange policy is usually pretty easy.

If you want to skip the hassle of worrying about it being damaged in shipping, take a look at the other long gun option we review. It’s the most popular option, although a bit more pricey.

If the shipping issue doesn’t deter you, read more about this in-wall gun safe here on Amazon!

V-Line Closet Vault II Gun Safe & In-Wall Cabinet

If you’re serious about wanting some thicker steel protection for storing your long guns in the wall, this might be the option for you.

The Closet Vault II wall gun safe from V-Line is encased with 14 gauge steel. It comes with an advanced 3-point locking mechanism and provides you with a unique and convenient way to store your long guns, handguns, and other valuables.

The frame and door of this gun safe protrude 2 inches from the wall, which means it has some extra depth for more storage space. It still can be installed into the studs but does an excellent job of maximizing the space it has.

The gun safe features an adjustable black foam barrel guard to protect your long guns from damage. It can be customized with an array of options such as a half shelf, full shelf, peg door panel and pistol hangers.

No key needed here. This gun safe uses a simplex lock. The security mechanical lock ensures optimal security – you can set one of up to 1,081 different combinations!

Moreover, the steel locking rods provide additional security for your stored items.

This in-wall gun safe gets fancy:

You can purchase accessories to arrange the interior just the way you like it. You can buy pistol racks and extra shelves to arrange inside. Since the door is pegged, you can hang pistols or store other items on the door.

VLine just really knows how to maximize that small space with their design.

map-163635_640This safe gets the USA stamp! It’s made right here in our country and is a CA DOJ approved storage device.

Although this in-wall safe comes at a much higher price, there’s good reason why. It has features that the Stack-On model can’t compete with. Thick steel door, extra storage space, and more accessories give this gun safe an obvious advantage.

Its outer dimensions are 53” x 16¾” x 5¾”
Its inner dimensions are 49¾” x 13” x 4¾”

To read more about VLine’s in wall gun safe, click here to see it on Amazon now.

Best Handgun Wall Safes

Homak WS00017001 High-Security Steel Wall Safe

Weighing about 4 pounds, this safe from Homak provides an effective means to secure your handguns, ammo and other valuables inside your wall. It also fits between the studs in your wall with a width of 16 inches.

Made of cold hard steel, this gun safe comes with a powder coated epoxy finish and utilizes a full-length piano hinge on the door to maintain strength, ensuring the best security of your stored items.

Looking to conceal it behind a picture or mirror?

This is the safe you want. It’s specifically made to be flush with the wall. The lock doesn’t even stick out and is recessed into the door. Hanging something over the safe is easy and won’t bulk out from the safe behind it.

The tubular lock and key on this product isn’t anything fancy. Remember you get what you pay for. It comes with a backup key just in case you lose the first one. Some people have installed their own locks after they purchased this safe. If you’re handy like that, it might be a good option to look into.

With in-wall gun safes, normally the first line of protection from a thief is keeping it hidden. So if this is your plan, the simple lock and key should suffice.

Amazon offers 2 or 3-year protection on this safe for just a few dollars. It might be worth spending the extra money in case of normal wear and tear on the safe.

To read more about this safe, go to Amazon here for price and other details.

V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage for Handguns

There are good reasons why this is the highest rated safe of all the ones we’ve reviewed.

The Quick Vault gun safe from V-Line is the ideal hiding place to store your firearms and small valuables without compromising easy and quick access. It can easily be hidden behind a mirror or painting.

Designed to be installed in between the wall studs, this gun safe mounts flush with the wall. You can hang a picture or mirror over the safe to keep it perfectly hidden.

Additionally, the attached frame or bezel gives it a finished appearance and effectively hides any uneven drywall cuts. The door is inset slightly due to the knob and simplex lock buttons.

The inner steel frame of the safe provides additional protection to the door, keeping your firearms and valuables safe from prying attacks.

This safe’s locking mechanism is ideal:

The five-pushbutton mechanical lock requires no batteries. With 1081 possible combinations, this simplex lock is one of the most secure and reliable on the market today.

This safe maximizes the storage space inside. It has a shelf to store ammo, handguns or any small valuables. Customers stated that the entire safe can hold roughly four pistols. The entire gun safe is covered in a nice felt to protect the contents from slipping around or being damaged.

This safe also was made in the USA! It’s made right here in our country and is a CA DOJ approved storage

Outer Dimensions: 14″ x 12″ x 3½”
Inner Dimensions: 13″ x 11¼” x 2¼”

You’re getting what you pay for with this safe. And that’s the high-quality maximum security that V-Line is known for.

Take the first step to storing your handguns in this wall safe right now. You can find out the price and more at Amazon here.

Tips for Buying the Best Wall Safe

Don’t quite know which wall safe is right for you? Here are some useful tips to help you in your selection:

  • Opt for a wall safe that comes with a UL-approved locking mechanism and includes re-lockers as they trigger when someone tries to open your safe. This, however, is only useful when used in conjunction with a heavy steel door.
  • Figure out what you will be putting in your wall safe. Moreover, you would want it installed in a convenient location for easy access. If you want to conceal the safe, make sure to use something easy to remove or lightweight so that you can quickly access your safe in the event of an emergency.
  • Always consider wall safes with solid construction. You would want a thick wall and a steel door for maximum security. In addition, the heavier the safe, the better it is as it indicates high-quality design and prevents unauthorized entry.
  • Know how thick the wall is as you should install the safe in a deep and accessible place. Most importantly, know the exact measurements before you head out shopping for your wall gun safe to ensure it properly fits the wall space you have available.

The Verdict

And that’s about it! We have reviewed four of the best in-wall gun safes and provided tips on what you should look for when making a final decision.

Our favorite of the bunch is the quality V-Line handgun safe found at Amazon here.  We couldn’t pass up the quality and simplex locking mechanism that comes along with it.

Keep the aforementioned information in mind when you are out shopping, and rest assured that you will be able to find an in-wall gun safe that not only stores your firearms and valuables with quick access but also stays concealed from the reach of children and burglars.

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