These days, the ankle holster has become a much more popular way of concealing your firearm. Cops and many other people choose to use it to conceal their secondary pistol or to just not make it obvious that they are carrying a firearm.

It’s the perfect way to wear your firearm while working in an office or an environment where you’re sitting often. IWB holsters can dig into your side after long periods of sitting. So having your holster around your ankle keeps that weight off your waist and on your leg instead.

It’s also easier to draw from your ankle when you’re not standing.

We’ll be guiding you with features to look for in ankle holsters. We’ll explore 4 holsters and answer common questions about them.

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Key features to look for in the best ankle holsters:

Of course, before you even think of buying an ankle holster you will need to know that your gun will fit in the holster. There is also no denying that ankle holsters are extremely cumbersome to wear and will require some getting used to, but with these features, you will be able to get used to the holster faster and have a more comfortable fit:

Materials: Most high-quality ankle holsters are generally made from leather, Kydex or nylon. All three of these materials work well, but Kydex and nylon are usually cheaper than leather. Unfortunately, they are also a little bulkier and can wear the finish on your gun.

Retention: The retention refers to the method at which the gun is kept in the holster. For ankle holsters, this is actually really important. A thumb lock should be enough to keep your gun in the holster with regular leg movement.

Abrasion resistance: Depending on the material and the design, your ankle holster might be abrasion resistant. We recommend that you do not buy one that will cause abrasion and discomfort when walking.

Strapping: Generally, the strapping on ankle holster are quite flexible and they will comfortably fit around your ankle. But if you plan on wearing boots, you will need a strap with a larger circumference to get the holster securely fitted around the boot or your calf.

Padding: By padding, we refer to the padding between the ankle and the holster. This will go hand in hand with abrasions as well, but with an advanced material in the padding, you might even have less moisture build up to deal with and most of these padding incorporated also have moisture wicking properties.

We do think that these five features are extremely important when it comes to buying a concealed carry ankle holster for your firearm. The leather is generally more expensive that the other materials, but it is much more durable and less bulky in design.

With that being said, let’s look at the best and most affordable ankle holster for your weapon in 2017.

Galco Ankle Lite / Ankle Holster for Glock 26, 27, 33

**Our favorite pick!
Materials: 100% leather
Made for: Glock 26,27 and 33

Galco is known for their quality brand.

The Galco ankle lite holster is no different.

If this is your first leather holster, it’s important to note: Just like a new gun, a new leather holster needs to be broken in. Your gun might not fit right away or it might be awkward. Over time, the leather will mold to the gun and keep it snugly fit.

There’s a soft fur-like sheepskin padding between the ankle and the holster to add comfort while wearing. The 13-inch circumference of the strapping makes this a great choice to wear under your pant-leg.

The leather design is also quite smooth and less bulky than the standard nylon straps and the reinforced thumb retention strap is great for giving you quick access to the firearm.

An additional calf strap can be purchased separately to allow you to wear the gun over thicker boot sizes. Or if you’d like to have better support, the extra calf strap can give you that support by keeping the gun in place.

This holster is available in both left and right handed models. Drawing from your ankle is like a cross draw. If you’re left-handed, it will be on your right foot. And vice-versa.

To find more information and the latest price on the Galco Ankle Holster, head to Amazon here.

Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Kodra Nylon Ankle Holster

Materials: Kodra nylon
Made for: 2-3 inch barrel pistols or medium sized revolver

Have you tried ankle holsters before and they always slide down your leg? Uncle Mike has solved this problem with this nylon ankle holster. This comes with a strap that fits above your calf. It stabilizes your weapon and keeps it from sliding down towards your foot.

The Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Kodra nylon ankle holster has been designed for small to medium sized firearms with an approximate barrels size of 2 to 3 inches.

The holster features a soft knit fabric between the holster and the ankle to help resist any possible abrasion and the nylon web retention strap will allow you fast access in time of need.

The holsters can also be worn on the inside of the legs and there are 2 different designs made specifically to accommodate your legs. The double strapping will secure that gun holster for a better fit.

We recommend this holster for law enforcement and anyone else to carry their backup weapon in. If you are mostly seated during the day, it will be much more comfortable than wearing a waistband holster.

Check out the recent price on Amazon for Uncle Mike’s holster here.

BLACKHAWK! Ankle Holster

Materials: Nylon
Made for: 2 inch barrels/ 5 shot revolvers

This holster is very similar to the Uncle Mike’s one above.

The main difference is the strap that holds your pistol in place. It’s made from plastic instead of nylon. This actually makes it slightly more bulky than other synthetic holsters.

On the plus side, it does have a comfortable soft knit fabric incorporated between the holster and the ankle. It comes with the added strap above the calf for extra support.

The closed cell foam will also help to alleviate any moisture build up and also add to the comfort from wearing it for prolonged periods of time. The thumb retention strap will ensure that you have fast access with minimum friction when pulling out the firearm.

Although this isn’t our favorite pick, or even a secondary pick if you’re a BLACKHAWK! fan, you might want to give this a try. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself returning it for Uncle Mikes or a Galco holster.

Check out the price on this BLACKHAWK! ankle holster on Amazon here.

Neoprene Ankle Holster with Padding for Concealed Carry

Materials: Neoprene and nylon
Made for: multiple different gun sizes including the Glock 27, Sig P239 and snub-nosed revolvers; avoid carrying full-sized/heavy pistols
**This is our #1 synthetic material pick for ankle holsters

It’s known for its comfort and doing its job well.

The holster has space for a backup magazine clip, but this will make the holster a little bulkier.

The added plush padding between the ankle and the holster will give you more comfort and the Velcro strap will offer you flexibility in placement. Note, though, it may get smelly after some time and could use a trip through your washing machine.

Furthermore, the holster features a unique universal fit to improve its usefulness to both right handed and left handed gun drawers. It also advertises as being great for women.

The longer 19-inch strapping also makes the holster extremely useful to wear above your boots and around your calf.

We highly recommend this ankle holster for most gun users who are looking for synthetic holsters. It’s also the most affordable of all that we’ve reviewed.

Check out the low price here on Amazon for the Neoprene ankle holster.

Frequently asked questions

How to draw from an ankle holster?

Watch this video as it will show you the best way to draw.

When should you wear an ankle holster?

The reason for wearing an ankle holster can vary from person to person. Law enforcement officers generally use the ankle holster for their backup firearms. The ankle holster will also be extremely beneficial if you tend to sit a lot during the day and it will offer you much faster access than the belt holster from a seated position.

You will also have to get used to wearing an ankle holster as it might be uncomfortable for people not used to it. And the weight might also add to your fatigue if you stand on your feet most of the day. But, ankle holsters are generally the best place to conceal your backup firearm.

Is it possible to wear an ankle holster around your boots?

To wear your ankle holster around your boots will come down to a few things. First, you will need to identify the circumference of your ankle while wearing the boots. And then you will need to look for a holster with an adequate sized strapping to accommodate this.

The downside to wearing your ankle holster over your boots is the fact that you will need to deal with the bulkiness it will cause. Alternatively, the ankle holster is adjustable to fit over the calf instead of your ankle.

Final Thoughts:

We would highly recommend the Galco Ankle Lite / Ankle Holster as our number one pick on this list. It’s leather and will last you a lifetime, even if it takes a bit to break in. The quality that comes with Galco products can’t be surpassed. Head to Amazon here to see the latest price on it.

Thanks for stopping by! Please let us know in the comments if there are any other ankle holsters you guys want to be reviewed. Or if you have personal experiences you’d like to share, please do!

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